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Updated: Jul 16th, 2011
Underclass All-American Participants
By: Matt Bomeisl |

TAMPA - Over the next few weeks, invitations will be accepted by some of the top underclassmen across the country to participate in the 1st Annual Underclass All-American Games.  The Games will take place August 4-7, 2011 at UCF Baseball Stadium in Orlando, FL.  

The Games will take place just 20-30 mins east of the prestigious East Coast Professional Showcase for seniors.  While the East Coast Pro runs August 1-4, the Underclass All-American Games will be August 4-7.  This allows colleges and scouts in attendance to make the short drive from Lakeland to Orlando to see the best underclassmen when the East Coast Pro is completed.  

As players officially accept, we will highlight each player here in an effort to get them additional exposure. 

You can expect to find about 5-10 new updates per day.

*We will not post a player until he is officially in with all paperwork completed.  There are over 100 players that are in the process of submitting paperwork.*


Jordon Austin, OF, 2013 - Florida Hardballers (North FL Team)

Austin is an interesting player to watch for the 2013 MLB Draft despite his smaller frame.  The 2-sport athlete still hasn't come close to maximizing his potential as football still remains a priority for the athletic OF from Ocala, FL.  Austin terrorized pitchers during the 2010 Florida State Finals showing a short, quick bat that stays in the hitting zone for a long time and sprays balls to all fields.  Austin made a strong push for MVP in this event, but the Hardballers had a fairly early exit in the playoff round.  He also shows an above avrage college arm and is a sub 7.0 runner.  Austin is an easy D1 talent, and unlike most other 2-sport athletes, doesn't show anywhere near as much rawness as you would expect.


John Kilichowski, LHP, 2013 - Team Tampa (Central FL Team)

Kilichowski has been consistently in the 84-88mph range at a few different events this summer including 84-87mph in his firstUnderclass All American Games summer outing at the 2011 Florida State Finals.  Kilichowski did bump 90 at the Jr. National Showcase.  The low 3/4 slot that he delivers from is just nasty on left handed hitters.  The Tampa Jesuit lefty stands about 6'3", but just 185lbs and screams projection down the road.  


Connor Wentz, RHP, 2013 - Florida Hardballers (North FL Team) 

Another low 3/4 arm slot guy, Connor Wentz is a big-bodied RHP from Dunnellon, FL and Dunnellon HS.  Standing about 6'3"/220, it's hard to imagine Wentz getting a ton bigger and stronger.  Wentz's velocity may not be one of the better ones in the event, but the 2-way player can sit in the low to mid 80s with a deceptive delivery.  His offensive game has come a long way since we saw him swing and miss some at the 2010 Florida State Finals (FSF).  Wentz caught fire earlier this summer and has begun to bring more to the table other than his pitching at a corner spot in the field - usually 1B.


Justin Bellinger, 1B/LHP, 2014 - FTB Mizuno Underclass (Northeast Team)

It's easy to see where the freak-of-nature Bellinger gets his size from.  Just attend anyone of his games and you will see another monster, his father, out there somewhere supporting him.  It didn't take Vanderbilt long to see that the 6'5"/220 pound Bellinger was going to help their program, as they locked down the 1B/LHP real early.  In many ways, his frame probably reminded them of Jack Armstrong Jr.  But the similarities end there.  Bellinger has big power potential offensively and although his velocity off the mound is in the low 80s now, he has more coming. 


Alffredi Ramos, C, 2013 - Florida Diamond Pros (South FL Team)

Left handed hitting catchers are always in demand and the aggressive-swinging Ramos brings that rare toolset to the table.  Ramos takes hacks at the plate, looking to drive the baseball - which will be even more demand as his aggressive offensive approach should transfer to gappers and bombs in the BBCOR game.  Ramos has a mature, classic catcher's frame at 5'10/190.  His body is built to take a pounding behind the plate and give out a pounding offensively.  Ramos has the mixture of intangibles and toolset that you look for in a catcher such as confident body language, a durable frame, and a sub 2.0 pop time to 2B.


Jarret DeHart, OF, 2013, Medford, NJ - Bobby Valentine All American (Northeast Team)

This New Jersey-native hits in the middle of the lineup for the Bobby Valentine All American Travel Team.  Another left-handed hitter that takes healthy cuts, DeHart has a short stroke and good batspeed that allows him to catch up to any velocity that he faces.  DeHart looks to drive the ball deep, and has some natural lift in his swing.  At 6'2/205, the outfielder is not much of a burner, but is a corner guy with an accurate arm and a big bat.    


Rante' Baker, OF, 2013, Immokalee, FL - N/A - (South FL Team)

The 5'9/160 pound athlete was the lone bright spot at an Immokalee HS team in transition.  As a sophomore the speedy Baker hit 3-hole and hit .345.  More of a leadoff/9 hole type of guy, Baker shows a knack for getting the ball in play and using his speed to make things happen.  The 2-way star also plays wide receiver on the football team, where he has been clocked in the 4.5 range in the 40.  With the game of baseball transitioning away from the steroid era, and BBCOR bats limiting homeruns in college, speedy guys like Baker will play a bigger role in years to come.


Tanner Elsbernd, MIF, 2013, Tallahassee, FL - Southeast Bluesox (North FL Team)

The talented Elsbernd is a young player in a senior-oriented high school loaded with upperclassmen.  His playing time has been limited behind seniors, but the defensive standout from Chiles High School has a projectable 6'0/165 pound frame that will give him a little more thump offensively with strength and game reps.  He's still got more growing to do, and it will be interesting to see if that will eventually take him to 3B.  Although Elsbernd lacks big time tools, he is a fundamentally sound gamer that is invaluable come crunch time.


Erik Dowse, OF, 2013, Valrico, FL - Ostingers Baseball (Central FL Team)

Dowse is a fast twitch athlete with some pretty good tools across the board.  Off the mound, he's been up to 86mph, he's a 7.0/7.1 type runner, and he has offensive juice.  All pretty impressive for a rising junior who still has 2 years to refine and improve upon that skillset.  At 5'11/170, Dowse will likely not be a huge guy, but he has strength and athleticism that easily allows him to play a corner OF spot at the D1 level - likely RF with his arm strength.


Patrick Walther, 2B/OF, 2013, Tequesta, FL - All-American Prospects (South FL Team)

The 6'0/175 pound Jupiter native has shown versatility on defense, bouncing between the infield and outfield.  When you see a player bouncing around on defense, it's usually a good sign that the player's bat is too good to not have in the lineup.  Coaches will usually find some kind of spot to put a player, whether that is 2B or the OF in Walther's case.  And that theory holds true for Walther, who shows batspeed, pop, and some juice to all fields.  Walther is an above average runner for his age, clocking in at 7.1 at last year's JOs as a freshman.  


Devin Harrison, OF, 2013, Tucson, AZ - 520 Elite (Arizona Team)

The 6'0/170 pound Harrison can do a little bit of everything.  While none of his tools are "plus" at this time, he was one of the more well-rounded players at the 2011 PW West Coast Finals in Scottsdale.  Harrison combines a 7.0 60 with solid arm strength and some good hitting tools that allowed him to swing an impact bat during the Memorial Weekend tournament.


Chris Mourelle, RHP, 2013, Miami, FL - The Wood (South FL Team)

Mourelle has starred in two PW Florida State Finals over the past 2 years, throwing a combined 8.1 IP, giving up just 2 earned runs and punching out 12.  His velocity is typically in the 84-87mph range with a very good slider.  The 6'2/175 pounder is a bit under the radar bouncing between Almendares Baseball and The Wood travel teams during the past two summer circuits.  With his size, Mourelle should see his velocity climb over the next few years, and with the slider as his out pitch, he could project as a division 1 relief type and possibly more.  


Cameron Strickland, OF/C, 2013, Knoxville, TN - Diamond - Simcox (South Team)

The 6'2/175 pound Strickland is well put-together and has an outstanding frame for added weight and strength gains.  Strickland couples a live arm, with near-plus speed and a knack for hitting.  Strickland has outstanding experience on big stages playing for a loaded powerhouse high school like Farragut, and playing up at the 18U level during summer ball in the leadoff spot for Diamond-Simcox based out of Tennessee.   


Michael Hoard, 1B, 2013, Tucson, AZ - 520 Elite (Arizona Team)

The 6'0/180 pound Hoard looks bigger and plays bigger than his listed size.  Hoard is a classic RBI producer and middle of the order bat.  Hoard went 6 for 10 at the 2011 PW West Coast Finals, 4 of those 6 hits were extra base hits.  Hoard hit 2 bombs and 2 doubles in just 10 at bats, as the sweet swinging lefty should draw heavy D1 interest of colleges looking for a true power guy.


Travis Chavez, INF, 2013, Tucson, AZ - 520 Elite (Arizona Team)

The wiry 5'11/155 pound Chavez had an outstanding tournament at the 2011 West Coast Finals finishing in the top 10 in hitting, top 15 in 60 yard time and chipped in 4 innings of 2 hit baseball on the mound.  What Chavez lacks in arm strength he makes up with on the offensive end with a knack for making things happen at the plate.


Brandon Birkhead, RHP, 2014, Yardley, PA - Mid-Atlantic Canes (Northeast Team)

Birkhead is in the same mold as another 2014 monster mentioned earlier in Justin Bellinger.  Birkhead is every bit of 6'4"/200 pounds and is just a rising sophomore.  The 2014 grad is a low to mid 80's arm now with a lot more on the way.  Birkhead has been utilized as a hitter as well, as his size and strength is hard to keep out of a lineup.  


MT Minacci, SS/RHP, 2013, Tallahassee, FL - Orlando Scorpions (North FL Team)

Minacci is a legitimate 2-way guy with the ability to play SS and pitch.  At short, he shows above average hands, a strong arm, and is a 7.0 type runner.  Offensively, he's a good contact guy with gap to gap pop.  On the mound, Minacci lives in the 84-87mph range.  Minacci is a late-bloomer type who has a chance to blow up over the next 8 months.


Adam Seibert, OF/RHP, 2013, West Chester, PA - Bandits Baseball (Northeast Team)

The 6'6/185 pound Seibert is another giant from the Northeast.  Seibert has a lot of power in his body that transfers UCF Baseball Stadium when he pitches and hits.  Seibert projects as a corner OF/RHP at the small college level where he could become a monster when he fills out his frame.


Clif Bryant, 1B, 2013, Trenton, FL - Gatorball (North FL Team)

The thick, maturely built 6'1/225 pounder has a ton of strength in his body.  The 1st baseman is a classic RBI producer with tremendous pull power.  Bryant swings it left-handed, which is always in demand, and colleges with short porches in RF will give Bryant a long look.


Matt Fitzsimmons, OF/RHP, Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Warriors (North FL Team)

The 6'2/210 pound Fitzsimmons is a strong player who has some versatility.  On offense, he has a good stroke, a live bat with some juice homering and tripling in the 2011 Florida State Finals.  On the mound, Fitzsimmons needs to improve pitchability, but can run it 83-85mph and has the tools necessary to be an impact guy at the next level.


Jake Gagain, C, Valrico, FL - Bullets Baseball (Central FL Team)

The 6'3/200 pounder is one of the more athletic catchers in FL, especially considering his size.  Gagain has a big arm, and big power potential.  Gagain plays the game hard and is a "gamer" - putting the cherry on top of a good set of tools.


Thaddius Lowry, C/RHP, Spring, TX - BLBA Sox (West Team)

The 6'2/200 pounder from Spring, TX is a strong, physical overall player.  Lowry can swing the bat offensively with good strength in his swing, and he has a strong arm behind the plate.  On the mound, Lowry can run it 84-87mph with a quick arm.


Dillon Jackson, LHP/INF, Scottsdale, AZ - AZ Valley Dogs (Arizona Team)

The 5'9/180 pounder from powerhouse Chapparal High School in Arizona drew Terry Pendleton comparisons at the 2011 West Coast Finals.  Jackson is a legit 2-way guy, homering twice in the 16U event to lead the Valleydogs to the WCF Title.  On the mound, Jackson came clutch throwing a complete game gem in the championship.  The lefty sits 82-85mph with very good pitchability, and can run it up to 86-87mph.  In the Firecracker Tournament in San Diego, Jackson put on a show again to prove he is one of the top performers on the west coast.


Will Jones, RHP/3B, Scottsdale, AZ - AZ Valley Dogs (Arizona Team)

The 6'2/180 pound Will Jones is another gamer like his Valleydog teammate Dillon Jackson.  While Jones' velocity was 82-83mph, he has more in the tank and possesses outstanding pitchability.  Offensively, he doubled 3 times and drove in 6 runs at the 2011 WCF.  He continued his impressive play at the Firecracker Classic in San Diego to lead the Valleydogs to their 2nd major championship of the summer.


Tuck Neuhaus, SS/2B, Tampa, FL - Florida Hardballers (North FL Team)

Tucker's versatility is one of his biggest strengths right now because the left-handed hitting Tampa native can swing the bat.  With an approach that can spray the ball to all fields, Tucker is able to hit high levels of pitching.  His frame is projectable with room to fill out and put on some big time strength.  Tuck has solid arm strength for the D1 level, good hands in the infield and has recently experiemented with catching.


Taylor Allum, RHP/INF, Grayson, GA - 6-4-3 DP Cougars (Georgia Team)

The 6'0/180 pound 2-way guy has been an instrumental part of the success of the 643 DP Cougars 15U WWBA Champs and current 16U Team.  The left-handed hitting Allum hit 3-4 bombs last year in the WWBA to pace the Cougars to the title in Marietta at the 15U division.  Allum has a smooth, easy swing and is an impressive overall hitter.  On the bump, Allump sits 82-85mph, throws a real heavy ball and has very good pitchability. 


Brick Paskiewicz, OF/RHP, Peoria, AZ - AZ Athletics (Arizona Team)

The 5'10/155 pound Paskiewicz was one of the best overall ball players at the 2011 West Coast Finals.  Brick brings a ton to the table as a high end D1 recruit and does a lot of things well.  On defense, he patrols alot of ground with a 6.9/7.0 60 yard, had an 88mph arm from the OF, and swings it left-handed offensively with an advanced approach.  On the mound, Brick was 83-87mph, going 5 IP, punching out 9 and allowing just 1 run.  Brick went 8 for 14 on the offensive end.


Jarrett Hood, 1B, Georgia - Team Elite (Georgia Team)

The 5'11"/205 pound Hood is maturely built with a thick frame.  Hood stands out offensively as he has a live bat with easy gap pop.  He is a very strong 16 year old that handles 1B primarily defensively.  Hood would likely fall in the mid-major D1 to low level D1 realm as a 5 hole kind of guy.


Logan Haner, RHP/MIF, Kennesaw, GA - 6-4-3 DP Cougars (Georgia Team)

Haner has a tall, lanky, projectable build.  He uses his tall frame to throw "whiffle balls" downhill that move all over the place.  Haner has been up to 85mph, and lives in the 81-84mph range where he has exceptional pitchability and carves right handed hitters.  Haner was the MVP of the 2010 WWBA 15U in Marietta.


Danny Garcia, LHP, Miami, FL - The Wood (South FL Team)

The wiry 6'1/150 pound Danny Garcia has a ton of upside with added strength games and a frame to support it.  Garcia is a rising junior who sits 82-85mph now from the left side with more on the way.  It's not unreasonable considering how wiry Garcia is to see him become an upper 80's lefty by the time he goes to college and that's where his pitchability will play a huge role for him.  Garcia went 4 IP, 2 ER, 4K, 1 BB at the 2011 FSF.


Drew Faintich, LHP, Tallahassee, FL - Marucci Elite (North FL Team)

Big lefties always intrigue recruiters and scouts and Faintich should be no different.  At 6'3/220, Faintich can run his fastball 85-88 from the left side, making him an interesting follow if he continues to see velocity improvements.  The southpaw adds a good hard slider and is fresh off a CG in East Cobb.


Grant Lamberton, MIF, Newark, DE - Baseball U (Northeast Team)

The projectable 6'1/175 pound Lamberton has a quick bat from the left side and looks to drive the ball to RCF.  Lamberton is a below average runner, but plays shortstop surprisingly well.  80-81mph type arm strength off the mound, although his best tool is his bat.  Lamberton is looking for colleges in the southeast, specifically Florida.


Ty Kobylinski, 2B/OF, 2013, Leesburg, VA – Virginia Barnstormers (Northeast Team)

The 6’2/170lb Kobylinski is one of the best switching hitting 2013s on the East Coast.  He has a quick and compact swing with gap to gap power from both sides of the plate.  Currently hits in the middle of the lineup for the VA Barnstormers 18u squad and has constantly delivered against top flight competition all summer long.  Shows good range and skills at either defensive position, and projects in the future as either a corner OF or corner IF guy as he continues to grow and fill out.


Scott Moss, LHP, 2013, DeLand, FL - CFBL Elite (North FL Team)

The most impressive underclass prospect at the 2011 Florida State Finals, Scott Moss is one of the top lefties in the country.  At 6'4/185, he has a classic projectable frame.  It's not just that Moss sits 86-88 from the left side, there are arms every year that do that.  But it's Moss' pitchability already that is impressive, feel for his breaking ball, and command of both sides of the plate.    


Taylor Blatch, RHP, 2013, Stuart, FL - XCEL Baseball (South FL Team)

The 5'10"/155 pounder won't impress you with his size on paper until you hear the nickname he earned amongst PW Scouts at the 2011 Florida State Finals:  Little Pedro - as in Pedro Martinez.  The ball jumps out of Blatch's hands and throws a heavy ball at 86-88mph.  He throws a hard breaking ball at 75-77mph, and shows command and pitchability of all pitches.  Blatch attacks hitters and has a fearless mentality on the mound.  


Dalton Ewing, OF, 2013, Alpharetta, GA - 6-4-3 DP Cougars (Georgia Team)

The 6'0/170 pound Ewing is a freakish athlete that patrols a ton of ground in the OF.  Ewing is a 6.6/6.7 type of runner with outstanding athleticism overall and a good feel for the game.  Offensively, he is a right handed hitter with above average batspeed who can do a little bit of everything.  Plus runners go a long way in baseball, and Ewing should have a bright future at the high college level and more.


Alex Robles, SS/RHP, 2013, Tucson, AZ - Arizona Toros (Arizona Team)

The 6'0/170 pound Robles was one of the better 2-way guys at the 2011 West Coast Finals.  Robles worked out well during the combine and played at a high level during the tournament.  Robles ran a 7.09 60, had a big arm at SS and threw 89mph from the middle infield during the I/O workout and proceeded to get clutch hits despite having a down tournament on the offensive end.  Robles was 82-84mph off the mound, with plenty more in the tank going 3 innings and punching out 4 batters.


Deion Sellers, INF/OF, 2014, Decatur, GA - Stixx Baseball (Georgia Team)

The 5'10/160 pound Sellers will be one of the top overall athletes at the event.  Already a plus runner as a 2014, Sellers plays a speed game running a 6.5/6.6 60 as a rising junior.  Sellers has versatility defensively that allows him to bounce around between a few different positions and is a gamechanger once he gets on base.  Sellers has surprising power for a young guy with 4 homeruns so far this summer, 1 of those with wood. 


Jesse Medrano, SS, 2013, Clayton, CA (West Team)

Energetic players who tend to impact each and every game they play in, in some manner or another, are what high level baseball is all about.  Medrano is one of those players.  He handles the bat well, he knows the game, he is a very strong defender and beyond all of that, he is the type of leader and winner found on the top teams in college baseball.  The 5'9/170 pound Medrano is a skilled ballplayer to be sure, but his baseball IQ and make-up enhance all his talent and skills.  Medrano was a college favorite at the 2011 Bay Area World Series.

Tony Damiano, OF, 2013, Naples, FL - Florida Bruisers (South FL Team)

The 6'0/160 pound Damiano is one of the more complete outfielders in the SFL area.  Damiano is a 6.7/6.8 type of runner whose game speed and base running savvy matches that on the bases.  Damiano scored 35 runs in 26 games in a tough district in Naples, FL during the HS season. He also hit .476 in 92 at bats and had 39 hits (8 for extra bases) he was one hit shy of the Batting Crown which went to Senior Zach Tillery (Barron Collier, FGCU).  Damiano has a 4.0+ GPA and has already completed some college courses. 

Drew Davis, MIF, 2013, Roswell, GA - 6-4-3 DP Cougars (Georgia Team)

The 5'11/170 pound Davis hits in the middle of the lineup for the 643 Cougars.  While Davis is solid up the middle, he packs an offensive punch.  Davis has a live bat, with bat speed and juice.  Davis homered earlier this summer in Fort Myers, and put together a good offensive tournament.

Kirvin Moesquit, MIF, 2014, Deerfield Beach, FL - SF Prospects (South FL Team)

The 5'10/160 pound Kirvin Moesquit is the younger brother of FAU's Kevin Moesquit.  Kirvin is a switch hitting middle infielder with a very quick bat.  Kirvin doesn't have a ton of juice right now, but that will come over the next 3 years as he fills out with strength gains.  Kirvin is an athlete overall, with a good feel for the game.

Corderias Dorsey, LHP, 2014, Decatur, GA - Stixx Baseball (Georgia Team)

The 5'11/155 pound lefty is just a freshman/rising sophomore, but is already flrting with 84 and 85mph fastballs from the left side.  Dorsey has been on fire this summer going 28 innings pithed, 5 runs allowed, 2 earned on 9 hits with 4 complete games.

Brian McAlpine, 2B/3B, 2013, North Port, FL - Gatorball (North FL Team)
The sweet swinging lefty easily has a big time tool with his bat.  McAlpine won't win the eyeball contest because he lacks the 6'2"/185 pound frame.  But this kid has D1 written all over him.  McAlpinehas a short, quick stroke, good extension, and has suprising power for his 5'10/165 pound frame.   

Zach Byler, RHP/1B, 2013, Phoenix, AZ - AZ Athletics (Arizona Team)
Zach Byler is a RHP with good mound presence who pitched 15 innings as a sophomore on last seasons on Sunrise Mountain State Runner up team.  Zach pitches at 84-85 with the ability to touch 87.  He has good command with an above average breaking ball and change up.  Zach has continued to impress this summer as an up and coming junior in Arizona with his last 4 outings throwing complete games with an ERA below 2.00.

Gerard Hernandez, OF, 2014, Phoenix, AZ - Angels Amteur Baseball (Arizona Team)

As the 2011 West Coast Finals 16U MVP, the stocky, muscular 5'10/180 pound Hernandez was on a tear during the PW Tournament.  Between the 18U and 16U events as a 2014 grad, the left handed hitting Hernandez went 15 for 30, 2 doubles, 3 triples and 2 bombs.  Hernandez probably doesn't have a ton of upside as his body is filled in pretty well for his age, but he's one of the few guys out there that was born to hit a baseball.  Hernandez constantly burns outfielders by spraying the ball all over the field it's deepest parts.  A 7.0/7.1 type runner already, Hernandez may be a 6.7 type runner when it's all said and done.  

Lawson Vassar, RHP, 2013, Little Rock, AR - East Coast Grays/Bobby Valentine AA - (South Team)
The 6'3/175 pound Vassar has a projectable frame where he can see a good velocity jump with added weight and strength.  Vassar flirts with 85 and 86mph now, and lives in the 82-85mph range.  Vassar has a mechanically sound, balanced delivery and is able to repeat well.  Vassar shows a good fluid stroke with some batspeed on offense, he has a chance here as a 2-way guy if he continues to improve.

Ryan Castellanti, RHP, 2014, Phoenix, AZ - Angels Amateur Baseball - (Arizona Team)

The 6'3/180 pound Castellani is just a rising sophomore but has a good projectable body, and an easy 83-86mph arm.  Castellani not only pitched in the 16U event, but also in the 18U PW West Coast Finals.  Castellani has big upside and should turn into a high end D1 arm.

Mitchell Reeves, INF/OF, 2013, Oviedo, FL - Triple Threat (Central FL Team)

The 6'1/185 pound Reeves is a versatile defender but has some untapped power potential that intrigued PW Scouts during the 2011 Florida State Finals when he hit a ball that still hasn't landed yet.  Reevesis a strong bodied kid, with lift and power in his swing to all fields.  He plays the game hard and he could develop into a middle order D1 guy.

Steven McLean, MIF/OF, 2013, Los Altos, CA- (West Team)

Steven McLean is one of those players who plays much bigger than his actual size.  He is a top of the order type of hitter who can also drive in runs with some extra base pop and he runs well enough to pressure the defense on the bases.  Defensively he is quite versatile, with strong middle infield skills but also the ability (and some experience) to play centerfield as well.  McLean has a well-rounded game that is strong with both skill and physical ability.

Connor Johnstone, RHP/3B, 2013, Roswell, GA - 6-4-3 DP (Georgia Team)

The 6'1/175 pound Johnstone has a live arm, with a fastball ranging from 84-88mph.  Johnstone has bumped 90, a sign that more is in the tank.  Johnstone's ability goes much deeper than the gun will tell you, as he is a gamer on the mound, often putting together dominant performances in the summer circuit.

Sean Collins, RHP, 2014, Weddington, NC - CBC O's (South Team)

The 6'3/180 pound Collins is a young rising sophomore with strong upside.  Good tall frame with room to add strength.  Loose and easy arm action that throws downhill and pitches consistently 84-85 topping out at 86 earlier in Summer.  Good command of both 4 and 2 seam fastball with good sink.  Curveball has tight rotation and is hard, very close to 12 to 6 movement.  Developing feel for change-up with good movement that will continue to get better.  Shows high level of maturity on mound for his age, and makes in-bat adjustments to combat hitters approach to his advantage.

Avery Fagan, RHP, 2013, Loganville, GA - Chain Baseball (Georgia Team)

The smaller framed, 5'10/165 pound Fagan has a very live arm for a player his age and size.  Fagan pitches at 86-88, and has flirted with 89 and 90.  Fagan has a very sharp breaking ball that he is working on consistency with, but it has a chance to be a near-plus pitch.  

Joey Boyd, C, 2013, Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Palm Beach Select (South FL Team)

Boyd is a strong player for his age that shows power potential and a short quick bat.  Boyd has stood out at a few events this summer with his bat, but has also demonstrated a pretty strong arm - putting together a nice package of tools for colleges to be interested in.  Boyd pitches some, and sits 80-84mph, but his arm looks a bit stronger when he is behind the plate.

Payton Smith, RHP/OF, 2013, Roswell, GA - 6-4-3 DP Cougars (Georgia Team)

The 6'1/190 pound Smith has been a staple of the 6-4-3 pitching staff over the last couple years.  Smith is usually 84-88mph with a good breaking ball that he uses as an out pitch.  He also doubles as an OF, where he is a very good defensive outfielder with some juice on the offensive end. 

David Hopkins, MIF/RHP, 2013, East Greenwich, RI - (Northeast Team)

While the smaller-framed Hopkins won't win the "getting off the bus" award, the 5'9/160 pounder is a gamer in the MIF hitting over .600 as a sophomore this past season en route to a 1st team all state selection.  At East Greenwich HS, Hopkins has started at SS as a freshman, catching on with the Rhode Island Tides during the summer circuit.  Hopkins has good hands defensively and is a solid defender up the middle.  

Jay Jenkins, MIF/RHP, 2013, Estero, FL - Team IMPACT (South FL)
The 6'0/165 pound Jenkins has a good approach at the plate on offense with strength in his swing despite not being anywhere near completely filled out yet.  He's a guy that will continue to get better and make big strides over these next few years and may be a sleeper.  Jenkins has versatility on defense and plays the game hard.

Chris Clare, MIF, 2013, Fort Mill, SC - CBC O's (South Team)
The 6'0/170 pound Clare is a sure handed middle infielder that picks and releases with the best of them.  Clare has tremendous game aptitude for a player his age. Plays to win. A leader on and off the field. Offensively he has proven be a top of the lineup kid. Good pitch recognition and bat control. Gap power with occasional long ball juice. Has already brought the attention of ACC schools.

Patrick Brady, OF, 2013, Charlotte, NC - CBC O's (South Team)

One word comes to mind with the smaller framed Brady:  Gamer! Plays the game with all cylinders firing. Reminds of  Lenny Dykstra in that aspect. Understands his role offensively and defensively. Plus defender who gets explosive jumps on fly balls and takes clean routes. Understands the role off the lead off hitter and finds his way on base. Excellent feel for the game. Plus base runner.

Josh Black, INF/OF, 2013, Charlotte, NC - CBC O's (South Team)

The 5'11/165 pound Black is an excellent athlete that brings versatility to the game. Good infielder...above average outfielder that turns and goes extremely well. Takes very good routes on fly balls. Plus arm strength. Offensively he is a high average hitter with gap power and occasional pop. Runs a sub 7 sixty. The potential to have 5 playable tools at the next level.

Jimmy Dominick, OF, 2013, Montgomery, TX - BLBA Houston Sox (West Team)

The 5'9/185 pound Dominick will be one of the faster runners in the event.  Dominick is a plus runner already, clocking in the 6.5/6.6 range.  Dominick uses that speed to cover a lot of ground in the OF and is aggressive on the bases.  Dominick has good arm strength as well, and can sit in the mid 80's off the bump.

Gunner Vaught, C/RHP, 2013, Montgomery, TX - BLBA Houson Sox (West Team)

The 6'2/175 pound Vaught typically stas in the battery on defense:  pitching or catching.  His versatility extends from there where he plays almost any position in the infield.  That's important because Vaught's bat is a good one to have in the lineup with a compact stroke that goes gap to gap.  

Kyle Taddeo, SS/3B, 2014, Tallahassee, FL - (North FL Team)

The 6'3/175 Taddeo is very projectable SS/3B hybrid type that will likely eventually move to 3B.  Taddeo shows a lot of power from the right side and is impressive and projectable when you look at him in a uniform.  Taddeo is an offensive minded guy that shows arm strength from the left side of the infield and will be a pleasant surprise on many colleges radar at this event.

Dustin Berrong, RHP, 2013, Choctawatchee - (North FL Team) 

The 6'1/175 pound Berrong projects as a reliever at the next level and will be high on team's radars that enjoy having the luxury of a different arm angle on their staff.  Berrong comes in at a low 3/4 arm angle where he sits in the low 80s, and is tough on right handed hitters. 

Eder Erives, RHP/MIF, 2013, El Paso, TX - (West Team)

Eder was a machine at the 2011 West Coast Finals leading the Toros to the Semi-Finals.  Erives was consistently 83-85 off the mound with plus pitchability, locating to his FB and BB to both sides of the plate with ease.  Erives threw 2 CGs at the event, and punched out 18 batters in the process.  On defense, he threw 87mph across the diamond, and went 6 for 11 in the tournament with 2 triples.   

David McKay, RHP, 2013, Melbourne, FL (Central FL Team)
David McKay is a large-framed, projectable-bodied 6'2", 195 lb righty.  Threw 85-88 MPH at the JO East, one of the very hardest throwers.  Doesn't have feel for curve yet, just a spinner for now. Definite D1 follow, and we'll see how much better he gets in two years as far as pro goes.

Robby Frantzis, MIF, 2013, Lakeland, FL - Chet Lemon's Juice (Central FL Team)

The preview on Frantzis wouldn't be complete if I failed to mention that he hit 6 doubles and a triple in the 2011 Florida State Finals.  So let's just get that out of the way.  Frantzis was the Tournament MVP for the Juice hitting .818 during the tournament.  The 6'1/150 pound Frantzis is projectable, is a very good contact hitter, and makes things happen on offense with superb consistency.

Marcus McCorkle, MIF, 2013 - Team Elite (Georgia Team)

McCorkle is a toolsy middle infielder that can do a bit of everything.  McCorkle runs well, has arm strength, above average batspeed and is a good overall athlete.  McCorkle is an average defender, and may have some OF in his future.  Overall, he is a good athlete with some upside as he continues to learn the game.

Reed Gray, C, 2013, Tampa, FL - Ostingers (North FL)

The 6'0/170 pound Gray has enough talent to form his own legacy.  His father, Jeff, was one of the top relievers in the MLB with the Red Sox over a few year span.  Gray has all of the necessary tools and baseball savvy behind the dish to stay there and his ability to swing the bat is the cherry on top.  Gray has good athleticism for a catcher and is intelligent behind the plate.

Mack Hathcock, 2014, LHP, Colquitt County - (Georgia Team)

Throws fastball to both sides of the plate at 82-85. Throws a hard cut slider as his 2nd best pitch. Very athletic pitcher that is crafty. Pitched on his varsity this year, which was a final 4 team in 5A.

Austin Knolles, 2013, LHP, Chandler, AZ - Angels Amateur Baseball (Arizona Team)
Knolles is a definite follow for mid to high Division I colleges. He has a smooth, easy arm stroke and "knows how to pitch" right now. Knolles has three quality pitches right now and a chance for four.  The lefty is an easy 82-85mph.

Kyle Woodford, 2013, C, Tampa, FL - Panthers Baseball (Central FL Team)

Easily one of the top catchers in Florida, Woodford is a big physical body behind home plate with good defensive tools.  Woodford is a good receiver and blocker, with good arm strength.  His best tool is his bat.  Woodford hits balls with tremendous backspin that look like a golfing tee-off.  He has good raw power and batspeed and is a high level D1 caliber player. 

John Jones, 2014, C, Orlando, FL - Orlando Scorpions (Central FL Team)

The 5'10"/160 pound switch hitting catcher has been very impressive over the summer.  Jones is a solid defensive catcher with a good arm.  Switch hitter with a particularly good looking stroke from the left side. 

Alex Wittenauer, 2013, SS, St. Louis, MO - St. Louis Pirates (

Not a physically imposing player, but possesses savvy, and plays hard.  Just a good baseball player.  Moves well at SS with some range, made some spectacular plays when we saw him.  Fundamentally sound at the plate, gap to gap with high contact approach.

Bryan Baker, 2013, RHP, Choctawatchee, FL - (North FL Team)

6'5 RHP class of 2013, Bryan is also a potential DI basketball player. He was 87-89 at South Alabama over the past weekend. The big bodied Baker is catching the eyes of many D1 programs.

Mitchell Griffin, 2013, C, Columbia, SC - Diamond Devils (South Team)

The 6'1/190 pound left handed hitting catcher has the intangibles scouts look for behind the plate:  Physical, durable body, swings it left handed, good receiver, good catch and throw guy, good stroke, has juice.  Should be on the radar of a lot of D1s.

Hayden Heflin, 2013, RHP/OF, Summerville, SC - SC Shockwave (South Team)

Heflin is a 2013 two way guy - RHP/OF.  He's 83-85 with a lot of movement on his 2 seam, good curve, cutter and effective change. Best known as an outfielder now but will likely be a pitcher in college.

Akeem Bostic, 2013, RHP/OF, Florence, SC - SC Shockwave (South Team)

Bostick is a 2013 two way guy - RHP/OF.  He's 89-91 on the hill with a pretty good curve.  Flirts with 92.  6'4/160, tall, skinny body looks like Kevin Garnett on the mound!.  Very projectable, high ceiling guy, athletic.

Nick Junger, 2013, RHP/1B/OF, Niceville, FL - Florida Mustangs (North FL Team)

Junger is a 2-way guy out of Niceville, FL.  6'1/210.  Thick, mature bodied.  Fastball 84-88 with sink and run.  A lot of power potential offensively.   

Grant Holmes, 2014, RHP/OF, Conway, SC - Diamond Devils (South Team)

The 6'1/185 pound Holmes is just a rising sophomore but will likely be one of the top arms in the event.  His fastball is consistently 87-89 and bumps 90.  He throws a near plus slider at 80-82mph.  Outstanding compact delivery that he repeats.  Very advanced arm overall.   

Seth Lancaster, 2014, MIF, Hanahan, SC - Diamond Devils (South Team)

The 5'10/155 Lancaster does everything well.  He handles the bat with a good approach.  He lacks juice right now because he is very young and wiry.  His defensive tools are there as a near-plus defender with good actions and an above average arm for his age.   

Dalton Davis, 2013, RHP/3B, Hazel Green, AL - So Cal NTT - (South Team)
The monster 6'4/205 pound Dalton Davis is a power arm and power bat.  Davis was 85-87 at the Jr. National, but 86-88 a few weeks later.  Davis swings it left handed and is a D1 prospect there as well as a corner infield guy that can stay there over the long run.

Tray Roberts, 2013, RHP/OF, Aiken, SC - Best 9 Cardinals (South Team)
Roberts has tools on both offense and defense.  Offensively Roberts has good batspeed, goes gap to gap, with occassional power, and has some good leverage in his swing.  Robert is an above average outfielder with the total package of arm strength, actions and instincts.

Corey Campbell, 2013, MIF/OF, Pottsville, AR - Marucci Elite (South Team)

Likely a projected outfielder at the next level.  Near plus runner.  Contact guy offensively, line drive approach, leadoff mentality at the high D1 level and sprays to all fields.

Jack Stinn, 2013, OF/RHP, (California Team)   

Stinn is a talented all-around player, with a chance to develop into either a college pitcher or position player.  He has a nice stroke and defensively he tracks the ball very well, which tends to make him more valuable as a position player who can hit and be a plus defender.  He isn't a blazing runner, rather he gets good jumps and takes nice angles.  On the mound Stinn has pitchability and gets into the mid-80s at his best.   

Alex Gransback, OF/2B, 2013, Spingfield, VA - Virginia Barnstormers (NETeam)

The 5'9/165 Gransback is a prototypical lead off hitter.  He has plus speed and a knack for finding out how to get on base.  Combine that with plus power to all fields and a strong arm, you have a guy who colleges will want hitting at the top of their line up in the near future.  

Nicholas Ott, RHP/1B, 2013, Virginia Beach, VA (NE Team)

Ott is a true two way player, on both the mound as a RHP and at 1B.  He has the size that schools love, coming in at 6'5/ 235 and has the tools to go along with his size.  On the mound he has a FB in the high 80's with good command and a breaking ball that has the ability to be a plus pitch at the next level.  At the plate, he shows power potential to all fields with a smooth and repeatable swing.

Connor Rolain, MIF, 2014, Appleton North High School Wisconsin - Team Avenue Aces (Fresno,CA)
MIF SS 6' 195 athlete that can hit to all fields for high average. Hit .778 this month in the Wisconsin American Legion State Tournament and .600 at the Battle of Omaha (19u) last month.  Rolain is a 2 sport star starting as inside Linebacker on varsity while sporting a 3.9 GPA. His 60 yard time is 7.01 and has great instincts in the field and On the bases.

Dalton Frize, OF/LHP, 2013, Anaheim Hills, CA - (West Team) 

Dalton Frize is a L/L centerfielder with ball hawking skills, a nice arm and the ability to play that position every day at the major college level.  Offensively he has a good stroke, with bat speed and the ability to hit hard line drives to all fields.  Doubles are the type of power he can produce and with his speed he can put some pressure on the defense.  Frize fits in the top couple of spots in a line-up and overall is a very well-rounded player.  

Oscar Mercado, SS, 2013, Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Warriors (Central FL Team)

Mercado has a classic SS build, with smooth and fluid defensive actions, a quick release, and above average arm strength.  If Mercado stays on this track, he will likely be able to stay at SS for the long haul as he shows athleticism, range and the arm.  Offensively he is a RHH, shows occasional juice, gap to gap, and is a gamer. 

Weston Wilson, SS/3B, High Point, NC - Golden Spikes (South Team)

Wilson looks like a Chipper Jones clone body-wise and has some tools to go with it.  Wilson is a solid athlete with an MLB body and is a basketball player as well.  Solid actions at 3B, plays hard.  Wilson has a big arm on defense.  On offense he has plenty of power potential with a fundamentally sound swing and above average batspeed.

Gabe Levanti, C, 2013, Baldwinsville, NY - Syracuse Sports Zone (Northeast Team)

Levanti is a C that will catch the eye of a lot of college coaches in the very near future.  He shows great defensive abilities with a strong arm as evidenced by his 1.9 POP time.  At the plate he shows strong gap to gap power with quick bat speed.  Look for Gabe to continue to grow and gain more strength in both his arm and at the plate.

Andrew Selby, OF, 2013, Alexandria, VA - DBA Dragons (Northeast Team)

Selby is one of the top "Under the Radar" outfielders on the east coast.He combines great plate discipline, with a strong bat.  He has a plus arm and great defensive skills in the OF.  Combine all of that with good speed and you can easily see why Selby will not be under the radar for long.

Writeups Pending:
Karl Blum, 2013, RHP, Tom's River, NJ - Tri-State Arsenal/SoCal NTT (Northeast Team)

Robert Dumas, 2013, OF, Wesley Chapel, FL - Ostinger's Baseball (Central FL team)

Hakim Nobles, 2013, OF, Orlando, FL - Orlando Reds (Central FL Team) 

Caden Williams, 2-13, MIF, Texas - Houston Heat (West Team)

Chase Whitehead, 2014, C, Choctawatchee, FL - (Georgia Team) 

Michael Barash, 2013, C, Jupiter, FL - Palm Beach PAL
Trey Amburgey, 2013, OF, Jupiter, FL - Palm Beach PAL 
Luke Caple, 2013, Naples, FL - Team IMPACT

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