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Updated: Jun 21st, 2010
Day 3 Report - JO West - Team CalTex Rolling Along
By: Jeff Spelman |

Phoenix - Team CalTex, a new ballclub made up of eight players from both California and Texas, are steamrolling their way through the early rounds of the USA Baseball 14U Championships in Phoenix.

They have outscored their first three opponents 55-5 (29-0, 15-3, 11-2).

A good number of their players – perhaps six or seven – could be invited to the 14U National Team Trials later this week.

We have seen their defensive workout and two games. Their staff has compiled a lot of “interchangeable parts” – versatile prospects that can play multiple positions. This team hits a ton, plays good defense and does a very nice job hustling and playing with a great deal of enthusiasm. They’re fun to watch.  

From a pitching standpoint, there are a lot of strike throwers on this team. Good command, solid breaking balls, guys that just know how to pitch.

Here’s a quick snapshot of their players who got our attention:

Brady Aiken, OF/LHP, L/L, 6-0, 155, 2014, Jamul, CA

Aiken is already an offensive force at the plate. He has a wide stance, an athletic body and a short swing. He generates a lot of power and has a great approach at the plate. Looks like a young Andre Ethier.

Cole Bedford, RHP/C, R/R, 5-11, 175, 2014, Deer Park, TX

Bedford is a strong prospect with a very solid arm (2.2 – 2.3 pop times). He’s going to hit for a lot of power as well.

Ryan Chandler, IF/OF, L/R, 5-6, 130, 2014, Houston, TX

Chandler ran the team’s fastest 60-time in the workouts (7.39). He has a very patient approach at the plate and is versatile defensively. Second base may be his ultimate destination defensively, but right now he can play just about anywhere.

Bryce Dyrda, RHP/C, S/R, 5-8, 155, 2014, Modesto, CA

Dyrda is a producer. He is the type of prospect that makes things happen. A great example: in his team’s only close game so far, he belted a three-run inside-the-park homerun to break a 2-2 tie late in the game. It started with a blast to right field and was made possible with extreme hustle every step of the way. College coaches always love this type of player.

Ryan Johnson, C/RHP, L/R, 6-1, 165, 2015, College Station, TX

Johnson has a powerful arm, and perhaps an even better bat. He can flat out hit – and has extreme power for his age. He will only be in eighth grade this Fall, but already has the power to drive the ball out of any park. We have not seen him pitch yet.

Brandon Perez, IF/RHP, R/R, 5-10, 155, 2015, Ladera, CA

Perez is one of the youngest players on the team but already shows the ability to wait on the ball and drive it hard to the opposite field. On the mound his fastball was 78 MPH but his bread and butter was an above average curveball. He’s a two-way prospect in the making.

Shane Timmons, RHP/IF, R/R, 5-8, 140, 2014, Mission Viejo, CA

Timmons has a good approach at the plate, excellent bat control and the ability to go with whatever pitch is thrown and drive it to the opposite field if necessary.

Sean Williams, C/IF, R/R, 5-10, 170, 2014, Long Beach, CA

Williams has a nice short stroke and generates excellent bat speed.

Next Report: We'll shift back to the 16U Championships and begin looking at top prospects from that group.

Information for this report was also gathered by Prospect Wire Special Assignment Scout Stan Brzezicki.

About Jeff Spelman
Jeff Spelman is one of the most experienced and respected people in the amateur baseball scouting world. Spelman was the early pioneer of the showcase industry in 1992 and was the founder of Team One Baseball. Team One ran the country's top showcases throughout the 1990s and early 2000s with hundreds of future MLB Stars coming through their events. In fact, Spelman's Team One Baseball was responsible for 10,000+ players going on to play college ball, saw 2,000+ selected in the MLB Draft and had alumni of his events collectively earn over $500 million in college scholarships. Spelman sold the company to Baseball Factory in 2004. Spelman also helped form the Cape Cod Classic, was in charge of player selection and helped to get it televised on ESPNU. The Cape Cod Classic later became the Under Armour All-American Game. Spelman has also served as an amateur baseball scout and writer for CBS Sports/Yahoo!, and has served as the national scouting director for Baseball.
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