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Updated: Jan 17th, 2013
UPATED-CFBL Elite's Tryout Day 2-Talent Everywhere
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Sanford, FL - I’d like to thank Jim Boghos and his entire CFBL Elite staff for their hospitality this past weekend during CFBL Elite’s tryouts at Sanford Memorial Stadium. The atmosphere was great, the crowd was great, and the talent was great.

My first report on the tryouts will be on the top position player's. Tomorrow’s report will be on the top pitching prospects from the tryouts and other notable players. My scouting reports are based on a combination of the player’s performance during batting practice and in the games.

Keep in mind I could only evaluate what I saw, workouts and 1-2 at bats as well as 1-2 innings pitched. Sometimes in the games the players only got 1 at bat and walked. I may have missed out on some players but they will be noted in my next reports.

The order of my top 5 I’m very comfortable with, after that you can definitely debate which players should be ranked where.

Top players overall:

  1. Jacob Corso is a 6’4” 225 lb 1B/LHP. Corso is not a very athletic player, and didn’t move well defensively at first base but he did show a 45-50 arm on the MLB scouting scale of 20-80 with 50 being the MLB average. Even though his throws weren’t very accurate, that didn't really concern me at this point. In my opinion, Corso can get better defensively but his bat and what he does on the mound is what colleges and potentially professional teams will be interested in. Corso showed some of the best bat speed during bp from the left side but like many amateur hitters tried to pull everything. The natural power is there, but Corso needs to learn to use better leverage with his swing which will create more loft resulting in easier power. On the mound, the physical tools are there, size, arm strength, and a workable delivery. He’s built similar to C.C. Sabathia. Corso touched 87mph in his bull pen session and sat 85-86 mph. His curveball had tight spin and was a sharp breaker at 76mph. In the game he buried his curveball on the back foot of a couple of right handed hitters which is basically an unhittable pitch for a righty. At 6’4”, Corso has good tilt on his curveball but his fastball doesn’t have much life yet. I think it’s due to a combination of his short stride length which does help with the tilt on his curve ball but doesn’t let him get the full extension on his fastball. Without good extension Corso isn’t getting everything out of his fastball. With better extension and a few tweaks mechanically, Corso should be sitting near 90mph with his fastball in the near future.

  2. Matthew Coello is a 2016 grad from West Orange HS. Coello was one of my favorite players of this past weekend. He showed the best pop time by far recording a 1.94 and I think he’ll show better times as he matures and gets stronger. It’s rare to find athletic catchers, but Coello’s athleticism translates behind the plate. His framing skills are still a bit weak right now but his receiving skills are advanced. At the plate, Colello has a very balanced swing with very good rhythm and timing. What I liked most at the plate from Colello is for a young hitter he really attacks the baseball. During the game, Colello was aggressive at the plate, attacking the baseball and driving it back up the middle. Colello doesn’t have speed as he ran a hard 5.03 down the line, but his instincts on the bases helps as he stole a base and scored a run based on instincts. This kid is definitely one to watch over the next few years.

  3. Griffin Bernardo is a 2017 eighth grader. That's right an eighth grader made my top 3. Bernardo is already somewhat of a physical player and had some of the best extension through the ball all weekend. Defensively, Bernardo has very good actions and is already showing nearly a 30 arm. He has an extremely quick bat and has a very short compact swing. I didn’t get a 60 time on Bernardo but on the bases he has showed great instincts. There’s some projection there but not a ton. Bernardo is extremely advanced for his age and I think he’s definitely one of the top 5 2017 grads I’ve seen all fall. He plays the game the right way and hustles 100% of the time. Keep your eye on this kid, the bat will only get better and he already has a passion for the game.

  4. Kyle Muth is a 2013 grad from Timber Creek HS. Muth has a rare combination of tools with his speed and power. Muth showed a 35-40 arm in the infield with smooth defensive actions. He also recorded a 6.87 60 time. Muth is a quick twitch athlete that at times can make the game look easy. During the games, Muth hit maybe the hardest ball of the weekend. A homerun that got out of the park in less than 2 seconds. What I liked most about Muth was the fact that he didn’t even realize he hit a homerun until he was halfway to second base. He ran a 4.56 on a turn thinking he had a double until he realized the ball went out of the yard. Muth might get some pro interest this spring, if not he’ll definitely get the attention of plenty of colleges if he already hasn’t.

  5. Alphonse Silvestri is a 2014 grad from Bishop Moore HS. Silvestri had by far the most impressive bp session and hit a ball in the games that’s probably floating somewhere in Lake Monroe. Look up where Lake Monroe is on Google Maps, I did. What was most impressive to me with Silvestri’s home run was it came off a low to mid 60’s mph fastball. Silvestri had the patience to wait on his pitch after seeing several pitches. He showed an advanced disciplined approach at the plate. Typically a high school hitter with Silvestri’s light tower power gets anxious when the velocity is below 85mph and doesn’t sit back and wait on a good pitch. Silvestri is built like a linebacker or fullback but doesn’t run like one.  He ran a 7.84 sec 60 and first base may be the only place he can play. A couple things that concern me with Silvestri are that he’s already physically matured or close to it and there’s not a lot of projectability. I couldn’t get a read on whether or not Silvestri is a true hitter as he didn’t offer at any outside pitches or look to go the other way. I would’ve liked to seen him matched up against better velocity to get a more accurate read on his hitting ability. There’s no doubt about his raw power, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the houses on Lake Monroe had a warped baseball wash up in their backyard on Sunday.

  6. Fernando Diaz is a 2016 grad from University HS. Diaz is already showing a 30-35 arm from the outfield and ran a 7.22 sec 60 time. I think Diaz will show a better arm once he learns how to get on top of the ball and create better leverage and trajectory from the outfield. Diaz has an athletic and projectable body. During the games, he showed an advanced patient approach at the plate making hard contact with 2 strikes after making adjustments from pitch to pitch in the same at bat. Diaz ran a 4.78 sec time down the first baseline and showed good instincts on the bases. All Diaz has to do is just keep progressing and get stronger and I’m sure in the next year his 60 time will be a sub 7.0 and his arm strength will jump to a 40-45 grade. I think his bat will only get better as he gets stronger.

  7. Cory Crow is 2014 grad from Deland HS. Crow is somewhat of a baseball oddity for me. Typically, I don’t get excited about stiffer players but Crow has some quick twitch. Having quick twitch and being somewhat stiff usually doesn't go together. Crow has a strong and athletic body and generates a tremendous amount of bat speed. Because of the stiffness in his swing, I don’t know if he’ll hit at the higher levels. On the mound, Crow definitely has a future. He was up to 87mph with is his fastball and it has good life. His slider though is definitely and out pitch at the higher levels, it has depth and a sharp break at 74mph. It may be more of a power curveball than a slider. Crow has some deception with his arm action as well; he tends to short arm his pitches and it gets on hitters quicker than they realize. Crow is a max effort pitcher and is probably only good for 1-2 innings. If he can get his fastball sitting near 90mph or better to compliment his power curveball that sits in the mid to upper 70’s he’ll be a solid college closer.
  8. Kevin Capella is 2014 grad from Lake Mary HS. Capella ran the second fastest 60 time recording a 6.85 and I think other coaches had him in the 6.79 range. Capella gets out of the box quick and uses his speed on the bases well. Down the line he’s a plus runner, in the 4.10-4.15 range or better. Capella has a 25 arm with not much carry, he’ll have to use his speed to get to balls quickly and cut the distance of his throws down. At the plate, Capella has quick twitch in his bat but has a wild swing. Capella continued to over swing at pitches. He needs to cut down his swing and learn to put the ball on the ground more often and use his best tool, his speed. A player like Capella that can run just needs to get on base and it will open up everything for hitters behind him. Capella has a lot of upside if he can cut his swing down and keep his head on the ball.

     9. Tyler Hartman- UPDATE- 2014 grad from West Orange HS. Hartman was definitely one of the better players at the tryouts.            He showed a 40 arm with accuracy and from the left side showed a quick bat making consistent hard contact.                              Hartman showed the ability to hit to all fields. I think if he can get some better rhythm and timing in his swing he’ll hit the            ball harder with more consistency. Hartman's older brother Chad was a good prospect several years ago.

    10. Pablo Cedeno- 2016 grad from Lyman HS. I only got to see Cedeno in bp, but what I saw I liked for a younger kid. Cedeno            has a very quick bat and hit some balls as hard as anyone. The bat speed is there and Cedeno has a short quick powerful                swing. UPDATE- I went back and looked at our notes and I remembered Cedeno showed consistent hard contact in our                    PW/WSL Fall National Championships in Vero Beach. Cedeno hit an absolute bomb to left center field. I remember one of our          scouts Damon Krestalude mentioning a 14 year old kid hit a bomb but I didn't realize it was Cedeno.

    11. Jay Hayes is a 2014 grad from Lyman HS. This ranking may surprise a lot of people but Hayes is a real sleeper for me. Hayes           is a bigger bodied kid that actually runs fairly well recording a 7.19 60 time and a 4.97 on a slow turn in a game. He showed           a very patient and solid approach at the plate. Hayes has a strong lower half and quick wrists which I think in time will                   produce some big time power especially with his strong lower half. Defensively Hayes can play third base with plenty of arm             strength. He also is light on his feet but ultimately he may end up at first base where he'll be more than adequate.

     12. Connor Shobe is a 2015 grad from the IMG Academy. Shobe doesn’t run (7.43 60) and doesn’t have much of an arm                     showing a 20 grade, but he did show good defensive actions at 1B. What Shobe can do is hit! I don’t know what position he             can play, maybe 1B or LF but I think his bat will play anywhere. Shobe hit maybe the hardest ball of the weekend right back           at the pitcher nearly taking his glove off. If the ball would’ve been a foot to the left, I think the pitcher would’ve been                   seriously injured. Shobe showed good extension through the zone that can produce gap to gap power. He also showed the               ability to hit the ball to all fields during bp.

     13. Zach Ballas is a 2014 grad from Daytona Seabreeze HS. Ballas is a solid two way player showing a 30-35 arm from the                   outfield with good carry and accuracy. During the game Ballas drove a ball to the right center field gap for a double and ran           a 5.00 sec with a turn. Ballas doesn’t have the most fundamentally sound swing but his wrist strength helps whip his bat                 through the zone generating gap power. On the mound, Ballas has a good pitchers frame with long limbs. In his bullpen, he             topped out at 86mph with his fastball and showed a hard curveball at 77mph. With more strength, Ballas should be upper               80’s by the summer.

     14. Ben Rowdon is a 2016 grad from Deland HS. Rowdon is already showing a 30 arm in the infield and has an athletic                       projectable body. Rowdon has a quick bat but tries to hit everything out front, once he learns to let the ball travel and get             deeper I think he’ll make more consistent hard contact. Rowdon just needs to get stronger with maturity.

     15. Nikolas Kovach is a 2015 grad from Lake Mary HS. Kovach is a RHP and MIF. On the mound Kovach flashed an 83mph                   fastball with good life to go with a 69mph curveball and 70mph change up. Kovach gets good extension on his pitches which             helps create the life on his fastball. He has a quick arm which means there’s more velocity to come and he throws his                     curveball for strikes. In the infield, Kovach is athletic and projects more as a third basemen than shortstop showing a 35                 arm. During bp, Kovach stayed behind the ball well and had a pretty quick bat making consistent hard contact.

     16. Zachary McCabe is a 2014 grad from Hagerty HS. McCabe showed a solid 35-40 arm in the infield workouts with solid                   defensive actions. The ball came out of his hand pretty easy which means he may get to a 45-50 arm as he matures.                     McCabe has an athletic body with some strength. During bp McCabe showed good rhythm and timing with quick hands and               showed some bat control. In the games I think McCabe had a tendency to outthink himself at the plate looking for pitches               instead of just attacking the baseball and being aggressive.

     17. Zachary Gary is a 2013 grad from Auburndale HS. Gary is a solid two way player. As a position player, Gary has a 40 arm               from the infield and ran the 4th fastest 60 yard dash with a 6.91 sec time. Gary has good hands and feet in the infield but             the bat is a little bit behind. If Gary can make more consistent contact and put the ball in play on the ground he’ll be able to           utilize his speed tool more often and become a more coveted player to colleges.

     18. Gabriel Matias is a 2013 grad from the Dominican Republic. Matias showed a quick arm in the infield and during bp he had             one of the more balanced swings from the left side at the tryouts. Matias had great extension through the ball and made               hard consistent contact. During the games, Matias had a very confident approach at the plate and showed good bat control             using all fields. Matias also showed good instincts on the bases. Matias could easily be in my top 10.

     19. Gunnar Bradshaw is a 2014 grad from West Orange HS. Gunnar flashed a 2.04 pop time as a catcher which is slightly slower           than the major league average of 2.00. Bradshaw ran a 7.41 which isn’t bad for a catcher. He’s a physically strong player               with quick hands at the plate which showed when he hit a ball hard up the middle with a wood bat during a game. Bradshaw           also ran a 4.87 on a slow turn on that single up the middle.

     20. Austin Mauer is a 2014 grad from the Masters Academy. He also flashed a 2.04 pop time and ran a 7.53 sec 60 yard dash.             Mauer showed good bat speed and took his hands directly to the ball during bp. Mauer’s bp translated to the games as Mauer           had a great approach at the plate, very patient, and a good 2 strike approach. Mauer hit a screaming line drive to                         centerfield and had a couple of hits during the games. He showed good instincts on the bases as well. I had him at a 5.25 on           a slow turn and a 4.88 on a regular turn.

     21. Anthony George is a 2015 grad from Hagerty HS. George is a physical kid that showed plenty of arm strength from the                 catcher’s position although his pop times didn’t translate (2.22 sec). With some work mechanically behind the plate, there’s           no reason George shouldn’t be closer to that 2.0 sec pop time. At the plate during bp, Anthony had some of the better bat             speed and had a direct path to the ball. George definitely has catcher’s speed running a 7.9 sec 60.

     22. James Fraser is a 2013 grad from East River HS. Fraser showed a solid 30 arm in the infield with good defensive actions but            I think he’d make a better second basemen. Fraser doesn’t really run recording a 7.50 sec 60 but I think his bat plays.                  Fraser dives into the ball which causes his head to move laterally quite a bit but because of his bat quickness and eye hand              coordination he makes consistent solid contact. During the games he showed great rhythm and timing despite all the                      movement at the plate. If Fraser can make solid contact consistently with his lateral movement, I would imagine he’d be an            even better hitter with a more balanced swing.

     23. Carlos Vargas is a 2014 grad from Timber Creek HS. Vargas showed he was one of the more athletic catchers with a quicker           release recording a 2.10 pop time. The arm strength was lacking a bit but Vargas makes up for it with his quick release.               Vargas runs ok for a catcher recording a 7.35 60 time. During bp Vargas showed one of the better swings not wasting any             movement as he consistently stayed behind the ball making solid contact. Vargas just needs to get stronger.

     24. Cormack Holbrook is a 2015 grad from Dr. Phillips HS. Holbrook showed a 30 arm from the infield with quick feet and solid             defensive actions. During bp Holbrook showed some bat speed but didn’t make consistent contact due to timing issues.                   Holbrook has a leg kick he uses to time pitches and that can be dangerous if the timing isn't perfect every time especially               against better velocity. During the game, Holbrook toned down his leg kick and it was more of a toe tap timing trigger but             the leg kick was still too slow in my opinion. Holbrook ran a 5.56 down the line and ran hard. 

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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