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Updated: Aug 31st, 2010
Area Code Games: Prospects 21-30
By: Blaine Clemmens |

Long Beach - LONG BEACH - I was going to just to a top 30 from the Area Code Games but I will be doing a top 50, meaning there is this group and one more to follow.  There are just too many good players to cut it off at 30.  As I finished this group and was looking ahead to the next 20, I might have to consider going to 60.

21. Austin Hedges - C, 6'0" 184, R/R, J Serra HS (CA)

Hedges was the best all-around catcher, perhaps the top all-around position player at Area Codes.  He is a frontline defensive catcher, with outstanding catch/throw skills, a plus arm, strong receiving skills, and good agility.  If he were only a high level defensive catcher he would be a prospect but he also has a chance to hit for average power and just might be an average hitter. 

22. Travis Harrison - OF, 6'2" 225, R/R, Tustin HS (CA)

If Harrison does not hit as a professional player, most scouts will be quite surprised.  He has shown his ability with the bat since his freshman year and even when he isn't going all that well, which he wasn't in Long Beach, Harrison is still a productive hitter.  He is an RBI man with plus raw power and though he might only be an average hitter at best, his hits are not soft.  In many ways he reminds me of Carlos Quentin of the White Sox.

23. Tyler Beede - RHP, 6'4" 195, Lawrence Academy (MA)

If Beede had a better breaking ball, I think he would rate somewhere closer to the top 10.  He has a prototypical pitchers's body and loose easy arm action, though there is some swing behind his body that creates some inconsistency in his release point (directly affecting his slider, which at best is fair).  Beede was 88-93 mph, groundball type sink and also has an above average change-up.  He compares favorably with Rick Porcello, in my opinion.

24. Kevin Comer, RHP, 6'4" 201, Seneca HS (NJ)

Comer was one of the more polished pitchers and with present day size/stuff, yet is also still projectable.  His delivery was also outstanding and he repeated well.  Comer's outing was four innings and he held 89-91 mph velocity the whole time.  He painted the edges of the zone with good angle for stretches was sticking the down and away spot.  His best pitch was a filthy 76-80 mph hammer curveball that he finishes really well and throws with feel.

25. Kenneth Gaines - SS, 5'11" 150, R/R, Luella HS (GA)

In some stretches Gaines was the most exciting player.  He made ALL the plays at shortstop, in the hole, up the middle, across the diamond, turning the double play, plays on the move, all of them, and showed an average arm.  Gaines made the WOW plays and the routine plays.  He is a slasher who showed the ability to use the whole field, with the know how to drive in runs.  He has near average speed on the bases.  In some ways I felt like I was seeing a young Edgar Renteria.

26. Joseph Musgrove - RHP, 6'5" 244, Grossmont HS (CA)

Scouts like their right-handers to be big and Musgrove fits the bill.  His velocity was not great (87-90 mph) but he throws a heavy ball with lots of run.  He also showed feel of a near average 74-76 mph curveball that occasionally had plus bite.  Musgrove also flashed a usable slider and change-up.  He was aggressive and effectively used his fastball, while mixing in the curveball.  Musgrove isn't the most projectable prospect in terms of gaining MORE size, but he is going to get stronger and that will translate into more power stuff.

27. Phillip Evans - MIF, 5'9" 181, R/R, La Costa Canyon HS (CA)

Evans is a classic "ballplayer" but he also has tools.  Some will scoff at his size but he plays much bigger than he is.  Evans honestly can do it all on the field and he does it with flair, which generally keeps your eyes on him.  He is an all-field spray/contact hitter with gap power.  Defensively he has a plus arm and exceptionally soft hands, to go with good instincts.  He does occasionally come up too early on ground balls and there are times his flashy style can get the best of him.

28. Brandon Bonilla - LHP, 6'3" 185, The Pendleton School (FL)

Bonilla (yes, the son of former slugger Bobby Bonilla) threw three times and with each outing I gained more appreciation for him. Bonilla is not a flame thrower but has surprising velocity, particularly with he extreme overhand slot.  He was 87-91 mph and creates outstanding angle with the fastball, which makes him hard to square up and to lift.  His best pitch was a 79-83 mph slider (he might call it a cutter) that has good bite and great tilt.  Left on left he was filthy. 

29. Cody Kukuk - LHP, 6'4" 198, Lawrence Free State HS (KS)

Kukuk is a classic left-handed pitching prospect.  He has the body type, the arm action, the delivery and the stuff to project him well beyond where he is now.  As for where he is now, Kukuk was 87-91 mph and he fearlessly and effectively went inside with the fastball.  His 73-78 mph curveball is a big, deep breaking ball with at times late action.  The harder curveballs are almost slider-like, with more down angle.  Kukuk did a nice job of keeping the breaking ball down. 

30. Dante Flores - MIF, 5'9" 160, L/R, St. John Bosco HS (CA)

Initially Flores appeared to be a little guy that was hitting too many fly balls, even though he was making hard contact.  As the event moved along, Flores continued to square up the ball and showed SHOCKING pop to the biggest parts of the field, including to left-centerfield.  He stays behind the ball really well and keeps his hands inside it, allowing him to drive the ball to all fields.  His approach vs LHPs was good.  Flores also showed a near average arm and playmaking ability.  He profiles best at 2nd base.

About Blaine Clemmens
There are few people with the knowledge of baseball on the west coast like Blaine Clemmens has. Blaine has worked as an area scout for the Atlanta Braves in California, was the recruiting coordinator for the University of San Francisco, and was a scout/writer for Team One Baseball and Perfect Game. Blaine serves as the National Scouting Director on the west coast and helps cross-check east coast players.
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