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Updated: Feb 10th, 2016
PW Introduces NextGen Scouting Showcases
By: Brian Werner |
Tampa, FL - Prospect Wire is proud to announce our NextGen/Youth division which is set to feature the Next Generation of prospects that in just a few years will go through the major high school summer circuit.
Many of the 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U players are obsessed with winning trophies each and every weekend.  They are misinformed into thinking that if they aren't winning a trophy, that they are falling behind.  They are convinced that championships, trophies and medals is a direct reflection of their parenting and their family.
The truth is, many players and parents could use a great weekend to do something different.  They can use a fresh and unique weekend to get out of the grind of 4, 5, and 6 games over 2 days. They could use a fun, educational weekend that still allows them to brag when their son is featured in articles, videos, or social media. And they can do it as a TEAM and not paying some ridiculously high individual fee at this age to "showcase" themselves.
The PW NextGen mission is to:
1.  Educate youth players on what position that they best profile at in the future - so that they don't think they are a Shortstop 3 years from now just because they have been playing shortstop their whole lives.  Early information here is key to educating parents to continue to work on a position that they may best fit in at.
2.  Educate youth players on the process of evaluation, and the environment that they will go through years from now.  So that this environment becomes 2nd nature to them, and they can perform at a peak level when they are being watched by decision makers.
3.  Find and feature the Next Generation of talent on our social media networks and begin an evaluation database on the player.
4.  Emphasize and instruct the importance of GPA during this process before players fall behind in high school.
5.  Lighten the load on players to not always play 4, 5, and 6 games in a weekend and burn themselves out at a young age.  Evaluation process (combine) + 3 games is a great format to lessen the load on arms and young developing bodies.  In a TEAM format with their teammates and peers.
6.  COMPETE AND HAVE FUN through the game of baseball in a different format than a typical tournament.
PW NextGen Scouting Showcase
Players and parents will absolutely love our Scout Day process.  Because they will be featured on our NextGen social media pages, with their running speeds, hitting evals, and reports that will allow them to continue to brag to peers and co-workers!  They will love this more than any trophy that they get!
1.  Combine/evaluation process. Evaluates the 5 tools and profiles what position a player may best fit in at long term when his competition gets tougher.  This gives him a head start!
2.  Articles/Featured players.  Player feature and promotion of top performers! 
3.  Games.  3 showdown games vs other teams 
4.  Efficient.  Scout days are Saturday/Sunday formats - no waiting around at the ballpark to see if you made the playoffs and spending your entire Sundays at the baseball park.
We have tried this concept and the majority of the teams have said it has been their FAVORITE weekend of the spring!  We are excited to bring this format to different parts of the country.
We will release another email with dates and locations!
About Brian Werner
After pitching 2 years at Clemson University and making an appearance in the College World Series, Brian finished his baseball career at the University of South Florida. Shortly after, Brian served as the Director of Baseball Operations and Scouting for the New York Yankees from 1999-2004. In his time there, Brian assisted with draft preparations, processed scouting reports, maintained the Yankees pro scouting database, and served as the main contact between scouts in the field and the VP of pro scouting. In 2008, Brian caught on with Prospect Wire. Brian has since served in multiple capacities for PW from scouting to organizing events.
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