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Updated: Aug 5th, 2011
All American Games Live Blog DAY 2
By: Matt Bomeisl |

Game 1 Three BP Standouts from each team:

North FL:

Clif Bryant - Plus power, controlled explosion, quick hands

Matt Fitzsimmons - Good frame, power potential, good compact swing

MT Minacci - Quick hands, good barrel contact, balanced


Alex Robles - Solid balance, quick bat, sprays it with power potential

Michael Hoard - Power potential, likes to pull but hits the ball hard where it's pitched

Brick Paskiewicz - Quick hands, barrel contact, good balance.

North FL beat Arizona 11-4 in the early game.  The Arizona players had a tough turn around playing late last night and early this morning.  

Player of the game:  Clif Bryant 

Bryant hit a homerun to one of the deepest parts of the field gathering his second Player of the Game honors in as many days.  

On his at bat and being the Player of the Game twice so far:

"I've never had this before.  This is a great experience so far.  In my homerun at bat, I chased a bad pitch and I adjusted my approach to middle of the field, and I got a mistake fastball and again I was able to put a good swing on it and drive it."

Jay Jenkins 2 for 3 on his performance today:

"I keep hitting the ball hard at people so it was good to get a few to drop.  I'm honestly just glad we could win, I'm playing in the company of some great players."

Luke Caple on his performance and experience at showcases:

"I got a changeup and was able to drive it over 3B.  I've been to one or two showcases before, so I feel like I am comfortable in this setting now, although it's still pretty nerve-racking."

Gerard Hernandez went 2 for 3 with a double and a single.  On his performance and the short turnaround:

"I tried to stay middle of the field with everything in my swing.  The night game and early game today kinda sucked with the west coast time time change for us, but I had to keep a good attitude and play my hardest."


Colleges that have checked in during the morning session:

*University of Georgia (2)

*Georgia Southern University

*University of Mississippi

*Florida State University

*South Alabama University

*University of North Florida

*University of Central Florida (2)

*Florida Atlantic University (2)

*North Carolina State University

*Pearl River Community College

*Wake Forest University

*Auburn University

*University of South Florida

*University of Florida

*Harvard University 

*Atlanta Braves

*Tampa Bay Rays

*University of North Carolina

*Vanderbilt University

*University of Miami 
*University of Pennsylvania 

*Will update more shortly.

 West vs. Central FL BP Standouts

Hakim Nobles - high ceiling, athletic, quick hands

Oscar Mercado - Easy power, quick hands, balanced

Tuck Neuhaus - Good balanced swing, hits to all fields well, good barrel contact

Kyle Woodford - good body, power potential



Jimmy Dominick - Plus hands and body, sharp line drives

Jonah Girand - Future power, solid frame, fluid swing

Thaddius Lowry - Good power, fluid stroke, strong kid, big frame

Oscar Mercado lead off the game with a towering solo homerun to LF and the Central FL team was able to squeeze out a tight 3-2 win in a well pitched game between UF Commit and Prospect LHP Scott Moss and Houston, TX native Caden Williams.

Player of the Game:  Scott Moss

The left-handed Moss struck out 10 batters in 4 innings and sat 85-88 in a dominant performance.

On his recent verbal to Florida and his performance today:

"My commitment to Florida doesn't mean anything in the sense that I don't want to stop competing at these events.  I think it's important for me to work hard and keep doing what got me to this point.  I felt good out there today."



Northeast beats Georgia 4-1, Karl Blum pitched 5 innings striking out 7

Player of the game: Karl Blum

Karl Blum on his 7 K's:
"I was having arm problems in the begining of the game and realized that all I needed to do was not over power my throws. It was a positive change that allowed me to pitch as well as I did. All I need to do to keep it up is stay focused on throwing strikes." 

Georgia's standout player Montrell Marshall on hitting 2-2:
"The pitcher got behind on the pitches which allowed me to pick what I wanted to hit. All I need to do is drive hard and look for good pitches and I believe that I can do well the rest of the weekend."



South FL vs South

The Underclass All-American Games had i's first "moment" of the event when top pitching prospect Akeem Bostic squared off against top 2-way prospect Brett Hanewich.  Bostic and Hanewich battled, with Hanewich fouling off a few 90-91mph fastballs from the super-projectable Bostic.  The at-bat ended with 2 strikes when Hanewich turned on a fastball and sent a towering homerun to RF that was a no-doubter and landed about 50 feet behind the homerun fence in RF.  The ball off the bat drew some ooooo's and ahhh's.  Bostic has been very effective in this game mixing in a firm, sinking low 90s fastball, with a few out pitches like his sharp breaking ball and fall-off-the-table split finger.  

Bostic has a very bright future in this game, as he looks like NBA star Kevin Garnett physically, and has a very live arm standing on a couple of tooth picks for legs.  


Bostic and Hanewich faced off for the 2nd time in this game with Hanewich putting a good swing on the ball but hit it off the end of the bat and flew out to RF.


South defeats South FL 10-6.  

Player of the Game Corey Campbell.

On his 3 for 3, one triple, 2 RBI performance:

"I knew I was facing good competition so I was looking middle away and took what they gave me. "

On his experience at prior events:

"It's cool looking in the stands and seeing every SEC and ACC school up there, but I knew I had to stay focused and keep playing my game."

Akeem Bostic on his performance tonight:

"I love the competition and I just wanted to come out here and help my team."

On why he goes 50% during warmups and then when it's time to play ball, he lights it up:

"I know hitters like to time up the pitcher when they're waiting in between innings. So I don't like to give them that advantage."

On how facing a fellow top prospect like Brett Hanewich on the opposing team effects his game:

"It brings the best out of me.  He was able to hit a homerun off of me, and I wanted to get him out next time I faced him.  And when I came up I wanted to get a hit off of him.  It's friendly competition and it brings the best out of you."

Brett Hanewich on his homerun off of Bostic:

"I was late on the first pitch I saw.  I was able to foul a few off and started to get my front foot down."

On how participating in showcases has helped his career:

"It helps you as a player and a person playing the best talent." 

About Matt Bomeisl
After being a 4-year letterman on the Florida Gators baseball team from 2000-2004, Matt started Prospect Wire Baseball in 2005. With the goal of helping high school baseball players achieve exposure the way he was helped in 1999, Prospect Wire has grown into the fastest growing scouting services in America. For 10 years, college coaches, scouts and baseball people of all kinds have taken notice of Prospect Wire as being one of the most dependable, accurate and trustworthy sources of high school baseball prospects. Matt is the founder of Prospect Wire, serves as it's director of day-to-day operations, and assists in scouting major events.
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