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Updated: Jun 20th, 2010
JO West: Top 60-Yard Dash Times in 14U & 16U
By: Jeff Spelman |

Phoeniz - Over 1,500 players from 108 teams ran 60-yard dashes in Peoria Friday during the opening day of the USA Baseball 14U and 16U West Championships.

Here are the top-50 times from both age groups:


Ben Johnson (Austin Wings) 6.62

Anthony Balta  (OC Baseball) 6.71

Daniel Perez (Club All-Star) 6.72

Ethan Cohen (NorCal 2013) 6.73

Draye Turner (PBA Storm-Red) 6.77

Bjon Boyd (NorCal 2013) 6.78

Forrest Wright (SoCal Cardinals-Grey) 6.79

Logan Dugas (Gladiator Baseball) 6.80

K.C. Rivera (Rocky Mountain) 6.80

Ryan Grant (All-Star Baseball Academy) 6.81

Taylor Zander (SoCal Cardinals-Grey) 6.81

Zac Hoffpauir (All-Star Baseball Academy) 6.82

Jacob Langhamer (Austin Wings) 6.82

Steven Golden (NorCal 2012) 6.82

Zach Drouillard (Gladiator Baseball) 6.83

Parker Starr (Placentia Mustangs) 6.83

Jordan Farris (SoCal Cardinals-Grey) 6.83

Cody Poteet (Placentia Mustangs) 6.84

Nick Catalano (Team Anderson 2012) 6.84

Braden Bishop (Danville Hoots-Zoots) 6.87

Colton Johnson (HB Nitro) 6.87

Drew Jackson (Danville Hoots-Zoots) 6.88

Josh Adams (EDH Vipers) 6.89

Austin Kurke (Southern California Bombers) 6.89

Devin Carter (ABD Boxers) 6.90

Steven Gigli (Club All-Star) 6.91

Daniel Gonzalez (The Show 2012) 6.91

Shilo McCall (Four Corners) 6.92

James Clay (Houston Heat) 6.92

Nicholas Fatica (Angels Amateur Baseball Program) 6.93

Travis Streeter (Austin Wings) 6.93

Connor Hustead (AZ Athletics 16U) 6.93

Preston Caldera (Danville Hoots-Zoots) 6.94

Jherremya Leuta-Douyere (Team Anderson 2013) 6.94

Colin Friedman (Albuquerque Baseball Academy) 6.95

Colin Klees (AZ Athletics 16U) 6.95

Taylor Jones (NorCal 2013) 6.95

Dylan Navarro (SoCal Dirtbags) 6.95

Joey Curletta (All-Star Baseball Academy) 6.96

Zach Gibbons (Angels Amateur Baseball Program) 6.96

Ryan LeRoy (Dallas Tigers-Holmes) 6.97

Taylor Uselman (Four Corners) 6.97

Caleb Wood (PBA Storm-Red) 6.97

Kevin Viers (Team Anderson2012) 6.97

Nelson Benjamin (PBA Storm-Red) 6.98

Joshua Ehrlich (Quakes Baseball Academy) 6.98

Louie Payetta (Quakes Baseball Academy) 6.98

Tanner Bily (San Gabriel Valley Arsenal) 6.98

Patrick Mulry (Club All-Star) 6.99

Angel Valverde (East Bay Lookouts) 6.99

Hunter Mercado (NCTB Stars) 6.99

Colin Reynolds (NW Timberjacks) 6.99

Nicki Ruppert (San Diego 2012) 6.99



Tommy Gamble (NorCal Grizzlies), 6.88

Garrett Cluk (CCB) 6.89

Jamie Westbrook (Arizona Blaze) 6.95

Noah Kelly (PBA Storm) 6.97

Teague James (NW Timberjacks) 6.99

Trace Loehr (Baseball Northwest) 7.03

Luke Ramirez (San Diego Show) 7.03

Alexander Verdugo (PBA Storm) 7.04

Brandon Sandoval (West Coast Clippers) 7.05

James Terrell (NorCal Grizzlies) 7.09

Cameron Sterne (Baseball Northwest) 7.10

Andre Gregory (EDH Vipers) 7.10

Chet Gleason (All-Star Baseball Academy) 7.11

Grant Fennell (San Diego Stars) 7.11

Adam Leonard (Angels Amateur Baseball) 7.12

Nick Madrigal (Hard 90) 7.12

Mertin Chagnovich (USA Blue) 7.14

Jacob Oakley (NorCal 2014) 7.15

Vince Fernandez (NorCal Grizzlies) 7.15

Tyler Cook (ABD) 7.18

Austin Brakebeill (PBA Storm) 7.18

DJ Lewis (San Diego Shoe) 7.18

Andrew Wright (San Diego Stars) 7.19

Aaron Dominguez (Team Rawlings) 7.19

Tyler Atkinson (Team Rawlings) 7.19

Christian Bailey (USA Blue) 7.20

Austin Knolles (Arizona Blaze) 7.21

Giovanni Garbella (Encinitas Reds) 7.21

Evan Claproth (OC Baseball) 7.21

Craig Buzzard (Albuquerque Baseball Academy) 7.23

Garrett Gutierrez (Team Anderson) 7.23

Tanner Draper (UBA Blue) 7.23

Branson Trube (UBA Idaho) 7.23

Jordan Farhat (Encinitas Reds) 7.24

Cody Buchda (All-Star Baseball Academy) 7.26

Daniel Casey (Arizona Clash APST) 7.26

Alex Jackson (Encinitas Reds) 7.26

Brandon McNulty (RBI CA Arsenal) 7.26

Kent Keeling (Albuquerque Baseball Academy) 7.27

Trey Brimhall (USA Blue) 7.28

Bryce Johnson (PBA Storm) 7.29

Steven Mendoza (OC Baseball) 7.30

Chris Taylor (Team Rawlings) 7.30

Nathan Chokey (Arizona Blaze) 7.31

Geoff Tamayo (ABD Seadogs) 7.32

Gerard Hernandez (Angels Amateur Baseball) 7.32

Austin Rapp (Baseball Northwest) 7.33

Matthew Hauck (Baseball Northwest) 7.33

Michael Echavia (NorCal Grizzlies) 7.33

Austin Ambrosini (EDH Vipers) 7.34

Joey Covert (PBA Storm) 7.34

Tre Taylor (Arizona Clash APST) 7.36

Kory Longaker (Baseball Northwest) 7.36

Nathan Chang (NorCal Grizzlies) 7.36

David Greer (Team Rawlings) 7.36






About Jeff Spelman
Jeff Spelman is one of the most experienced and respected people in the amateur baseball scouting world. Spelman was the early pioneer of the showcase industry in 1992 and was the founder of Team One Baseball. Team One ran the country's top showcases throughout the 1990s and early 2000s with hundreds of future MLB Stars coming through their events. In fact, Spelman's Team One Baseball was responsible for 10,000+ players going on to play college ball, saw 2,000+ selected in the MLB Draft and had alumni of his events collectively earn over $500 million in college scholarships. Spelman sold the company to Baseball Factory in 2004. Spelman also helped form the Cape Cod Classic, was in charge of player selection and helped to get it televised on ESPNU. The Cape Cod Classic later became the Under Armour All-American Game. Spelman has also served as an amateur baseball scout and writer for CBS Sports/Yahoo!, and has served as the national scouting director for Baseball.
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