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Updated: Sep 2nd, 2010
"Final" Ranking of Area Code Prospects (51-63)
By: Blaine Clemmens |

Long Beach - Here is the final group of players, with a brief snippet of what I saw... all of these players could have been somewhere in the top 50, but hey, only 50 can be in a list of 50.

51. Kyle Shaw - RHP, 6'0" 190, Sante Fe HS (OK)

Quick arm with short backside arm action, 87-90 mph fastball with some life and a sharp swing and miss 77-80 mph curveball.  

52. Darren Whatley - RHP, 6'3" 220, Bibb County HS (AL)

Big wide frame, strong kid, fastball 88-92 mph with some sink, occasional heavy action, fair command, 68-73 mph curveball has chance to be average.

53. Scot Hoffman - RHP, 6'4" 190, Desert Ridge HS (AZ)

Long and strong frame, good pitcher's body, fastball 87-92 and there is more in there, slow 66-68 mph curveball has to improve.

54. Cody Poteet - RHP, 6'1" 170, Christian HS (CA)

He was a late add to the Yankees and I believe he is a 2011 grad, but not 100% sure... quick arm with a live athletic body type, 87-89 mph with more to come and a sharp 74-77 mph curveball.

55. John Hayman - RHP, 6'0" 226, Ware County HS (GA)

Big thick bodied kid with a power arm, fastball was 87-92 and when he was comfortable it was mostly 90-91, occasionally fringe average 68-75 mph curveball, inconsistent delivery but good arm.

56. John Hochstatter - LHP, 6'3" 206, San Ramon Valley HS (CA)

Truthfully one of the best "pitchers" at the event, 85-88 mph fastball, sharp curveball and slider, above average change, changes speeds, mixes well, feel of all, pitches off his secondary stuff.

57. Trevor Story - RF/SS, 6'1" 177, R/R, Irving HS (TX)

Talented athlete, odd RF/SS profile but he looked GOOD at SS, there is life in his bat, he knows how to get the barrel to the ball and it comes off well, plus arm, good athlete, interesting talent.

58. Nick Piscotty - RHP, 6'3" 190, Amador Valley HS (CA)

Long lean build, 87-89 mph fastball with some flat run, best pitch is 74-76 mph curveball that he OWNS, got lots of swings and misses; older brother was prospect now entering 2nd year at Stanford.

59. James Harris - OF, 6'1" 175, R/R, Oakland Tech HS (CA)

A player that scouts kept watching, expecting the breakout game... it didn't happen but he played an EXCELLENT centerfield, has bat speed and strength, plays HARD, it will happen for him.

60. Nigel Nootbaar - RHP, 6'1" 176, El Segundo HS (CA)

Lean build, projectable body type, very deceptive arm action and delivery, all stuff is sneaky, 87-91 mph fastball gets on hitters QUICK, 77-78 mph slider that has short quick tilt, will frustrate hitters.

61. Brandon Martin - MIF, 5'11" 163, R/R, Santiago HS (CA)

Polished and talented infielder with slashing line drive hitting approach, plays game with feel and energy, steady fielder but can make outstanding athletic plays, typical Cal State Fullerton "ballplayer"

62. Kevin Kramer - INF, 6'0" 183, L/R, Turlock HS (CA)

Competitive ballplayer with feel to hit and strength to drive the ball from gap to gap, mostly an opposite field hitter at this point, but with authority, played quite well at 2nd base, turned it well, strong arm.

63. Robert Galligan - LHP, 6'4" 205, St. Dominic HS (NY)

Big strong lefty that will draw attention with his 87-88 mph fastball but most impressively was his 76-77 mph downer curveball, also has a straight change-up.

About Blaine Clemmens
There are few people with the knowledge of baseball on the west coast like Blaine Clemmens has. Blaine has worked as an area scout for the Atlanta Braves in California, was the recruiting coordinator for the University of San Francisco, and was a scout/writer for Team One Baseball and Perfect Game. Blaine serves as the National Scouting Director on the west coast and helps cross-check east coast players.
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