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Updated: Mar 29th, 2013
World Scout League Rebrands as "WSL"
By: Frank Gates |

TAMPA - The World Scout League unveiled their new logo on Thursday - showcasing a new "WSL" logo instead of the old "World Scout League" logo.

However, the newly formed league is anything but new.  

Prospect Wire founder Matt Bomeisl conceived the idea nearly 4 years ago, and with the help of Team One Baseball founder Jeff Spelman, formed a format that has opened the minds of travel baseball coaches, pro scouts and college coaches to go through the summer travel circuit in a different, better, and safer way.

"It's just a better way of doing things," PW founder Matt Bomeisl said.  

WSL LogoBomeisl and national director Corey Goldfarb have taken 3 nationwide trips meeting with travel coaches all over the country face-to-face to share the idea and get them involved.  The first season began last year and was a pilot season with 2 conferences operating:  one in Florida and one in the Carolinas.  

"We learned a lot over these past 12-18 months," said Goldfarb.  "We learned how to do things more efficiently, how to organize it better, how to tweak the structure.  Our heart and soul is in this and we will see it through.  The idea continues to improve, and it is being met with less resistance as people can see our vision now."

The idea has been met with positive reviews, but with any new idea there are skeptics that are still in a wait-and-see approach.

"Change is a scary thing.  Real baseball people love the idea and think it's a no brainer.  Others need time to come around to it.  And that is the life cycle of any new idea.  We embrace the challenge of trying to introduce something that is just better for players, better for all involved and it takes time."

One such way that the WSL is an improvement over tournament play is a strucutred schedule that has teams playing for standings each weekend instead of tournament trophies.  This has allowed coaches to set their pitching rotations and not have to burn out player's arms playing tripleheaders in a playoff round.

"Playoff rounds in tournaments are what kills players' arms," Bomeisl said. "If you ask anyone from Dr. James Andrews to the guys over at Crossover Symmetry, they will confirm that players are burnt out, they are pitching too much, arm injuries are on the rise and players are not fully recovered before throwing again.  Playing 5 games in 2 days is a major part of that and that mentality needs to change."

The WSL's round robin style doesn't require a playoff round to crown a champion every weekend.  Instead, Bomeisl feels championships are earned over time, not in a single weekend.

"Players have no sense of commitment anymore," Bomeisl added. "They bounce from team to team, event to event.  They are champions here, champions there.  They won 4 or 5 games and they call themselves champions.  It sends a bad message."

The WSL logo is the first step of an unveiling of the league that will feature 6 conferences this year - as opposed to last year's two conferences.  Florida, Southeast, Atlantic, Midwest, Nor Cal and Arizona are the six conferences that have been established for the 2013 season.  Goldfarb expects to add 2-3 more conferences in 2014, while improving the strength of the current six conferences.

Fore more information on the WSL, please stay tuned to this website as the new WSL site will be unveiled in the coming weeks with the full list of teams, standings, and more.

About Frank Gates
Frank joined Prospect Wire in the summer of 2008 and has been heavily involved in day to day operations ever since. Frank handles hotels, sponsorships, press releases, and can be found at the front gate of any PW event as the first point of contact.
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