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Updated: Sep 10th, 2013
Notes From Next Level's National Showcase (2015 Grads)
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Tallahassee, FL - Next Level National Showcase 2015 Grad Notes

Players that I had seen plenty of at PW or Next Level past events that showed well at Next Level’s National Showcase:

Adam Asker - OF/1B 5’11” 185 Lincoln HS

Asker showed a shorter quicker stroke with power in BP and a better arm (30-35 arm) from both the outfield and first base. Asker is getting faster as well running a 6.99 60.

Willie Carter - 1B/OF 5’11” 190 Fort White HS

Look under the dictionary of advanced high school hitter with power and you’ll find a picture of Carter’s swing at the contact point. Carter ran a 6.97 60 and runs better underway than what you’d expect.

Stephen Jones - RHP 6’2” 185 Chiles HS

Jones was back up to 87mph on the mound and flashed a very good breaking ball that had some depth and tight spin. Jones is highly projectable as he just turned 16 this past July 30th.

Tyler Holton - LHP/OF 6’2” 195 Lincoln HS

Holton continues to impress me at the plate showing a quicker bat and some pull power. There’s still some length in his swing but that can be corrected. Tyler is getting faster as well running a 7.33 60 and showed a solid (40 arm) from the outfield. I think Holton has a chance to be a legitimate two-way player at the next level in college.

Willis McDaniel - OF 5’10” 165 Lincoln HS

McDaniel didn’t run but I know he can fly. In bp, McDaniel hit some balls hard but tried to elevate too many pitches and needs to focus more on line drives and ground balls to utilize his speed. McDaniel has the tools to be an elite center fielder in college.

Blake Reese - SS/3B 5’10” 180 Lincoln HS

Reese showed a bit better in bp from the right side than the left side. Defensively the arm strength is there but his actions were a little stiffer at SS this time. Reese has gotten faster, the first time I recorded his 60 it was in the 6.9’s, the second time in the 6.8’s and in Tallahassee Reese ran a 6.59 60.  Reese has been a favorite of mine and has the tools and makeup to be an elite player at the college and professional level.

Matthew Sellers - RHP 5’11” 180 Vero Beach HS

Sellers finally flashed the nasty breaking ball I had seen a year ago although it was still inconsistent. I think the inconsistency is due to an inconsistent release point and not pulling all the way down and through his breaking ball every time. Sellers was back up to 88mph with his live fastball.


Here are some notes on players I hadn’t seen before:

Tyler Barron - 2B 5’9” 165 Santa Fe HS

Barron doesn’t run well and has a (20 arm) defensively but in bp showed batspeed and consistently hit hard line drives. Tyler has a very short, compact swing that generates plenty of bat quickness to handle top level college pitching. It’s one thing to square a few balls up in bp, it’s another thing to square almost every ball up in bp.

Parker Bonner - OF 5’11” 165 Lowndes HS

Bonner can run clocking a 6.50 60 and I think has enough arm strength combined with his speed to play CF at the next level. I need to see more of Bonner at the plate to give a better overall evaluation.

Trevin Eubanks - RHP 6’2” 195 Niceville HS

Eubanks has a projectable pitchers body and ran his fastball up to 86mph showing some arm strength. I need to see Trevin in a more competitive environment to see if his secondary pitches are effective and give a better overall report.

Cody Mason - C/OF 6’ 180 Lowndes HS

Mason is a very projectable athletic player that I think can become a solid college player and potentially draw some interest professionally. Mason doesn’t run that well but has a wiry body and looked very good in bp. The ball jumped off his bat and he was able to square up a lot of pitches. I’d like to see Mason catch and be able evaluate his skills behind the plate. He’s definitely a player to watch.

Brandon Geiger - SS/OF/RHP 6’2” 180 Wakulla HS

Geiger can potentially be a good college player, his tools are pretty good across the board. He ran a 7.02 60, showed a solid arm from SS and ran his fastball up to 85mph. I need to see more of Geiger at the plate to get a better feel for his ability to hit.

Ryan Nelson - MIF 6’1” 180 Redan HS

Nelson was one of my favorite 2015 grads that I hadn’t seen yet. He ran a 6.63 60 and showed very good defensive actions and arm strength at SS (35-40 arm). Nelson has a very projectable athletic high waisted body and has some quick twitch. He had a very good bp but I’d like to see him aggressively attack the baseball a little more at the plate. Everything is there for Nelson to be an impact player at the college level and have professional scouts watching him over the next couple of years.

Oliver Tejada - OF 5’10” 160 Lyman HS

Tejada showed some arm strength from the outfield (35 arm) with good carry and ran a 6.56 60. I need to see more of Tejada at the plate but if he can make consistent contact with his speed and arm strength he’ll be an ideal college outfielder.

Andrew Weed - OF 6’ 175 Headland HS

Weed can run a bit clocking a 6.96 60 and showing a (35-40 arm) from the outfield. I need to see more of Weed at the plate for a better hitting evaluation.

Gustavo Guerra - MIF 5’9” 125 Monsignor Pace HS

Guerra doesn’t run well or have a big bat but he flashed nearly a (40 arm) at SS and is the prototypical defensive middle infielder at the college level.

Austin Kershaw - OF/C/RHP 5’9” 160 Chiles HS

Kershaw, a 2016 grad is a good athlete. Austin showed some arm strength both behind the plate and on the mound. He showed a (2.1 POP) and ran his fastball up to 83mph. Kershaw also ran a 7.45 60. I think the stronger he gets the better his POP times and velocity will get over the next couple of years. I’d need to see Austin play in games to get a better read on his bat but he’s got a couple of good physical tools already.

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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