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Updated: Jul 7th, 2010
Day 1: WWBA 17U
By: Micah Posey |

MARIETTA - After a long day at the East Cobb Complex, I saw more than 40 D1-committed players. Of the players I saw today, here are the pitchers and position players that I thought stuck out and my notes on them:

In the morning I saw a good arm with the 2011 On Deck O’s Black. Chris McCue the 6”0” righty from Charlotte, NC came in relief with his fastball sitting at 91-93 mph. His fastball had a lot of life on it. His slider in the first inning was sharp with depth at 78 mph. In the second inning the slider wasn’t as sharp at 71-72 mph. McCue showed a good delivery with good rhythm.

Another good arm this morning was right hander Kyle Smith from the Palm Beach PAL 17U. Smith sat at 89-91 mph, bumping 92 mph.  Smith's arm works well, and he's got more to him than a lively fastball. Smith's fastball features a lot of arm side run. He also mixed in a plus breaking ball, that was very sharp with very good downward depth at 75-76 mph. His breaking ball would still buckle hitters the 2nd time through the lineup.  I will say his breaking ball did look a lot harder than 75-76 mph, and had tight spin and rotation.

At 2:00pm, I shot over to Kennesaw State where I saw the pitcher with the biggest ceiling - literally. Hawtin Buchanon from Marucci Elite was pitching at 89-91 mph. Buchanon showcased not only his fastball but his jumbo-sized frame at 6”8” 240 lbs. The righty from Biloxi was throwing his fastball right by hitters all game.  Pitching mostly with his fastball, he mixed in a changeup which appeared to be his second pitch at 71-73 mph. He would also show a slider at 71-72 mph. Buchanon has a nice easy arm with good downward angle on the fastball. Leg kick looks just like Trevor Hoffman. He uses his frame well creating good extension out front.

The night cap at the East Cobb complex was a lefthanded pitchers clinic.  On field 1 you had lefty Mathew Crownover from the East Cobb Astros dueling fellow southpaw Taylor Guilbeau with Zachary Broncos. Both pitchers would give up 2 runs a piece ending the game in a 2-2 tie.

Crownover showed a fastball that sat consistently 84-87 mph the whole game. He did bump 88 mph in the 3rd inning. Crownover would show a tumbling changeup, which was his second pitch, at 72-76 mph. His slider was at 71-72 mph. Crownover had a quick wind up with a short arm. Crownover showed good mound presence and really competed.

Taylor Guilbeau threw his fastball at 84-87 mph also bumping 88 mph. He was very effective pitching inside. He would also paint his fastball away expanding the zone with 2 strikes. Guilbeau would throw his fastball from a low 3 quarter arm slot. The fastball had good sink. Guilbeau would show 2 solid offspead pitches. He would throw slider with good depth at 76-78 and a change up with good arm speed at 80-81 mph. Guilbeau had a Bronson Arroyo type leg kick.

Moving on to the hitters, here are some of the bats that caught my eye:

This morning the 2nd AB I saw was that of Cameron Gallagher from the Mid Atlantic Rookies. In that at bat he would hit a grand slam over the left field wall. I hung around to watch his 2nd AB in which he would show good plate discipline working a walk. Gallagher has a Chipper Jones double toe tap which causes him to get his foot down late at times, but when it gets down watch out because this guy has tons of power.

Later that morning I would see the Diamond Devils 17U blue. This team features D1 commitments up and down the roster. The 2 guys that I thought swung it best thins morning for them were TJ Costen and Brett Austin. Costen would square up two balls. The righty would square up one for a base hit down the 1st base line and square up another for a line out to left center. Costen showed good swings spraying balls to all fields (gap to gap). Austin a swich hitter would take some good swings. I saw him from the left side which he showed a nice short compact swing hitting a sharp line drive to right field for a single.

The lineup I saw at Kennesaw in the afternoon was Marucci Elite. If you like left handed bats than this is your lineup. 4 of the first 6 hitters are left handed bats. The lefty with the most bat speed would be the 3 hole Connor Castellano. The leadoff hitter was lefty Mason Robbins. Robins hit 2 hard hit balls for hits. He had a single and a double in which he burned the right fielder. Robins showed good aggressiveness on the base paths. Chris Sciambra would show a good swing with good bat speed from the left side getting 3 hits to right field.

In the evening Chattanooga Cyclones 17U would feature Deandre Allen. Allen showed off his range back handing a ball that apperared to be a routine base hit through to left. Allen is a tremendous athlete with great hands at SS. Allen would show a good stick with good bat speed. I saw Allen single to left field.

The East Cobb Astro’s Matt Gonzalez would show off his stick crushing a ball in the opposite field gap for a triple.  Gonzalez has a nice easy swing with a little thump at the end.

Those were my notes from the day, check back tomorrow and I will write up some of the other standouts that I see.

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