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Updated: Jun 11th, 2012
Wired In: A Day With the Video Crew
By: |

SARASOTA, FL - Many people are probably wondering why there are Prospect Wire staff walking the grounds with cameras and high tech recording equipment.  What they are up to, or even where this content ends up. There have been multiple ongoing projects for the video crew. Today, the first priority was to mic up one of the coaches of the Tallahassee Titus team. The camera and video production crew did this in an attempt to shed light on a behind the scenes look at what a coach says and does on the field. Coach Ross, the Titus coach who was wired up for sound today, was great. He was funny, straight to the point and had great insight on the game of baseball and how to handle his players for their best benefit.

Along with gathering together B-Roll film, footage that displays what is being said in-film that is not the main action, the crew also put together a series of funny five-question interviews with the players around the tournament. The questions would consist of two standard interview type questions about the players and how they are enjoying the tournament, followed by quick witty questions that are meant to throw the interviewee off base forcing them to think fast and normally respond with funny answers. The intent of the five-question interview was to lighten the mood for everyone at the tournament and give the players a bit of comical relief. It was a complete success, and the players loved it. And judging by the laughter coming from everyone that was watching so did the crowd. 

Look for the video content that the crew is putting together to be up on the soon to be created Prospect Wire Youtube account, as well as on the website and live app when it’s released to the public.

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