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Updated: Sep 28th, 2010
All-Florida Player List
By: Matt Bomeisl |
Jupiter -
2011 Ac Carter C 1B Orangewood
2013 Alan Archer RHP OF West Orange
2011 Alec Saikal 1B RHP Park Vista
2011 Alex Leighton RHP INF American Heritage
2012 Alex Marquez C OF Mater Lakes Academy
2011 Alex Miller RHP INF Dr. Phillips
2011 Alex Santana 3B SS Mariner
2011 Alex Viera RHP 3B Barron Collier
2011 Alexis Rivas 3B INF Coral Reef SHS
2011 Anthony Duran 1B
2013 Austin Saikal LHP INF Park Vista
2012 Avery Romero SS 2B Pedro Menendez
2012 Blair Huggins C RHP North Florida Christian
2011 Blake Quillin OF RHP Pensacola Catholic
2012 Bradley Jones C 3B Williston High School
2011 Brandon Meadows SS RHP Umatilla
2011 Brandon Sedell C 1B American Heritage
2011 Brent Slaughter RHP 3B Chiefland High
2011 Brian Woody RHP 1B South Fork
2013 Brooks Morgan SS 3B Buchholz
2011 Bryan Evans 3B OF Santa Fe
2011 Bryan Voelkl C 3B Manatee
2011 Bryan Waller RHP RHP Baldwin Middle-Senior High
2012 Cain Spangler SS 2B Cape Coral
2011 Cameron Mcnabb C OF Choctawhatchee
2014 Cameron Varga SS RHP Sarasota
2012 Carlos Garmendia SS 2B Mater Lakes Academy
2012 Chris Breen C 3B Winter Springs High School
2012 Chris Leduc OF
2012 Chris Schaedel INF OF Barron Collier
2012 Chris Williams RHP
2012 Cody Denoyelles 3B C West Orange
2012 Cody Sharp OF LHP Timber Creek
2012 Colton Bottomley OF
2011 Connor Hale 3B SS J W Mitchell
2012 Connor Miller OF 1B Episcopal
2011 Connor Stanley RHP
Oviedo High School
2013 Connor Wentz RHP 1B Dunnellon
2012 Corbin Olmstead 3B RHP Tampa Jefferson
2012 Correlle Prime RHP
2011 D J Vanderhere SS 2B Lakewood
2011 Daniel Vogelbach 1B OF Bishop Verot
2011 David Heintz RHP 1B Bishop McLaughlin (, )
2012 David Leiderman 2B OF Bellmore Merrick JFK
2012 Derek Martin RHP 3B Tampa Catholic
2011 Devon Carr LHP 1B Cardinal Mooney
2011 Dominic Jose OF
Boca Raton
2013 Drew Labounty SS
Pensacola Catholic
2012 Eddie Hearsey RHP
2012 Eddie Vaca 1B LHP Monsignor Pace
2011 Einar Muniz 2B C Tampa Jefferson
2011 Eric Comstock RHP OF Middleton
2011 Francisco Dejesus C
2012 Frankie Sagarese OF C Ocoee
2011 Giovanny Alfonzo SS 2B Lincoln Park Academy
2011 Graham Cason 1B 3B Buchholz (Gainesville, FL)
2011 Granden Goetzman OF OF Palmetto High (Palmetto, FL)
2011 Griffin Datema OF RHP Dr. Phillips
2011 Ivan Dereck Rodriguez OF
Monsignor Edward Pace
2014 J D Huggins 1B OF North Florida Christian
2011 Jace Herrera RHP 3B Wekiva
2011 Jack Lopez OF
2011 Jackson Fameree SS 2B Armwood
2012 Jake Molkentin LHP OF Palmetto
2011 Jared Watson C OF Episcopal
2011 Jarred Smith SS 2B Lake Wales
2011 Jarrod Widdows RHP
Mandarin HS
2011 Javier Baez C SS Arlington Country Day
2011 Javier Remigio C OF Lake Howell
2011 Jc Coban C 3B Boca Raton Community
2011 Jerrod Flanagan 1B RHP Northeast
2011 Joey Hall 1B
Lake Brantley
2011 John Little LHP 1B
2011 Jonathan Trujillo RHP SS Palm Beach Gardens
2011 Jordan Keys SS 2B Strawberry Crest HS
2011 Jordan Morrell SS 2B Brooks-Debartolo
2011 Jordan Strittmatter OF RHP Lake Brantley
2011 Jordan Suarez 1B RHP American Senior High Shool
2013 Jordon Austin OF INF Ocala Forest
2013 Jordyn Cruz C OF Vero Beach High School
2011 Josh Steigelfest RHP
North Broward Prep
2011 Josh Stewart SS 3B P.K. Yonge
2011 Jt Gilliam SS 2B Columbia
2011 Justin Gubelman RHP
Ida Baker
2012 Kellan Bailey LHP 1B Columbia
2011 Kenneth Miranda RHP
Seminole Ridge
2011 Kevin Cavanaugh RHP 3B Mariner
2011 Kevin Igoe RHP OF Cardinal Gibbons
2011 Kevin Young OF 1B Ponte Vedra HS
2013 Kirby Snead LHP OF Santa Fe 
2013 Kk (kalam) Daniel C 1B Bishop Kenny
2012 Kyle Brooks INF
Santa Fe
2011 Kyle Smith RHP 3B Santaluces
2011 Lance Kirschenbaum OF
Stoneman Douglas
2012 Luke Czajkowski OF
Buhach Colony
2014 Luke Spangler OF LHP Cape Coral
2011 Matt Byerly OF RHP Dr. Phillips
2011 Matt Rogers SS OF Home School
2011 Matt Stewart 1B LHP Dr. Phillips
2012 Matthew (trace) Vorbeck RHP 3B Corbin
2014 Matthew Railey OF
North Florida Christian
2013 Maximo Alejandro Gomez Rizek 2B SS Carol Morgan
2011 Michael Suchy 3B OF Southeast
2012 Miguel Frias OF OF Lake Mary
2011 Mike Estevez OF RHP Tampa Jefferson
2011 Mike Korte SS
2011 Mike Nessel RHP INF South Fork
2011 Nick Graganella OF 2B North Florida Christian
2012 Nick Rivera SS 3B Bishop Verot
2012 Noah Shulman 2B OF John F. Kennedy High School- Bellmore
2011 Patrick Kulick OF
Stoneman Douglas
2013 Patrick Rivera INF
Bishop Kenny
2012 Preston Cronk RHP
Dr. Phillips
2011 Robby Kalaf RHP
2011 Robert Steven Negron SS
Tampa Jefferson
2011 Roche Woodard OF
2011 Roman Quinn SS OF Port St. Joe
2011 Ryan Hutson SS
Ida Baker
2011 Ryan Meyer RHP
2011 Sean Cramer LHP 1B Armwood
2012 Sean Moore RHP
2012 Sly Edwards OF OF Chaminade-Madona
2011 Steven Arango C
Clearwater Central Catholic
2011 Stewart Knight SS 2B Eagle's View
2013 Tanner Halstead C
Pensacola Catholic High School
2012 Teft Hill OF
Cypress Lake
2012 Tim Holmes RHP INF Wolfson
2011 Tino Mention C OF Tampa Jefferson
2011 Tj Wharton C 3B Bishop McLaughlin (, )
2011 Tommy Williams SS 2B Palm Beach Gardens
2012 Tony  Jones SS
2012 Trevor Maloney RHP 3B American Heritage
2013 Tuck Neuhaus SS 2B Steinbrenner
2011 Ty Neuhaus C 3B Steinbrenner
2012 Tyler Bender RHP 1B Mariner
2011 Walter Cleary OF RHP Mariner
2012 Zack Storm 2B OF North Laurel High School
About Matt Bomeisl
After being a 4-year letterman on the Florida Gators baseball team from 2000-2004, Matt started Prospect Wire Baseball in 2005. With the goal of helping high school baseball players achieve exposure the way he was helped in 1999, Prospect Wire has grown into the fastest growing scouting services in America. For 10 years, college coaches, scouts and baseball people of all kinds have taken notice of Prospect Wire as being one of the most dependable, accurate and trustworthy sources of high school baseball prospects. Matt is the founder of Prospect Wire, serves as it's director of day-to-day operations, and assists in scouting major events.
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