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Updated: Jan 20th, 2020
Big Changes Expected in 2020
By: |

Tampa, FL - As Prospect Wire heads into it's 16th year of operations, a lot has changed over the years, in terms of number of events, types of tournaments offer & individual showcases we offer.  Technology has evolved over the year, with things like Spin Rate, Launch Angle & OPS replacing "old school" statistics like batting avg., ERA & on base %.  Prospect Wire has done it's best to keep up with the times, adding technology & data capturing events to our tournaments.  

Unlike past years, however, 2020 will bring a wide scale of changes, to both Prospect Wire's tournaments & showcases, but also to it's Operations.  For 15 years, Founder Matt Bomeisl had an eye for the future of this industry. He was constantly thinking about what could come next for travel baseball.  In April 2019, Matt made the decision to sell Prospect Wire to Data/Analytic "Rockstars" DS Sports Ventures, whose main company is BaseballCloud. BaseballCloud is the only software platform that "scrubs" a player's data from all capturing technology (such as FlightScope, Yakkertech, & others) and place onto one centralized platform.  

While staying on for the remainder of 2019 to develop the BaseballCloud name and enhance the PW Brand, Matt made the decision to move on from Prospect Wire to explore additional opportunities. Enter Cliff Terracuso, President of Scouting & Business Development, and new President of Prospect Wire.  Coming to PW from the Texas Rangers, where Cliff served as a Pro Scout for many years, he brings a wealth of scouting background and contacts that will only serve to strengthen the Prospect Wire experience.  

"The team behind Prospect Wire is made up of dedicated and passionate guys, that bring knowledge and intense profesionalism to the company.  I'm excited to take on this amazing opportuhnity, build more extreme events and add tech features that will heighten our tournaments and showcases to another level," said Terracuso.  "My job is going to be to find new ways to change the tournament experience when you come to a PW Baseball event. We will be adding new data capturing events and showcases, which will be meant to not only capture the important information colleges now crave, but to help educate parents and coaches that it's no longer just about coming to an event to win a trophy."

Prospect Wire's internal staff has made some adjustments as well, bringing in some fresh new faces to join it's already experienced returning staff.  Brian Werner, newly named Vice President of Prospect Wire, will remain in the role he has occupied since 2010, overseeing PW Baseball's tournaments. His role will expand as well, assisting in the development of Prospect Wire's events and operations. 

"I am really excited to see where this new future takes us," explained Werner. "This BaseballCloud software is amazing. The information it can provide, pulling from a variety of different platforms, will only serve the players at our events even more. Scouting has moved into the Data Century so to speak. More and more recruiters are on Twitter looking at videos and analytic data that they can get on players. You can't be everywhere at once. So to have a software at our events that can bring all of it to one location for these schools, how can you not want to come to a PW event in 2020?!?!"

Remaining as well are Frank Gates, newly named Vice President of Hotels & Group Travel, and Mike Easom, Director of Staffing and Logistics.  Frank, who has been with Prospect Wire since 2005, will continue to provide hotel coordination for all Prospect Wire events, while taking on an expanded role overseeing all Hotel Logistics for DS Sports's additional ventures. With the departure of Bomeisl, Frank is now the longest tenured member of the Prospect Wire family.  

Mike Easom, who is Prospect Wire's "Jack of All Trades", will continue to manage staffing and logistical needs for Prospect Wire tournaments, while providing additional support with Prospect Wire's new event marketing strategies. 

"Mike and Frank have been instrumental in helping me get acclimated to this industry," remarked Cliff Terracuso.  "I was told before I came on that the team I was inheriting was the hardest working group in the business. I have been here less than a month and I was not told a lie.  These guys are animals. Their ideas, their drive are unmatched in this business. Frank has taken control of all hotel operations and hasn't looked back. His tireless work ethic increases Prospect Wire's profitability immensely. Mike is a Rockstar. He's always 3 steps ahead of me. From Day 1, he has continued to ensure things stay on point."

Also returning with Prospect Wire is National Showcase Director Corey Goldfarb. Corey brought his years of experience in the baseball world to Prospect Wire in 2011, and has had his hand in most aspects of the company's development, including scouting, staffing and showcases.  Corey's and Cliff's vision is to expand the number of individual player showcases Prospect Wire runs throughout the year, while also enhancing the quality and value the event provides by capturing important analytic data to provide BaseballCloud's network of over 100+ colleges.  

Past PW event staffers who will be moving into larger roles in 2020 include Juan Fontela and Ryan Young, who shift into roles as Assistant Showcase Directors, working with Corey to bring BaseballCloud and #PWCertified Data to events around the country.  

"These guys are such hard workers," said Terracuso in speaking about his Showcase Department. "We have a dedicated team of guys who are already burning up the phones, securing facilities and prepping to invite players to these specialized showcases we will be running. Corey and his guys hit the ground running and I am excited to see what we will be doing in 2020 to bring so much value to these players."

You can check Prospect Wire's Tournament Schedule here:

You can check Prospect Wire's Showcase Schedule here:

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