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Updated: Nov 20th, 2012
Florida Surge Select Tryout Showcases Young Talent
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Umatilla, FL - The Florida Surge Select’s 2013 tryouts were held at Umatilla HS on November 3rd.

The first thing I noticed was that the majority of the player’s trying out had been in the Surge’s program for several years. The Surge teams at each age group are true “teams”, the kids have played together for years and it translates to winning on the field. I credit George Sands for keeping the core of his player’s together year in and year out.

The day started with a special guest speaking to the players, Tommy Thompson. Thompson was the Baseball America Class High A Carolina League Manager of the Year this past year. Thompson has been in the White Sox organization as a player, coach, or manager for the past 27 years and was a wealth of knowledge for the Surge players. Thompson stressed playing baseball the right way to the players. During workouts he gave instructional advice to the players and kept them on their toes.

It was obvious to me that having Thompson speak and motivate the kids worked. It’s one thing when a parent or sometimes even a coach tries to give advice to players, but when someone that has been there and done that speaks, the player’s become sponges soaking in all the information.

After some motivational points, the player’s stretched out their legs to run the 60 yard dash. It was a slow track due to some rain early that week but none of the player’s made excuses.

Kalen Ramsey, a 2014 OF/P from Eustis HS ran the fastest time (7.00 sec). Right behind Ramsey were Jack Kirkpatrick, a 2015 C/OF from Eustis HS ran a (7.10) and Kyle Lamb, a 2016 RHP/IF from John I. Leonard HS ran a (7.13 sec). For a catcher, Kirkpatrick showed above average speed.

After 60’s, it was time for the Outfield/Infield workouts. These workouts gave me a chance to evaluate arm strength, athleticism, and how the player’s hands and feet work together.

The outfield arms were highlighted by Kyle Lamb and Jesse Getford, a 2015 IF/RHP from Umatilla HS both topped out at (80 mph). Getford also ran a (7.41 sec) 60. A trio of player’s topped out at (79 mph) from the outfield including Ty Coburn, LJ Hampton, a 2015 RHP/OF from Pace HS and Eric Feliz, a 2015 OF from the IMG Academy. Feliz also ran a (7.20 sec) 60, and Hampton ran a (7.30 sec) 60.

The infield arms were led by Alec Bowman, a 2016 IF/RHP from Boca HS. Bowman ran it up to (78 mph) across the diamond. Following Bowman were three players, Kyle Lamb (77 mph), Jesse Getford (77 mph), and Cody Cannon (76 mph) a 2015 MIF from Umatilla HS.

After the Outfield/Infield workouts, it was time for batting practice.

Here’s my top 5 based on their batting practice performance:

  1. LJ Hampton – Hampton showed an extremely quick bat and made consistent hard contact with some carry.
  2. Cody Cannon – Cannon showed a very quick bat with the ability to square up about every pitch. Cannon really attacks the baseball.
  3. Eric Feliz- Feliz showed the quickest bat out of everyone, really whipping the bat through the zone. Feliz’s swing is somewhat stiff, but the strength, bat speed, and ability to make consistent contact is there.
  4. Zack Retzler (2016 RHP/IF Royal Palm Beach HS) – Retzler doesn’t have blinding bat speed but has great bat control and eye-hand coordination which allows him to make consistent contact. Retzler used all fields during bp.  
  5. Avery Rosanio (2014 C/OF Eustis HS) – Rosanio showed great rhythm and timing consistently making hard contact. Rosanio stay behind the baseball extremely well, he also ran a respectable (7.30 sec) 60.

Other Notables for BP:

Nick Peters – Peters made consistent hard contact but it didn’t translate into the game as well.

Bubba Sangster (2017 1B/RHP Umatilla HS) – Sangster was one of the youngest players trying out but held his own during BP. Sangster showed a quick bat that was very direct to the baseball and squared it up with regularity.

Jesse Gettford – Gettford was a little stiff, but has strong wrists and hands and has very little wasted movement in his swing. Getford’s bat stays through the hitting zone on a good path.

After batting practice there was a scrimmage game that featured several good arms and some defensive plays that were amazing.

Top Pitcher’s from the game:

  1. Wesley Moulden (2014 LHP Eustis HS) – Moulden ran it up to (82 mph) and pretty much pitched at (80 mph). Moulden has some deception in his delivery and showed a decent curveball with good spin at (70 mph).
  2. Chase Rimes – Rimes topped out at (81 mph) but there’s more in his arm. Rimes has a lanky projectable body and a loose, easy arm. He pitched mainly at (80-81 mph) and showed an inconsistent curveball at (67 mph). I wouldn’t be surprised if Rimes isn’t pitching at (84-86 mph) by next summer.
  3. LJ Hampton – Hampton is probably the most projectable out of all the pitchers. Hampton topped out at (79 mph) and pitched at (77-78 mph). His curveball was consistently (62-63 mph) and had tight spin. Hampton was maybe the only pitcher I saw that showed some command of both his fastball and curveball. Hampton may be a mid to upper (80’s mph) arm in the next year or two.
  4. Kyle Fowler – Fowler may have the best pitcher’s body and arm but he hasn’t worked on pitching a lot. Fowler topped out at (78 mph) and pitched at (75-77 mph). There is definitely more in Fowler’s tank once he works more often on pitching. Everything was inconsistent, mechanics, release point, and spin on curveball. The good thing is the inconsistencies are all correctable with a good pitching coach.
  5. Tanner Frabott (2016 C/RHP Umatilla HS) – Frabott was probably the most physical player at the tryout. On the mound, you can tell he is a catcher. Frabott short armed every pitch but the velocity wasn’t bad as he topped out at (74 mph) and pitched at (73-74 mph). If Frabott can lengthen his arm stroke, he’ll gain several miles an hour just from that. He also homered in the game, a no doubter to left center.

The hardest part as a scout is to come up with the best 5 players at a tryout like this. All the players were good but here’s my rankings of what I felt was the top 5 I scouted that day.

  1. LJ Hampton – Hampton looks the part and plays the part. Hampton has the all-around tools to become a great player and if the velocity spikes on the mound, he has a chance to pitch as well. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t start getting some MLB draft interest in the next couple of years.
  2. Cody Cannon – Cannon is an athletic, wiry, quick twitch player that will get better and better as his body starts to mature. Cannon can probably play every position on the field. Cannon can turn himself into a legitimate college player with some hard work in the gym.
  3. Kyle Fowler – Fowler is a strong kid that showed athleticism for someone his size. I think Fowler can swing it as well as be a force on the mound. His hands stay inside the ball as well as anyone I saw during bp and the physical tools are there on the mound. Fowler is just raw and needs more time on the mound and at the plate to figure it out. He also showed a 2.04 pop time with an accurate arm and a quick release.
  4. Tanner Frabott – Much like Fowler, Frabott is a big strong kid. Right now because of Frabott’s strength he can compete and use brute strength at the plate which was evident with the home run he hit during the game. Frabott needs to work on getting quicker to the baseball and eliminating the length in his swing or he’ll struggle with better velocity. Behind the plate, he showed a 2.08 pop time with a strong arm and a quick release.
  5. Mike Feliz – Feliz has a ways to go with getting stronger but the actions are all there to be a great shortstop at the college level. Feliz made a couple instinctual plays at short and second during the game that were Sports Center Highlight plays. With the bat, Feliz is fundamentally sound and I think will hit once he gets stronger.

Other notable players:

  1. Myles McKisic (2016 MIF American Heritage Delray)
  2. Zach Retzler
  3. Bubba Sangster
  4. Eric Feliz
  5. Avery Rosanio

I want to thank the Florida Surge Select program for inviting Prospect Wire to cover their tryouts for 2013. Congrats to the kids that make the Surge teams!

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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