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Updated: May 29th, 2013
Florida State Finals: Division & Playoff Formats
By: Brian Werner |

TAMPA - The Florida State Finals schedule is now officially posted and final.  Coaches have until June 1st to complete their rosters for the event.  Below is the format for each of the Age Divisions.  A list of rules & regulations for parents at each park will be posted later this weekend.  


14U DIVISION - 15 total teams (BBCOR Bats allowed)

3 Pools of 5 teams in each pool - each team will play each other once in Pool Play

3 Pool Winners will advance + 1 Wild Card Team (can come from any pool) 

Tournament Home Page:


16U DIVISION - 56 total teams (Wood Bats Only)

14 Pools of 4 teams in each pool - each team will play each other once in Pool Play

14 Pool Winners advance + 2 Wild Cards (can come from any of the pools)

Tournament Home Page:


18U DIVISION - 50 total teams (Wood Bats Only)

11 Pools of 4 teams in each pool, 1 Pool with 6 teams in it

Each team will play each other once (*Pool with 6 teams will have teams that do not play each other)

12 Pool Winners advance + Runner Up in Pool with 6 teams + 3 Wild Card teams (can come from any pool)

Tournament Home Page:


CONSOLATION GAMES:  Teams who do not advance out of pool play will have a Consolation Game as their 4th game guarantee.  Consolation games are MANDATORY.  Any team who fails to show up for their consolation game will be charged a $400 additional fee on their next PW event.  Teams travel to our event from all over, and it is not fair that those who show up to finish out their tournament, have a team that does not do the same.  All consolation games will be played on Tuesday.  It will be PW's effort to schedule out of town teams who have the furthest drive, with the earliest games, so they can get out on the road.  Teams who are more local will be asked to play later in the day.  


All games will be 7 inning games or 2 hour time limit during Pool Play and Playoffs.  *Championship will play to completion, no time limit.  The only exception will be if the game hits time limit and it is a 1 run game.  In this event, the teams will be allowed to complete 1 more FULL inning of baseball before the game will be called due to time.  

Run Rule:  10 runs after 5 innings

Teams may hit 10 players (DH & EH can be used) in all divisions (When in doubt, National HS rules apply)

Prospect Wire does not impose any pitching restrictions on teams participating in our events.  It is left up to the individual coahes to do what is best for their players with regards to pitch counts & overall innings pitched.  

During Pool Play - Games can end in a tie.  If time limit hits and the game is tied at the end of the inning being played, then the game is left as a tie.  If the game is tied after 7 innings and time limit has not been reached, the 8th inning will start with last BATTED out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  This is the same for the home team as well during their inning.  Game will continue in this manner until time limit is reached or game ends. 

During Playoff Games only - if time limit is reached and the game is tied, the next inning will start (regardless of inning) with last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  This format will continue until there is a winner.  

During the Championship - there is no tie breaker.  Games will play until finish, with no time limit.  

In the event a player or coach is ejected - Umpire in Chief will meet with Tournament Director to discuss the specific situation.  If it is believed that the ejection was just a heat of the moment occurance, and did not get out of hand, then the coach or player will only miss the game they are ejected from.  ***If the umpires & Tournament Director deem that the ejection was warranted and things went beyond what they should for HS travel baseball games, then the player or coach will be out that game + the next.  NOTE:  IF ANY PLAYER, PARENT OR COACH GOES AFTER AN UMPIRE OFF THE FIELD, ASSAULTS ANOTHER PLAYER, IN UNRULEY TO THE POINT THE GAME MUST BE HALTED...THEN YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EVENT ENTIRELY.  Prospect Wire aims to run a fun and competitive event for the players.  We realize things will happen, however, we expect coaches to control their parents & players, as well as themselves.  If you have an issue with something, you can take it up with me in private.  Keep the action on the field about the kids and let them play.  



1.)  Head to Head 

2.)  Runs Allowed

3.)  Runs Scored

4.)  If we get to a 4th it comes down to a coach's coin flip


About Brian Werner
After pitching 2 years at Clemson University and making an appearance in the College World Series, Brian finished his baseball career at the University of South Florida. Shortly after, Brian served as the Director of Baseball Operations and Scouting for the New York Yankees from 1999-2004. In his time there, Brian assisted with draft preparations, processed scouting reports, maintained the Yankees pro scouting database, and served as the main contact between scouts in the field and the VP of pro scouting. In 2008, Brian caught on with Prospect Wire. Brian has since served in multiple capacities for PW from scouting to organizing events.
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