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Updated: Oct 22nd, 2018
The Court is now in Session
By: |

Tampa - Since 2008, Prospect Wire has been crowning champions from coast to coast.  Over that time, we have crowned 216 champions in ages ranging from 10U up to 18U.  

On October 21, 2018, Prospect Wire had a new program take over the top spot from several long standing programs that reigned supreme for a long period of time.  Top Tier Roos/Kangaroo Court (Tampa Bay, FL) is an upstart program that came onto the scene in 2016 and quickly picked up tournament wins twice, including their 1st Fall Championship.  

They turned right around in 2017 and started the year off with another title at the Elite Youth Championships (13U).  2 months later, they were named "Co-Champions" at the Southeast Championships (VBBA was the other) after rain halted the finals.  That accomplishment granted them entry into the inaugural Tournament of Champions at USF in Tampa, FL.  They knocked off 3 other summer champions to become the 1st winner of the event...their 5th overall championship at the time.  

In 2018, things were no different.  PW started up a Spring Champions League for 13U & 14U teams in Florida.  The league featured 3 weekends of "League Play", followed by a tournament to crown a champion.  After winning league play in both age groups, Kangaroo Court took down the top teams in the league, enroute to a sweep of both divisions.  Going into the final tournament of the 2018 campaign, the Roos had 2 teams entered into the PW Fall Championships, one in the Upperclass (18/17u) and the other in NextGen (14u).  When the dust settled, Top Tier Roos 18U swept thru the event, going 6-0 over the weekend and claiming their 8th overall championship.  This put them in a tie with Next Level Baseball (Tallahassee), Canes FL (South Florida) & FTB (Orlando).  

After celebrating their victory, the 18U group headed over to watch their 14U squad take on Vipers Baseball in the finals of the NextGen Division.  There was very little drama, as the Roos pulled away and won in convincing fashion, claiming their 9th overall championship.  The victory was record breaking for several reasons:  1.) The 9th championship meant they had now won more PW Tournaments then any other program in our history...and 2.) They joined the Jacksonville Warriors/5 Star program as the only two organizations to have championships in all 3 age groups of the PW Fall Championships in Port St. Lucie.  

"We are proud of our group because we have built this thing from the ground up," stated Top Tier Owner Jason Miller.  "We do not fly players in or recruit from other programs. Nothing against any teams that do, it's just not our style.  We are excited for what we have accomplished and can't wait to continue to build on this."  Miller was humbled to learn of his group's accomplishment.  "It's a fun way to end the fall with Prospect Wire. Never a bad weekend when you take home 2 titles."


Here is an updated list PW Champions who have won at least 2 titles since 2008:

Kangaroo Court/Top Tier 9
Canes FL 8
Next Level Baseball 8
5 Star National 6
Chet Lemon's Juice 5
Ostingers 5
AZ Angels 4
AZ Athletics 4
AZ Sandlot 4
Canyon Thunder 4
Florida Dodgers 4
Florida Stealth 4
Phenom Baseball 4
SGV Arsenal 4
AZ Pilots 3
Baseball Northwest 3
DeMarini Stars 3
Florida Burn 3
Gatorball 3
TB SoCal Baseball 3
Brevard Aces 2
Carrollwood Gators 2
CBA Wave 2
Diamond Elite 2
Dove Tail Bats 2
Florida Legends 2
Hit Factory Tampa 2
NorCal Baseball 2
NorCal Valley 2
Padres Amateur Team 2
Palm Beach PAL 2
Palm Beach Prime 2
San Diego Stars 2
SCORE Int'l 2
SoCal Stars 2
South Florida Elite 2
Tampa Terror 2
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