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Updated: Aug 27th, 2013
Phoenix Bats Fall National Series - Format & Rules
By: Brian Werner |

TAMPA - The following is a list of Rules & Format for the upcoming Phoneix Bats National Series event at Ruther Glen, VA - September 13-15.  Please check back for updates as they become available, as more will be added in the upcoming weeks.  



1.)  Teams will play 4 games total - NO PLAYOFFS

2.)  This event is a showcase event, which means teams can make Free Substitutions as needed since there are no playoffs.

3.)  No pitching restrictions are in place.  Coaches are at their own caution with regards to their pitchers & innings they throw.

4.)  Teams may hit up to 10 Players.  The only exception to this is if both teams agree before the game to hit 11 players, in which case that is allowed and you would be able to have TWO EH positions & ONE DH position.

5.)  If hitting 10 players only, it's 1 EH & 1 DH - The EH can be moved between any player in the field.  The DH must stay "married" to the player he is hitting for.

6.)  Courtesy Runner for the catcher is allowed at any time during the inning.  

7.)  There is a 10 run rule after 5 innings.  

8.)  All games have a 2 hour time limit.  No new inning can start after 2 hours.  

9.)  This event is a WOOD BAT ONLY event.

10.)  If the game is tied after 7 innings and there is still time left - 8th inning will start with LAST BATTED OUT at 2nd Base, NO OUTS.  If the game is still tied when time limit hits, the game is over (Games can end in a tie)


IN THE EVENT OF RAIN, Teams should:

1.)  Check the Prospect Wire home page for the most up to date information

2.)  Check with their coaches as they will be updated as soon as schedules are redone



1.)  There is a gate admission for this event.  The charge is $10/day, which will get you access to all fields.  With each team playing 2 games each day - that's $5/game.  There will be Tournament Passes (good for both days) possibly on sale for $15/pass for the entire weekend.

2.)  There will be water coolers provided in each dugout for the teams at the Sports Complex.  We believe Randloph-Macon will be the same (or has water fountains).  If there are not water in the dugouts, Prospect Wire staff will ensure that water is provided for the Players.  

3.)  Parents are welcome to bring their own coolers into the parks.  No alcohol is permitted inside the complex or other fields at any time.  

4.)  There is a concession stand at the Virginia Sports Complex.  It will be open during all games.  We are not sure what Randolph-Macon or JR Tucker HS will do, so please plan in advance if you play there.  

5.)  At the Virginia Sports Complex there are batting cages available for teams to use.  PLEASE USE TURFS WHILE HITTING - you must provide your own baseballs.  



-          Please pick up all trash in dugouts after each game

-          Bathrooms will be available in each dugout, please make sure players use facility as it is meant to be used. NO PAPER TOWELS IN TOILETS.


-          On deck hitters are asked to use on deck circles on warning track.  Please stay off grass around home plate and aprons in front of dugout.

-          Please do not play catch in front of dugout. All stretching and throwing should be done in the outfield

-          Pitchers – please try to limit foot traffic in front of the mound (i.e. coming off mound to catch ball from catcher and walking back)

-          Corner Infielders – please try to stay off grass/dirt transition area on each respective corner as much as play allows.  Either play back or play in on grass.


-          Batting cages WILL NOT be available for use before or during games


-          There will be a 60 yard field behind the right center field fence area available for players to stretch and warm-up before games (while waiting for other games to finish) The area can be accessed along the brick walkway outside of Hugh Stephens Field down the right field line, around the dorm and behind the RF bullpens.  Please DO NOT use area down first base line ORsynthetic football facility for stretching, throwing or any other related baseball activities.


-          There are no bathroom facilities inside Hugh Stephens Field for fans/patrons.  There will be two portable bathrooms available outside of the facility adjacent to the parking lot area.


-          There will be concessions available in the facility. Options will include hot dogs, chicken and a variety of drinks and snacks. As with all events host by Randolph-Macon College, we will have a “No food/No drink” policy at the park this weekend.


Teams must clean up their dugouts when the game is over, or face an additional Park Cleaning Charge of $50/team for excessive trash left behind.

About Brian Werner
After pitching 2 years at Clemson University and making an appearance in the College World Series, Brian finished his baseball career at the University of South Florida. Shortly after, Brian served as the Director of Baseball Operations and Scouting for the New York Yankees from 1999-2004. In his time there, Brian assisted with draft preparations, processed scouting reports, maintained the Yankees pro scouting database, and served as the main contact between scouts in the field and the VP of pro scouting. In 2008, Brian caught on with Prospect Wire. Brian has since served in multiple capacities for PW from scouting to organizing events.
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