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Host: Prospect Wire
Event: East vs. West
Age Groups: 17U
Type: Tournament - Games Minimum
Date: June 19th - June 21st, 2016 (Sun - Tue)
City: Southern California (CA)
Bats: wood_composite
Rules:  Click here for Rules
Tourn Pass: $20/adult (Kids 17 and under free)
Day Pass: $10/adult (Kids 17 and under free)
Registration: Closed

17U and 16U East vs West:
-2 pools of 5
-All teams play 4 pool play games
-Winner of each pool advances to championship Tuesday morning
-4 game minimum
-5 game maximum
-Wood bat event
In the event of a tie to determine a pool winner:
1.  Head to head
2.  Average runs allowed for legal (non forfeited) games played
3.  Average runs scored for legal (non forfeited) games played
4.  Average run differential for legal (non forfeited) games played
When in doubt, all rules are National HS Federation rules with the following amendments/exceptions:
1.  Catchers can wear a 2piece catching helmet
2.  Coaches are not required to wear skull caps and do so at their own discretion
3.  All games 7 innings or No New inning after 2 hours.
4.  2 hour Time limit is only drop dead if time limit hits when the home team is batting and winning.
5.  Pool play can end in a tie only if there is no time left on the clock. Otherwise, use all of the possible 2 hours to break the tie going to international tie breaker in the 8th inning.
6.  15 run rule after 4, 10 run after 5
7.  Home team:  Always a coin flip for all games.
8.  Teams can choose to bat 11:  DH, EH, etc
9.  Coaches can utilize the P/DH rule in their lineup if they choose
10.  If a pool play game is tied after 7 innings and there is still time left on the clock, go to international tie breaker until time limit hits.  Last batted out on 2B 0 outs and play the inning.
11.  3 hour time limit on championship games.  
12.  If in a championship game and time limit hits or 7th inning is completed, go to international tie breaker mentioned above.
All other rules questions, refer to National HS Federation rules.