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Updated: Nov 24th, 2012
Day 2 USSSA Super NIT Bound for Glory 11U and 10U Reports
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Orlando, FL - Day two covering the USSSA Super NIT Bound for Glory Tournament. Mainly the 11U and 10U teams but I caught some of a 13U game at the end of the night.

The first game of the day I watched was the Central Florida Wolverines vs Rebels Baseball. There were several prospects on both teams.

-Central Fl Wolverines 11U-

#10 Jamison Santiago has a quick bat and had a big bases clearing double, he ran a 4.78 down the line on a turn

#24 Chenar Brown was one of the best bats I've seen at the tournament, he's a strong kid and has projectability, for a kid with his kind of power he's very patient and selective at the plate, Chenar's the only kid I've seen at the tournament hit a ball out to the opposite field,he's a very athletic kid, sky's the limit with this kid!

#25 McGwire Holbrook on the mound as an RHP was 57-61 mph with his fastball and repeated his delivery well, after giving up a couple of hits he let his disappointment show a bit, that may be from his competitivness 

#52 Marcus Valle is a thick strong kid that has good bat speed from the left side, he hits the ball where it's pitched and ran a 4.41 down the line and ran hard

-Rebels 11U-

#2 Robby Goercker has great defensive actions, he made a tough play in a key situation in the game, he has a short quick swing, aggressive at the plate and makes solid contact, he ran a 4.25 down the line

#10 Georgie Davis is not very physical but is very wiry and has some bat speed

#24 Kaleb Quineous RHP had a fastball that was 52-58mph with good movement and a little bit of sink

On a side note, a kid I didn't see but heard from a scorekeeper that hit two home runs for the Bombers 10U, his last name is Albaldejos and he's a strong kid

The second game of the day I watched was a real treat. It was the Tampa Heat Blue vs the Sarasota Sting. It was a pitching and defensive battle. Here's some players that stood out.

-Tampa Heat Blue 11U-

#11 Dakota Harris showed a quick bat and gap power

#9 JP Hagerty was the star of the game pitching 5 innings 1 run and 6k's, he gave up 2 hits in the first inning and not another hit until the 6th when he was taken out, Hagerty's a tough competitor and his fastball was 56-60mph

#27 Jed Durda came in to lose the game and looked the part of a closer, he threw a lot of strikes and wasn't afraid to challenge the hitters, his fastball was 56-58mph and he showed a good curve ball with tight spin at 45mph

Richie Morales has a solid swing and stayed back on a good curveball and hit it hard

#1 Jalen Niles made a great defensive unassisted double play in the 6th inning that got the Heat Blue out of jam

-Sarasota Sting 11U-

#14 Christian Wise LHP is competitive and throws a lot of strikes, he's athletic as well, his fastball was 51-52mph and his curveball was 44mph

Garrett Browny showed a very quick bat as he turned a 62mph fastball and hammered it

#20 Jason Scott has great pitch recognition, knows the strike zone, has a great swing, he's very strong for his size and is a tough out

#44 Owen Ayers is athletic and has very good bat speed

The game ended with the Sting having the tying runners on second and third and third basemen Derek Shaw made a great play on a hard hit ball to third to end the game. If that ball would've gotten by Shaw the two teams might still be playing!

After a great 11U game I walked down to where the 10U teams were playing and watched the Meteors and the Miami Farm System Gamers. The Gamers probably were the most aggressive team at the plate I've seen.

-Miami Farm System Gamers 10U-

#25 Robert Fernandez RHP has clean mechanics and mixes his pitches well, he hits his spots with fastball and gets good extension, Fernandez is good athlete on the mound, his fastball was 51-52mph and curveball was 40-47mph

#00 Rudy Rodriguez is a catcher that can hit and defend, he blocks well and is very aggressive with the bat, Rodriguez has a very quick bat with line drive power

#10 Sebastian Garrido has a thicker body, his bat stays through the hitting zone on a good path, he ran a 4.28 on a turn and showed good speed and made hard contact with the baseball

#20 Gaby Perez at second base is a kid I really liked, he has a very quick bat and is aggressive at the plate,he ran a 4.75 down the line on a turn

#27 Gianmichael Dominguez showed very good bat speed, his bat path was good through the zone,he has line drive power and ran a 4.72 down the line on a turn, behind the plate showed a 2.25 pop time and frames the ball well

#6 Jovanny Santana has a wiry body with a quick bat, he runs well and ran 4.41 down the line on a turn

-Meteors 10U-

#19 Satch Norman showed a quick bat with line drive power, defensively he has a good arm at shortstop and is very athletic, Norman runs well, he ran a 4.53 down the line on a turn

#20 John Schroeder as a catcher I really liked, at the plate he’s aggressive and has good bat speed, he showed good pitch recognition as he sat on a curve ball and hit it hard, he ran a 4.72 down the line on a turn

#10 Nick Hadad is RHP, his fastball was 48-52 and at the plate he was a tough out and showed some speed running a 4.37 down the line

#24 Gehrig Wright is an athletic kid with a quick bat, he ran a 4.65 down the line and ran hard

#8 Cam Martin is left handed hitter, the ball jumped of his bat, he drops the barrel on the ball and ran a 4.19 down the line from the left side

#6 Caden Chamberlin showed a quick bat and hit the ball where it was pitched, he hit the ball backside well and showed gap power, as a RHP he has a live arm and his fastball was 52-57mph

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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Comments (1)
Jimmy Jones
Nov 25, 2012 (9:35pm)

I'm guessing by what I'm reading you aren't a trained scout, nor played much baseball?

f r
Corey Goldfarb
Nov 25, 2012 (11:31pm)

Why would you say that? I worked in player development at the professional level for 5 years. I was an advisor/agent for some of the best young player's in professional baseball including 5 first round picks over the last 10 years before starting work for PW. I've been involved at the highest levels of baseball for the last 13 years and worked closely with MLB scouts with 30-40 years of experience as I brought them on to PW staff this past summer because they are great scouts with World Series rings to prove it and they are great people wanting to help young players. My father is in the Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame winning 373 games and losing 130 games in 17 seasons and winning two state championships as a high school coach. He also started Univ. of West Florida's baseball progam in the late 70's and was conference coach of year in his first two seasons. When I share my opinion on players no matter if they are 10 years old or 30 years old it comes from my experiences of being around the best players in baseball and some of the best baseball minds in baseball at the college and professional levels over the last 37 years of my life. I think my pedigree and knowledge of the game speaks for itself. If I didn't recognize your son, it may have been because I didn't see every kid, it's physically impossible for one person to see every kid at every game. If you just disagree with my evaluations then I welcome any criticism. Thanks for your comment.

f r