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Updated: Jan 17th, 2013
CFBL Elite's Tryout Pitchers Rankings
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Sanford, FL - My last report tomorrow will be on the other notable position players and a top 10 overall rankings.

Now for the pitchers rankings.

Pitchers were tough to rank. After the first 2 or 3, the rest of the top 10 can easily be interchangeable and the ones that just missed out on the top 10 could’ve easily made the top 10.

My pitching reports and rankings aren’t necessarily what a pitcher is right now, but what he may become a year or two from now. Velocity isn’t everything, projectability and how easy a pitchers arm works plays a major factor in evaluating their talent.

Some of my rankings were taken from the pitcher’s bullpen sessions and innings pitched in the games and some were based more on their bullpens.

Top 10 pitchers overall:

  1. Todd Peterson- RHP 2016 grad from Lake Mary HS. Peterson was my #1 pitching prospect and #1 prospect overall at the tryouts. The first thing that stands out about Peterson is his size. He’s 6’3” 205lbs with a big frame. Peterson has a very quick arm and when he took the mound in the game, it was good night for anyone that faced him. His arm works really well, very loose and not a lot of effort that produces an 87-88mph fastball with plenty of life. For a bigger kid, Peterson repeats his delivery really well. He gets great extension on his fastball which gives it that life at the end. Peterson needs to work on his curveball, he tends to get around it and releases it from behind his ear occasionally which leads to inconsistency. His curveball sat in the mid 70’s and if he can get a more consistent release point out front it could become an out pitch. Peterson right now has good fastball command which is what most MLB teams look for but for Peterson to get serious draft attention the next couple of years, he needs to work on his secondary pitches. I didn’t see a change up from him. I think once Peterson sheds some of his baby fat and gets on a good strength and conditioning program he may top one of my former clients top velocity at Lake Mary HS in 2008. Matt Richardson was a NY Yankees draft pick and touched 95mph his senior year at LMHS and I can see Peterson heading that way if he works on weaknesses I mentioned earlier.

  2. Jacob Corso- LHP 2015 grad from Lake Mary HS. Lake Mary HS might have the best 1-2 combination of pitchers in the state the next couple of years with Peterson and Corso. Corso has the physical tools. The size, arm strength, and a workable delivery. He’s built similar to C.C. Sabathia. Corso touched 87mph in his bull pen session and sat 85-86 mph. His curveball had tight spin and was a sharp breaker at 76mph. In the game he buried his curveball on the back foot of a couple of right handed hitters which is basically an unhittable pitch for a righty. At 6’4” 225lbs, Corso has good tilt on his curveball but his fastball doesn’t have much life yet. I think it’s due to a combination of his short stride length which does help with the tilt on his curve ball but doesn’t let him get the full extension on his fastball. Without good extension Corso isn’t getting everything out of his fastball. With better extension and a few tweaks mechanically, Corso should be sitting near 90mph with his fastball in the near future.

  3. Matthew Affeld- RHP 2015 grad from Astronaut HS. Affeld has a great pitchers frame with room to grow and plenty of projectability. His arm works very easy and he gets good arm side run on his fastball that was up to 84mph. Affeld had one of the better if not the best curveball at the tryouts not changing his arm speed and creating tight spin at 70mph. His curveball also had late break with some depth. Affeld showed great arm speed on his change up which was 74mph. He repeats his delivery well which allows him to throw a lot of strikes. Affeld tends to drift a bit and not stay over the rubber to gather himself before coming to the plate. He also needs to work on getting his lower half stronger and I think mid to upper 80’s velocity will come.

  4. Evan Miranda- LHP 2014 grad from Father Lopez. Miranda is a good two way player and it may surprise some people I have him at #4. Remember, it’s now always about velocity as Miranda only topped out at 84mph with his fastball and 68mph with his curveball. Make no mistake about it though Miranda is a true competitor working quick and making quick work of the batters he faced. He has an advanced feel for pitching and probably has better command of his curveball than his fastball. His curveball had some of the tightest spin at the tryouts. Sometimes Miranda works a little too quick and drifts a bit which causes his arm to lag mainly on his fastballs which will easily take off 1-2 mph. Miranda’s not necessarily a pro prospect unless his velocity jumps but should be a solid two way player for most colleges.
  5. Cory Crow- RHP 2014 grad from Deland HS. I definitely like Crow more on the mound than as a position player. He was up to 87mph with his fastball and it has good life. His slider though is definitely and out pitch at the higher levels, it has depth and a sharp break at 74mph. It may be more of a power curveball than a slider. Crow has some deception with his arm action as well; he tends to short arm his pitches and it gets on hitters quicker than they realize. Crow is a max effort pitcher and is probably only good for 1-2 innings. If he can get his fastball sitting near 90mph or better to compliment his power curveball that sits in the mid to upper 70’s he’ll be a solid college closer.

  6. Billy Smith, III- RHP 2015 grad from Lake Howell HS. Smith is fairly athletic for a pitcher and has a strong frame to sustain his velocity. Smith showed an 85mph fastball, 69mph curveball, and a 67mph change up. Smith just needs to continue to long toss and strengthen his arm and he’ll be touching upper 80’s by the summer and maybe low 90’s by his senior year.

  7. Nikolas Kovach- RHP 2015 grad from Lake Mary HS. It seems like something’s in the water at Lake Mary HS producing several very good arms lately. Kovach has a good pitchers build and even though his fastball was only up to 83mph, his arm was very quick. With a quick, easy arm action I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kovach isn’t living in the mid to upper 80’s within the next year. Mechanically, he gets great extension out front. Kovach’s curveball was 69mph and change up 70mph. He has pretty good control with his curveball and throws it for strikes, that’s a good sign for a young arm.

  8. Gabe Rivas- RHP 2015 grad from East River HS. Rivas showed an 86mph fastball and a 75mph curveball. At 6’1”, 205lbs Rivas has a solid lower half and his mid 80’s fastball should increase as he matures over the next several years. Rivas also showed the makings of a power curveball.

  9. Zach Ballas- RHP 2014 grad from Daytona Seabreeze HS. Ballas has a good pitchers frame with long limbs. In his bullpen, he topped out at 86mph with his fastball and showed a hard curveball at 77mph. With more strength, Ballas should be upper 80’s by the summer.

  10. Kevin King- LHP 2015 grad from Boone HS. King may be the sleeper in the top 10. King’s fastball was only up to 82mph but he has very clean mechanics. He works his fastball in and out like a veteran and mixes his pitches up well. Right now, King’s curveball is inconsistent with its spin. When his curveball’s spin is tight there is some sharpness to it and he locates it better. Keep an eye on King.

  11. Joe Sheridan- LHP 2016 grad from Hagerty HS. Sheridan is not a big kid at all but there is some projectability. What I liked most about Sheridan is that he wasn’t afraid to challenge hitters. His fastball was up to 80mph and his curveball 65mph. Sheridan also showed a decent change up at 69mph.

  12. Benjamin Feinman- RHP 2013 grad from West Broward HS. Feinman is a big kid at 6’3” 225lbs. He has a very deliberate delivery pausing at the top for a second. Feinman’s fastball touched 85mph, his curveball was 75mph, and change up was 76mph. His fastball is flat but he mixes in his off-speed pitches well. He has late break on his curveball at times and has an effective straight change. Feinman pounds the strike zone with all three pitches. I think if Feinman speeds up his delivery it may help with his velocity and the sharpness on his curveball.

  13. Ryan Evans- RHP 2015 grad from Dr. Phillips HS. Evans is a big bodied kid at 6’5” 218lbs. Evans fastball was up to 84mph, his curveball was 68mph, and his change up was 75mph. Evans arm works pretty well and the size is already there. He needs to get on a good strength and conditioning program to get stronger and his velocity will continue to increase.

  14. Ronnie May- RHP 2014 grad from Apopka HS. May at times was the nastiest pitcher at the tryouts. May relies on an 83mph fastball from a near submarine arm angle that when down in the zone is unhittable. If hitters do make contact, the ball’s driven straight into the ground. When his 68mph curveball is down is has late nasty break, same with his 70mph change up. My concerns with May are when his pitches are up. When May is up in the strike zone, all his pitches flatten out and he becomes very hittable. If he can just be consistently down in the zone he’ll be very effective.

  15. Bailey Sanford- RHP 2015 grad from Lake Brantley HS. If there was one arm that I’d take a flyer on this past weekend it’d be Sanford. He has a great pitchers body with long limbs, broad shoulders and a good lower half. His fastball was only 77mph and his curveball was 65mph. Mechanically, Sanford was as good as any arm I scouted. He gets great extension and the ball comes out of his hand pretty easy. His fastball was getting on hitters which surprised me at only 77mph. Sanford’s arm stroke is a little long in the back and he slows his arm down a bit on his curveball. He fields his position well. Sanford is my wild card, I don’t know if the arm speed is there yet but everything else is. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sanford’s velocity jumps from 77mph to 85-87mph in the next 12 to 18 months.

Notable Pitchers:

Peyton Hopkins- 2015 RHP grad from the First Academy. Not a big kid but ran it up to 81mph with his fastball. His fastball has life and he attacks the strike zone and isn’t afraid to challenge hitters. Also a good position player as well.

Jacob Seibert- 2014 RHP grad from New Smyrna Beach HS. Seibert isn’t a big kid either but competes and throws tons of strikes. He gets decent depth on his curveball at 72mph and his fastball was up to 81mph.

Joseph Bernhard- 2014 RHP grad from Flagler-Palm Coast HS. Bernhard has a good pitchers body with a loose arm and could’ve easily been in the top 15. His fastball was up to 84mph and his curveball was 66mph and he tends to short arm it. Bernhard’s change up was 76mph. His arm stroke is a bit long but there’s minimal effort in his arm action. Right now he’s more of a thrower than a pitcher.

Brayton Johnson- 2014 LHP grad from Astronaut HS. Johnson didn’t show consistent mechanics which caused his pitches to be very erratic. At times though he’d find his mechanics and look good. I would say right now he’s effectively wild. He slowed his arm speed down on his change up but when his arm speed was there he showed a decent change up. Johnson cuts his delivery short at times and doesn’t get good extension. You have to like a big bodied lefty though with a fairly quick arm. His fastball was up to 81mph, curveball 71mph, and change up 70mph.

Adonnis Ventura- 2014 RHP grad from Cypress Creek HS. Ventura’s fastball was up to 84mph but he tends to short arm it. If Ventura can lengthen his arm stroke and long toss regularly his velocity will increase.

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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