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Updated: Sep 17th, 2013
Notes From CFBL Mizuno Elite's Labor Day Weekend Camp/Tryout (2015 Grads)
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Sanford, FL - I want to apologize for not getting these reports done in a timely manner. Between the three tryouts and our Phoenix Bats National Fall Classic in Virginia I covered within the last 4 weeks I haven't had much time to get reports done. Evaluating nearly 700-800 players to produce roughly 100-125 written reports takes time. Again, I apologize and will have the 2016-2017 grads done by tonight. Thanks.

Here are my notes on the 2015 grads from CFBL's Labor Day Weekend Camp/Tryout weekend.

Jalyn Whitehead LHP 6’ 140

Whitehead is an interesting arm to watch over the next couple of years. I think as he becomes more physically mature his velocity will jump some. Jalyn has a loose and quick arm and gets very good extension. Right now his curveball is more of a get me over type pitch but I think with more strength and tighter spin it’ll become a more effective pitch. Whitehead only topped out at 73mph with his fastball but at 140lbs I can see him being around 80mph or better in the next year.

Nikolas Kovach RHP 6’2” 185

Please click on the link below to read Kovach’s report from last year. The only thing I can say different about Kovach this time was his velocity hasn’t jumped yet like I thought it might. Nikolas was up to 84mph and his curveball and change-up were the same. I don’t know if Kovach is on a throwing or arm care program to strengthen his shoulder and core but I still think his velocity will jump a bit at some point.

Matt Affeld RHP 6’2” 155

I’ve seen Affeld several times and nothing really concerns me with his arm or delivery. Affeld’s velocity hasn’t jumped yet as he topped out at 88mph which was better than what he showed at USF but there’s some effort with his arm action. Matt’s arm works well and there’s definitely some projection at 6’2” 155lbs. Affeld’s out pitch and difference maker is his curveball that showed depth, tight spin and late break that was sharp. I hadn’t seen that type of curveball from Affeld in the past. If he can throw his fastball for strikes which he does, I think his curveball will be a swing and miss/out pitch. Once Affeld's pitching at 89-90mph with his fastball and a nasty curveball as his secondary pitch he’ll begin to draw plenty of college and professional attention.

John Redhead MIF/OF 5’11” 175

Redhead had one of the quicker, most direct to the baseball swings I’d seen this summer/fall. John has a very strong body that generates a ton of batspeed as he hit two baseballs out that were line drives during bp. Defensively, I’m not sure where Redhead plays. He showed a (25 arm) from the infield and outfield. I think he’s got a chance to be an advanced hitter and hit with some power at the next level. Redhead ran a 7.00 60 which makes me think he’ll be a better left-fielder at the next level. John had some of the better rhythm and timing at the plate I’d seen as well. Colleges need to be on him now!

Christian Arroyo MIF/OF 5’10 170

Arroyo is just a consistent player day in and day out. Arroyo played pretty well at USF in mid August against his peers. He doesn’t have any tools that really stand out but he is productive offensively and gets the job done defensively. Christian is very patient at the plate with enough batspeed to make consistent hard contact. He’s an adequate runner as well running a 7.20 60. Arroyo leads by example and plays the game hard which will make any college coach take a second and third look at him.

Dillon Stallings MIF/C 6’ 195

The switch-hitting Stallings had one of the better bp sessions especially from the left side of the plate. Dillon showed great bat whip and created tremendous bat lag from the left side. He keeps his hands inside the baseball and gets great extension through the baseball. Stallings ran a 7.20 60 and threw a (2.35 POP) time. He’s a bit stiff but I think the bat especially from the left side will play.

Tyler Anshaw MIF/OF 6’ 165

Anshaw continues to get better every time I see him play. In Tampa at USF in mid August, Anshaw’s bat was a bit slow. At CFBL Elite’s Labor Day Weekend Camp/Tryout Tyler’s bat was much quicker and produced more line drives. He showed better extension through the baseball as well. Anshaw has very good actions as an infielder but the arm strength needs to get better (25 arm) which it can over time. Tyler doesn’t run well but the bat is coming along nicely and with a projectable, athletic body, colleges will start to take notice if they already haven’t.

Sam LaNeave OF/MIF 5’8” 150

Even at 5’8” 150lbs, LaNeave had one of the quickest bats at the event and he’s a gamer. Sam had a great a couple of great at-bats in the game turning on a fastball and tripling off the left-field wall in one at-bat. He hit the ball as hard as anyone during the games. He has strong wrists that generates enough batspeed to hit hard line drives from gap to gap. Sam runs ok, a 7.30 60 and showed decent actions at SS with a (25 arm). My guess is he’ll end up at second base and fit in nicely somewhere.

Logan Place OF/MIF/RHP 5’11” 175

Place is a decent athlete as he showed good actions as an infielder and outfielder with a (30 arm) that was accurate. At the plate, Logan stays inside the baseball and creates natural backspin with good carry. He can run a bit as well clocking a 6.90 60. As a pitcher, I need to see more of Place to get a better read on his ability. I liked the way the ball came out of his hand with extension and he showed a competitive side. Mechanically, there’s a bit of a stab when he reaches back but that can be cleaned up. Keep an eye on Place, I think with his bat and speed he’ll get plenty of college coaches attention.

Tyler Wood C/OF 5’8” 160

Wood had a good bp session and threw a (2.09 POP) time and ran well for a catcher, a (7.20 60). At the plate, Tyler showed a quick bat and was direct to the baseball and it transferred over into the game which is a good sign for potential colleges looking at Wood.

Andrew Abbott C/OF 5’9” 165

Abbott does something a lot of amateurs don’t do that I really like, he attacks the baseball at the plate. Andrew is a physical catcher with quick feet and arm strength but needs to work on his release. He threw a (2.10 POP) time but with some work on his mechanics I think he’ll easily be around a (2.00 POP) consistently. As a hitter, Andrew is aggressive. He’s almost too aggressive at times but I’d rather see that in a young hitter than passiveness at the plate. Abbott has tremendous batspeed and uses his lower half to generate that batspeed. I’d like to see him make more consistent solid contact by being a little more selective but I definitely don’t want to take away from his aggressive nature. Once Abbott begins to make more consistent contact, colleges should be all over him.

Kyle Sheffield 1B 5’10” 155

Sheffield showed a solid (35 arm) from first base with good actions. He has pretty good rhythm at the plate and the ball jumps off his bat. Kyle stays through the hitting zone with good extension. Defensively, Kyle already has a solid arm and showed good footwork around first base. He ran a 7.20 60 as well. I think Sheffield can play at the college level and hit for average with some gap power.

Cormac Holbrook 1B 6’3” 185

Holbrook had an impressive bp session. Cormac is a strong physical kid that uses his lower half as his load/trigger which at times throws his timing off. He does a good job of keeping his hands back and squaring up the baseball even if his timing is off though. Holbrook has good batspeed and a projectable body. I need to see more of Holbrook in game situations to do a better job of evaluating his talent.

Connor Stephens OF 5’10” 175

Stephens could become a very exciting player to watch. Connor ran well clocking a 6.60 60 and may have showed the best bat speed at the event. He has a very short and quick swing that produced line drive after line drive. I think Stephens’ best bet is to play CF or LF and use his speed to track everything from gap to gap. I think he can hit anywhere in the lineup as well. Speed and power are a very rare combination and Stephens has a chance to have both. It’ll be interesting to follow his progress over the next couple of years as he may turn into more of a professional prospect with more reps and games against good talent.

Brad Nenna C 5’10” 170

Nenna has proven to be consistent catcher after seeing him several times now. He played well at USF in mid August and continues to develop as a hitter. His catch and throw skills are good, a (1.97 POP) time with quick feet and a quick release. Nenna is a tough out and makes consistent contact at the plate. Finding defensive catchers that consistently have good at-bats is tough, Nenna can do both at the next level.

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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