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Updated: Jun 14th, 2010
Top 10 Prospects from the Top 100 Event
By: Micah Posey |

Panama City, FL - Here is my opinion on the top 10 players at the event:

1. Roman Quinn R/R, 5-10, 165, CF/SS, Port St Joe High School(Port St. Joe), 3.5 GPA

Roman Quinn was the best high school and college prospect at the event. Quinn was in the first group to workout at 9 AM on Saturday morning. He would set the bar showing an above average arm from centerfield, running a 6.4 in the 60 yard dash, and driving the baseball gap to gap in BP. He took his skills into the game having 2 hits (one being a double to right center) in the first game with 2 RBI and a stolen base. He also took balls at shortstop and looked pretty good. Projects to be a center fielder at the next level and he will be a name to follow as next year’s draft approaches.  Quinn attended the PW 2009 All-Florida event, but made significant improvements from when we saw him last. Overall Quinn is an above average arm, above average hitter, and a plus runner.


2. Spencer Hermann, L/L, 6”3”,195, LHP/OF, Mandarin High School (Jacksonville)

Spencer Herrmann was the best left handed pitcher with the most upside at the event.  Herrmann made a big name for himself at the PW All-Florida event and his stock continues to rise.  Herrmann a 6”3” 195 lb lefty showed an explosive delivery with a huge leg kick. Throws straight over the top with a lot of downward angle. Threw fastball with lots of life to both sides of the plate at 83-86 mph. Threw a curveball with lots of depth at 67-70 mph. The curveball looked like his out pitch. Threw a slider at 70-72 which was his 3rd best pitch but did throw a couple sliders that were better than any curveball he threw that day. The curveball I saw may also have been some sliders he may have gotten around. Showed an average changeup. Looked good with the bat. Has a sweet looking left handed swing which he showed in BP. He was also a 7.09 runner. Could be a potential 2 way guy depending where he ends up. Don’t be surprised if you see this kid next spring bumping 90 because I know it’s in there.


3. Bryan Waller, R/R, 6”3”, 180 lbs, RHP, Baldwin Middle-Senior High (Bryceville)

Bryan Waller was one of the top 3 pitchers at the event. Has a good frame at 6”3” 180 lbs. Waller is a RHP that pitched with his fastball at 84-87 mph. Waller showed good control with the fastball (which he threw from straight over top). His best pitch was his 12-6 curveball which he threw between 71-73 mph. Waller displayed an average changeup at 73 mph. Waller has a very athletic delivery with good rhythm. Takes the hands below his belt then back up so the hands are in constant movement. Waller had the best delivery on the weekend. With arm slot had a tendency to be flat when up in the zone.


4. Kevin Husum, R/R, 6”3”, 195 lbs, RHP,SS,  Bay High School (Panama city) 4.25 GPA

Kevin Husum was the right handed version of Hermann. Showed a fastball at 84-87 mph. Fastball control was average, and somewhat erratic at times. Showed a slider at 68-71 that at times was big. Changeup was 63-65. Changeup was his 3rd pitch which looked good at times just lacked consistency. Threw with a short arm from a low arm slot. Looks like he pushes the ball at times. Does compete on the mound. Husum is a 6.8 runner with a good frame at 6”3” 195 lbs.  From the right side of the plate his hands start by his head and never really get into a good hitting position as the ball approaches the plate. That being said the kid can hit. Hit a triple in game 2 that burned the center fielder. Listed as a primary pitcher but for me projects more as a right fielder for his 1st position. Will be able to do both in college depending where he ends up.


5. Mallex Smith, Bats L, throws R, 5”9”, 155 lbs, OF, Rickards HS(Tallahassee)

Mallex Smith showed off his defense over the weekend. Showed average to above average arm in the defensive showcase. The question that keeps coming up is can this kid stay in center at the next level or will he have to move to left?  Some people have concerns with his arm strength in center. In game 2 he stated his case for why he should be in center, throwing out a runner at home then turning around the next inning and making a fully extended sports center web gem catch. Ran a 6.7 over the weekend. Had a good swing in BP but hit a lot of balls in the air. Had a few good hits in the game and worked his way on base in all three games. Mallex shows good instincts on the base paths. He stole 6 bases in 3 games, stole 2nd and 3rd twice. Mallex showed a lot of energy. He was backing up outfielders on routine fly balls, in the parking lot getting foul balls, and always running on and off the field.  Mallex played for the PW Panhandle team last summer and had a good summer – gaining initial interest.


6. Josh Griffis, L/L, 6”0”, 170 lbs, LHP/OF, Union County HS (Lake Butler)

Josh Griffis may not have had the best velos at the event but looked polished throwing to both sides of the plate. This southpaw got into a few jams and really competed. Showed that he can throw his fastball inside as well as 3 pitches for a strike. Fastball was 82-84 touched 85 mph. Threw a pretty good slider at 72-74 and a good changeup at 74-75. Showed good arm speed on the changeup. I would say he threw 2 above average off speed pitches. Throws from a high 3 quarter arm slot. Stride looks to be short but maybe the stuff will get more explosive with a little more length on the stride. Showed good swing in BP but projects as a pitcher only in college.


7. Bert Givens, R/R, 6”2”, 190 lbs, SS/3B, Chiles High School (Tallahassee), 3.66 GPA

Bert Givens looked good at shortstop. Givens showed a steady glove with good arm strength across the diamond. In BP Givens showed off his tremendous bat speed hitting 3 missiles in a row at the L screen.  Some question his ability to hit the ball the other way, but he laid that to rest getting hits to right field in game 1.  Givens is a physical looking player at the shortstop position at 6”2” 190 lbs. Givens is a good athlete that is the starting quarterback on the football team. Will be a solid college player that as the summer goes on could turn himself into a division 1 guy. This kid will definitely grow on you.


8. Kevin Young, R/R, 6”2”, 175 lbs, OF/1B, Ponte Vedra High School (Ponte Vedra)  3.5 GPA

Kevin Young is a guy with tremendous athleticism in everything he does. He has a very wiry build at 6”2” 175 lbs. Showed an above average arm from the outfield. He ran a 7.0 and displayed his gap to gap hitting in BP. Had good at bats in the games getting a few hits with some extra base hits mixed in.  Projects as a right fielder at the next level. Wish I could have seem him more, definitely a guy I will try to follow this summer.


9. Trevin Hall, R/R, 6”2”, 165 lbs, 3B/1B, Sneads High School (Sneads), 3.02 GPA

Trevin Hall showed some raw power at the plate. In BP this guy took good hacks with some good bat speed. Showed of his power in the game hitting one of three homeruns hit all weekend. Only concerns are his over stride that cause his foot to get down too early and late at times. The arm is above average but sporadic at 3rd. He ran a 7.0 this weekend. Projects as a corner outfield at the next level. Has a chance to stay at 3rd but will have to clean up the throwing. Outside of Quinn had some of the best tools there.


10. Casey Eddinger, R/R, 6”0”, 180 lbs, SS/3B, Wakulla High School (Crawfordville) 3.11 GPA

Casey Eddinger  really played his way onto this list. Looked good at shortstop during the defensive work. Has an above average arm from the infield. He is not fast but moves real well in the infield and shows some range. Made a play at second during game 2 going up the middle and making a nice back hand play. Showed power in BP hitting 2 or 3 out of the yard. In the game had solid AB’s getting 3 or 4 hits on the weekend. Starting QB on football team. Very similar to Givens. Will be able to help someone out at the next level. Projects as a 3B/SS at next level. Casey has made some real strides in his game since playing for PW North last summer.


Honarable Mention

Leo Benjamin (Tate) – Showed power to both fields in BP hitting balls out of yard both ways. Popped up a lot of balls in the game. Is North Florida’s version of the Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval). Put on a show in BP.

Bobby Rice (North Florida Christian) - hit one of three home runs on the weekend. Had 3 hits including a double on Sunday. Played in PW All Florida Event in the fall in which he had 3 or 4 hits in that event. Nothing flashy, just a ball player.

Craig Shirley (Northview HS Alabama) – Hit one of three homeruns hit all weekend. 2nd best power guy there behind Leo Benjamin. Rumor has it he it 20 homeruns in high school this year.

Dakota Spikes (Rutherford) – 81-85 on mound with above average changeup 70 mph and a slow curveball 66 mph. can hit but will probably pitch at next level.

Alex Jones (West Florida High) – 6”1” 215lbs. Shows power with a good hitting approach. Doesn’t chase balls out of the zone.

Ben Devall (Niceville) – 6”0” 215 lbs. looks a lot like Jones. A lot of power but tended to struggle a bit in the games.

Blake Quillin (Pensacola Catholic) – Pitching is his secondary position. Started every game for Pensacola catholic this year. Pitched at 84-88 mph. touched 88mph. Real athletic but delivery needs some work. Showed a big side to side breaking ball at 71 mph. 

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