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Updated: Mar 31st, 2013
What's In a Logo? A Look at the New PW and WSL Logos
By: Frank Gates |

TAMPA - As Prospect Wire announced a new WSL logo and that they will sell apparel at all major events, a person may look at the logos and not see hidden meanings that make them so unique, yet so simple.

I decided to look deeper into these logos and see what's so special about them and share it with our readers.

I was informed that "months" went into the creation of the new PW logo, while "weeks" went into the creation of the new WSL logo.

"It was actually a cool process," founder Matt Bomeisl said.  "There is a lot that goes into it when you work with a professional design group.  There were a lot of versions, a lot of great ideas that were tough to let go of.  Ultimately, we fell in love with this one and it looks very slick on hats and shirts as well.  I have even had college coaches and scouts ask me where they can buy the hats at and that it's the coolest logo they have ever seen."

SEE ALSO: Prospect Wire to Sell Apparel at All Major Events

The Prospect Wire P-Dub Logo

The "PW" logo that Prospect Wire unveiled last year is truly unique and captures what Prospect Wire does so well.

Naturally the PW stands for the initials of Prospect Wire.PW Logo

A bird's eye view shows the PW in the shape of a baseball glove.

A closer look shows the "P" is broadcasting communication waves as the "W" - showing that Prospect Wire broadcasts and promotes prospects.

A lot of meaning in a simple logo.


The WSL Abbreviation Logo

The WSL logo replaces the old "World Scout League" logo.

"We felt that MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and even NCAA all abbreviate their names because it is a mouthful to say the whole thing," Bomeisl added. "We felt shortening our name to 'WSL' makes it a lot more simple."

New WSL LogoThe WSL slanted letters represents that the league is forward thinking, while the swooshing line that cuts through the letters represents the swing path of a bat.

The word "world" was chosen instead of "National" or "American" to eventually add Canadian, Puerto Rican or other conferences over the league's expansion.

PW and WSL colors are officially black and "electric green".

About Frank Gates
Frank joined Prospect Wire in the summer of 2008 and has been heavily involved in day to day operations ever since. Frank handles hotels, sponsorships, press releases, and can be found at the front gate of any PW event as the first point of contact.
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