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Updated: May 19th, 2011
PW Arizona Tournament Announcements
By: Matt Bomeisl |

TAMPA - 1.  GENERAL GATE ADMISSION - $25/tournament pass at West Coast Finals 14U/16U.  $8 daily pass.  

These general admission prices do not apply to West Coast 18U, nor Florida 16U or 18U.



In a recent partnership between Prospect Wire and the International POWERPower Showcase Showcase High School Homerun Derby, PW tournaments will designate a time and day where the top 2 power hitters from each team will be asked to come to a specified field to tryout for the POWER Showcase.   

Players will be limited to 2012-2014 grads, and they will receive a round of 10 pitches to try and get invited to the POWER Showcase.  Some of the country's top players have participated in this event from Bryce Harper (NV), to most recently Daniel Vogelbach (FL) and Nick Williams (TX).  

To learn more about the POWER Showcase, please visit



Game schedules have been released for the West Coast 14U and 16U Event.  


4.  WATER IN THE DUGOUTS - There is no water in the dugouts.  Teams will be allowed to bring a team cooler inside, players will be allowed to pack water jugs or water bottles, so please plan accordingly.

5.  METAL BAT - West Coast 14U and 16U will use approved metal bats.  Florida events and West Coast 18U will use wood.

Here is the link to the CIF, California High School approved bat list. All BBCOR bats are approved as well that are not on the list. This is the list of all the bats that are approved that are not BBCOR.


The bats will be laid out in front of the dugouts prior to the game and the umpire will inspect the bats.  Each umpire and coach is urged to carry the list of approved bats to minimize any disputes.


6.  PRE-TOURNAMENT COMBINE - Every team will go through a quick workout before their FIRST GAME PLAYED.  The workout consists of a 60 yard dash and a pre-game IF/OF. WCF We take all of these results and post them on the website and get players additional exposure and a non-biased 3rd party evaluation that they can use for any reason.  The combine takes about 30 minutes and will begin about 40 minutes prior to your scheduled game time before your first game only.  Please arrive early to the field before your first game.


7.  FORMAT - Tournament format for 14U and 16U involves pool play, leading to a single elimination tournament.  To qualify for the single elimination format, you must finish as one of the top 2 finishers in your pool.  In the 16U division, we will also take 2 wildcards based on record, and then runs allowed, and then runs scored.  4 teams will make it to the single elimination round in the 14U division and 8 teams will make it in the 18U division.


8.  GENERAL RULES - When in doubt, any rule not addressed or discussed goes by NFHS High School Rules.  That includes a 10-run rule after 5 innings of play.



  • Teams may hit 10 batters - that may include an EH and a DH.  If the pitcher hits for himself, then you would just have an EH if you want.  It is optional to hit 9 or 10.
  • Adjusted 2-hour time limit - This basically means a 2-hour time limit.  No new inning can start once 2 hours strikes.  Teams will not be pulled off the field in the middle of the inning in an event of time limit.  The adjusted part of the time limit refers to 1-run games.  Any game that has not played the full 7 innings and is in a 1-run differential that has time limit strike, will have 1 additional untimed inning played to play out the 1-run game. 
  • Tiebreaker - Any game that is tied after time limit, or after regulation will enter a tiebreaker.  Tiebreakers are last BATTED OUT on 2nd base, 0 outs, and a full inning is played until the tie is broken.



            1.  Login to your free account or create a travel coach account

            2.  Hit the "Edit Roster" button on the left menu once logged in.

            3.  Select which team in your organization you want to edit your roster for.

            4.  Search for players one at a time using the search box to determine if the player already exists in the database.  If he does, add him to the roster.  If he doesn't, Create New Player and then add him to roster.



In order to participate in the event it is required to book through the Global JBS site.  This site is:

1.  Guaranteed to have the best rates

2.  Lays out room options, breakfast options, etc for each area hotel

3.  Allows you to still use your rewards cards to these hotel properties

4.  Some hotels participate in a 20 room nights, 1 night comp for your coaches.


For the FLORIDA STATE FINALS 16U and 18U event:


For the WEST COAST Finals 14U and 16U Event:


For the WEST COAST FINALS 17U/18U Event:

About Matt Bomeisl
After being a 4-year letterman on the Florida Gators baseball team from 2000-2004, Matt started Prospect Wire Baseball in 2005. With the goal of helping high school baseball players achieve exposure the way he was helped in 1999, Prospect Wire has grown into the fastest growing scouting services in America. For 10 years, college coaches, scouts and baseball people of all kinds have taken notice of Prospect Wire as being one of the most dependable, accurate and trustworthy sources of high school baseball prospects. Matt is the founder of Prospect Wire, serves as it's director of day-to-day operations, and assists in scouting major events.
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Comments (3)
Bryan Smith
May 11, 2011 (7:11pm)

Hi Matt... Does "Wood Bats" include "Wood/Composite Bats"?... I would hate for my Players to purchase the latter, only to have them disallowed in a PW Tourney... Please clarify... Thanks, Bryan (Team IMPACT 16U).

f r
Matt Bomeisl
May 11, 2011 (10:48pm)

Hi Bryan,

I've updated the announcement to read: Composite bats can be used if they contain no metal.

f r
Erik Torres
May 27, 2011 (1:29am)

Do you know what the field rules are regarding outside food and drink or canopys/pop-up canopys and chairs?


f r