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Updated: Nov 15th, 2013
BPA Prospect ID Camp Reports (95 MPH ARM)
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Sanford - This past Saturday was a first for me since I’ve been with PW. I left my place at 6am to head to Jacksonville to cover Next Level’s showcase and left there around 2:30pm and headed straight to BPA’s Prospect ID Camp in Sanford.

I ended up getting to Sanford at 4pm and caught the last bit of the 60’s.

I wanted to stress how professional both organizations were. It was my first time covering a BPA event and it was extremely organized. That credit goes to Andy Barkett and Mickey Rivera and the BPA staff.

For me, it was well worth the travel to Sanford from Jacksonville. BPA had plenty of talent on display.

I’ve covered plenty of tryouts the past two years and I will say that BPA’s instruction for the players was second to none. Barkett doesn’t let any players slack off and also encourages kids constantly using the microphone. I like that. It lets everyone in attendance know he means business when trying to make these kids better players. There’s also some playfulness with the instruction that got some smiles from players and parents in the stands.

The last thing I want to say is I saw something out of a player I’ve never actually seen before with my own eyes. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Now to the players.

I’m not going to rank any of the players because I didn’t get to see enough of them. I’m just reporting on what I thought were some of the better players at the camp.


MIF’s and Corner IF’s

Jordan Pontious 2014 Seabreeze HS MIF -


Pontious isn’t going to stand out physically but he’s very wiry and showed some of the quickest hands and feet at SS/2B that I’d seen this year. Even during drills he was able to consistently pick bad throws making it look easy. His hands are so quick, I don’t know if the baseball actually ever touches his glove during his transfer.

Pontious doesn’t have a great arm as he showed a 30-35 arm but his release easily makes up for it. At 2B his arm translates to more of a 35-40 arm. Something I always look for with MIF’s is their abilities to make throws from any angle, Pontious can definitely do that and in a lightning fast manner. It’s not a stretch from what I saw out of him defensively for me to say he’s got average MLB actions right now as a MIF. He’s got a spring and bounce to him on the field and is smooth and fluid in his defensive actions.

I liked his BP as he showed some wiry strength and hit several balls hard. I think if Jordan can get on the right strength and conditioning program and get stronger at the plate he’ll become a coveted player by college programs and potentially a pro prospect out of college. It all depends on his bat.


Paul Benetiz 2016 MIF Harmony HS -


Benetiz may have the most upside of any player I scouted. He definitely looks the part, very athletic and projectable. For a sophomore, he has very quick feet and hands. Benetiz has very soft hands as well and made some tough plays look easy. He showed a 30-35 arm but that doesn’t concern me considering he’s a sophomore and hasn’t started to fill out physically. As much as I like Benetiz, he’s still a bit raw as a defender and at the plate. He had trouble making a couple throws from tough angles as he came up to make the throws instead of staying low and throwing from a tougher angle.

In BP, Benetiz showed very quick wrists and I can tell he has some quick twitch. As I mentioned, he’s still raw at the plate and needs some mechanical work but the tools are there for him to be and elite player. He’s one I want to keep a close eye on over the next couple of years.


Jimmy Jones III 2014 MIF/C St. Francis Catholic -


Jones is just a solid defender all the way around. He showed a 35 arm with solid actions at both SS and 2B. For me, Jones is the perfect college MIF if his bat plays. He’s a physical body type as well, a strong kid.

Jones didn’t have a great BP although he showed some batspeed but was a bit stiff. It surprised me that he was a bit stiff as a hitter considering his actions defensively were pretty fluid.


Endry Guzman MIF Santo Domingo, D.R. -


Guzman was probably the best prospect at the event but he’s also 19 years old and looking to sign a professional contract with a team. Guzman is from Santo Domingo, D.R. and has the best infield arm I’ve ever personally seen! Guzman was clocked at 95mph from SS across the diamond and believe me, it was 95mph. I’ve seen plenty of first rounders in the past that were upper 80’s to lower 90’s across the diamond but when you run it up to 95mph that’s rare air.

His actions were just ok in my opinion, he wound up to unleash that 95mph throw. Guzman is a little stiff but he may fit better at 2B. In the outfield he showed a 60-65 arm that was accurate with tremendous carry.

In BP, Guzman gets out on his front foot a bit but when he stays behind the baseball he hit the ball hard consistently. He showed good rhythm and timing and above average bat speed for his age. I liked that he was aggressive and attacked the baseball, like he wanted to hurt it.

Guzman has one super elite tool with his arm and if the bat comes I don’t see why a professional team wouldn’t sign him. I’d really like to see that arm on the mound, we may see triple digits!


Ethan Martz 2017 MIF Hagerty HS -


Martz for a freshman showed a 25-30 arm with easy actions, plenty of range and soft hands. I think as he grows into his body and gets stronger Martz will be one to keep a close eye on. Martz just isn't phyically strong enough with the bat yet, but that will come.


Omar Colonge 2014 1B/P Osceola HS -


At 6’2” 240 lbs. you wouldn’t expect quick feet and athleticism but Colonge has both. He bounced off the first base bag making plays look easy and showing a 40 arm with just a flick of his wrist. He moves well for a bigger kid and has great balance to his defensive game. In BP, Colonge hits from the left side and generates plenty of batspeed and I think he has a chance to create some loft power and backspin with some work. He showed good extension through the baseball with a good bat plane. I would encourage colleges and potentially pro scouts not to overlook Colonge.




Jordan Harris 2014 OF West Orange HS -


Harris looks more like a running back than an outfielder with a very strong lower half that helps him generate a quick bat. Harris may have been my favorite during BP, he squared about every ball up and hit hard line drives all over the field. He’s a left-handed hitter which I like even more and he uses all fields. Harris is as quick and short to the baseball as anyone I’ve seen this year. I didn’t get to see him in a game situation to see if his bat translates. As an outfielder Harris will have to play LF unless he can really run. He showed a 25 arm that was very accurate. I’d like to see Harris play in some game situations. I really like his swing and strength.


Shelton Schimming 2014 OF Deland HS -


Schimming, a Stetson commit has a very projectable athletic body. During BP, Schimming showed better than average batspeed but had some length in his swing. He’s got the classic drop the barrel head to the ball swing and creates a decent amount of leverage and backspin. Schimming also showed good rhythm as he squared up most of the balls during his BP. I think the stronger he gets the better his leverage will get and he’ll be able to drive the ball from gap to gap and eventually out of the park. I like to describe his power as effortless. Defensively I graded his arm at a 25 but I don’t know if he really let loose on any throws.


Emanuel Jimenez 2014 OF Oak Ridge HS -


Jimenez is the prototypical projectable athlete with very raw tools. At 6’5” 190lbs. and broad shoulders, Jimenez definitely looks the part. He hit some of the hardest balls during BP and the ball jumped off his bat better than anyone elses. He’s very raw but you can see the quick twitch and potential power bat. Jimenez basically flicked his wrists to drive balls almost out of the park that were line drives. If he can get the right coaching he may be a diamond in the rough for someone. I graded his arm at a 30 with accuracy and good carry. I think if he worked on his mechanics his arm strength would increase. I liked his tools but he’s very raw right now.


Cutter Noah Dyals 2014 RHP/OF Plant HS -


We’ve seen Dyals at PW events over the past few years and have always liked his talent. Dyals is a gamer and plays hard. In BP, he showed above average batspeed with a great bat path. Even though it was just BP, Dylas made adjustments from pitch to pitch which is one of the first things I always look for in amateur hitters. It’s always a good sign if a hitter can make adjustments from pitch to pitch and square balls up like Dyals. I didn’t get to see him pitch but from a reliable source Dyals sat 88-89mph for 3 innings striking out 6 with a live fastball. Two years ago Dyals was a PW Underclass All-American at UCF and sat 84-85mph, our report was pretty much dead on back then. Click his name to see that report from 2011.



The catchers I liked were all underclassmen. I didn’ get to see their BP but did get their POP times and reports on their catch and throw skills.


Dedwin Munoz 2015 C Melbourne HS -


Munoz has a great catchers body with a very strong lower half. He’s built like Pudge Rodriguez. Munoz showed a 2.00 POP time and I believe he can get that time down quite a bit with a little work on his mechanics. Once Munoz puts it all together he should be sub 2.00 POP’s regularly.


Kyle Fowler 2015 C/P Umatilla HS -


Fowler had a good catcher’s body like Munoz and POP’d a 2.00 as well. He showed a quick transfer and release and I think with some added arm strength he’ll be routinely in the 1.9’s as well.


Alex Crotty 2016 C/1B Lake Mary HS -


Crotty, only a sophomore turned in a 2.00 POP and probably had one of the stronger arms with great carry and accuracy. Crotty is also a switch hitter as a catcher which makes him a very attractive player to colleges. He also had one of the quicker transfers and releases. Keep an eye on Crotty over the next couple of years.

I want to thank the BPA organization and families for having me out to cover their camp. I can’t wait to work more of their camps as their organization continues to grow.

About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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Comments (1)
Paul Lopez
Nov 17, 2013 (6:59am)

AMEN. For coach Barkett
the kids feel apreciated around coach Barkett and the baseball knowledge that he brings to the table and best of all hes assessable to us the parents. Need more coaches of that caliber.

One Happy Dad.

f r