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Updated: Jan 25th, 2016
Team OppO Tryouts: Top Player Reports
By: Brian Werner |

New Port Richey - This past weekend I had the "OppO'rtunity to attend the OppO Sports 2016 Summer Tryouts at Ridgewood High School in New Port Richey.  About 75-80 players came out to showcase their skills on a morning where temps struggled to get into the 40's for most of the day.  Players through bullpens, ran the 60, took I/O and had an abbreviated BP session, mostly due to the field being wet from the rain all week.  Still, players braved the elements for a chance to "Join the Rise" and play with Team OppO this summer.  Below are some of the top performances in each area.  They are listed in no particular order.  


  1. Oscar Jimenez                   6.50
  2. Tanner Picerno                  6.61
  3. Stevan Shiner                    6.90
  4. Kyle Chiger                       7.00
  5. Logan Mercado                   7.03
  6. Ryan Capogrosso                 7.09
  7. Parker Opie                       7.09
  8. Jordan Nutting                   7.10
  9. Logan Ganoe                      7.19
  10. Zane Tarrance                   7.25



  1. Josh Delegro (2019, Sickles HS) – In what’s becoming an ongoing theme for PW this off season, the younger prospects are the ones turning heads at the tryouts/camps we have been attending. While no pitchers lit up the radar gun, a lot in part to the fact it was 35 degrees outside and the mounds were a bit on the slippery/wet side…I was still able to see some impressive aspects of certain pitchers. One thing Josh has is a ++ CH right now. A rare pitch for any HS arm to actually throw properly, Josh not only kept his arm speed up, but commanded the pitch. With late, down & in diving action to the pitch, he was able to throw it for strikes, as well as use it as an out pitch. Has loose arm, good balanced mechanics. Should develop into an innings eater type that produces tons of ground balls.
  2. Parker Opie (2019, East Lake HS) – Parker is part of a loaded East Lake team in 2016 and will only benefit from working alongside some high end arms. Just a freshman, Parker’s mechanics on the mound are not perfect, but with a solid pitcher’s frame, loose arm and continued development, the mechanics part should iron themselves out as he matures.  He showed a mid 70’s FB with some movement when he stayed on top of the ball. Good arm action and size create a downward plane on his pitches. Secondary stuff was average, but could develop into at least useable pitches.  Probably best suited out of the pen, as he is a good athlete that may excel in other areas on the field too
  3. Zach McCellan (2016, Zephyrhills HS) – One of the pitchers who I think probably throws a bit harder than he displayed. As mentioned, the weather was cold and conditions were not great.  Still showed a low 80’s FB with late movement, to go along with a sharp, 12/6 CB.  Fluid mechanics & loose arm create good action on his pitches.  Repeats his delivery, allowing for consistent command of his pitches.  Not going to overpower hitters, but between his secondary stuff and the movement on his FB, all he needs is consistent command and he will get hitters out.
  4. Stevan Shiner (2017, Hudson HS) – Shiner made this list not necessarily for what he showcased on the mound, but what he could showcase. During I/O, Shiner displayed a ++ Arm from the OF, with carry. The ball jumped off his fingers with velocity on each throw he made. When on the mound, he was only 75-76, but appeared to be more worried about staying in control, instead of applying same approach on the mound, that he does when he throws from OF.  Lean, athletic body, there is no reason he should not be throwing in the mid 80’s off the mound.  Just needs to learn how arm from OF can translate to pitching. Needs to use legs more to create a drive toward the batter. Would love to see him just cut it loose on the hill.
  5. Miguel Martinez (2016, Springstead HS) – Martinez is a senior RHP that has a potential future out of the pen at the next level. Polished mechanics, a loose, whip like arm create a lot of armside run on his FB. Was consistently in the low 80’s but again, cold day = stiff arms. Will probably pitch more in the mid 80’s and with some work on his breaking pitch to stay on top of ball (instead of getting around the side of it) will create a sharper, late break.  His CH was above average and with his arm actions, could see him developing more of a splitter to create late life on this pitch. Tough on RHH’s for sure. If develops a bit more command to the other side of the plate, could get LHH’s out too consistently.



  1. Logan Ganoe (2019, River Ridge HS) – Ganoe was yet another young, talented prospect that will be fun to watch as he develops. Just a freshman, Ganoe showed a + arm across the diamond during I/O. Very athletic actions, runs well, and has quiet, quick feet.  His speed makes him an asset in the OF (7.19 60) and while his actions suggest he could play CF easily, his arm would also work in RF.  Bat will probably determine where he is best suited.
  2. Kyle Horvath (2017, Wiregrass HS) – Horvath is already a developed product who looks more like a senior than a junior with his frame, appearance.  Showed plus actions in the OF, with an above average arm. Ball had good carry to it, with above avg. accuracy
  3. Kyle Chiger (2018, River Ridge HS) – Kyle was arguably the best athlete on the field overall at the tryouts. With above average actions in the field, it’s easy to see why he was selected as an Elite 100 Participant at last year’s Florida State Finals. Doesn’t turn 16 until February, Kyle has a ++ arm for his age, with plenty of carry and very accurate.  Runs like a deer in the OF, should be able to cover plenty of ground. Another one of those players that could easily play CF, but also would be a + defender in RF and has the arm the position requires.
  4. Stevan Shiner (2017, Hudson HS) – As mentioned above, Shiner has a huge arm. Generating ++ carry on his throws, Shiner’s only downside was his accuracy to each base needs more consistency.  His throws to 3B were not only on a line, but were still rising when they reached the bag. Uses his long, loose arm to generate a ton of whip on the ball.  Needs to work on his OF throwing mechanics to create more consistency in his accuracy.
  5. Oscar Jimenez (2016, Ridgewood HS) – Jimenez was the most polished all-around athlete at the tryout.  Runs well, hits well, and fields very well.  Quick feet to the ball, covers both sides of the SS position well. Good range and a + arm make him the prototypical middle INF. Loose actions, soft hands and accurate throws.  He is a lock to play at the next level, and should get some attention in the draft due to his speed and defensive abilities.
  6. Sean Murray (2019, East Lake HS) – another prospect from East Lake HS that showed why they will be a tough team to deal with in 2016 & beyond. Murray displayed good actions during I/O not often seen at a young age.  Usually freshman are a bit more awkward & controlled when fielding the ball, especially in a tryout setting with older kids. Murray has good footwork, a slightly above average arm and good accuracy on his throws. Good on slow roller and has decent range.
  7. Jordan Nutting (2017, Hudson HS) – Nutting was another Elite 100 Participant in 2015 at the Florida State Finals. Solid defensively & does all the basic things well.  Soft hands, good footwork and an above average arm. Runs well, athletic and should be a fun player to watch in 2016 as he continues his development.
  8. Logan Clark (2020, St. Petersburg HS) – when you are just in 8th grade, you need to do something special to stand out in a group of 2016/2017/2018 kids.  Clark is an INF/OF with a lot of upside to his game. He showed a ++ arm for his age, with good actions in both the OF & INF.  Good carry on his throws and pretty accurate (not something you see in a kid just learning to play on the big field).  Should develop into an above average prospect with definite potential to play at next level. One to keep an eye on.
  9. Kyle Shoulta (2016, East Lake HS) – yet another East Lake player on the list.  Kyle caught my attention while just catching bullpens. His throws back to each pitcher he caught were sharp, crisp throws with some life to it. I immediately turned to another college coach and said, “Can’t wait to see his pop times”.  While he didn’t disappoint in terms of his arm, his footwork at the catcher’s position was below average. Has a long arm on his throws and takes 2 huge steps when coming out of his crouch. Still was able to show a 2.0/2.1.  The good news is his mechanics are fixable. He has to be willing to work at it, but if he can clean up his footwork coming out of his crouch, he easily has a 1.8 type arm behind the dish.



  1. Ryan O’Neil (2018, Gulf HS) – O’Neil was another Elite 100 participant in 2015 that plays for Team OppO. O’Neil is a polished looking athlete who showcased well during the tryouts, but he stood out most at the plate. He has quick hands and takes a short path to the ball. Good balance at the plate, squares the ball up well and has good extension at finish. With continued maturity and development, could also see power increase.
  2. Logan Ganoe (2019, River Ridge HS) – Was talking to another college coach when Ganoe came to the plate and the sound the ball made off his bat was different than a lot of the other players who were at the tryout. Already a plus runner for his age, if he continues to work on developing the gap to gap approach at the plate, could be a scary good hitter. Needs to be a bit more balanced and see the ball deeper, but these are things very common in a player his age.
  3. Devin Henwood (2019, River Ridge HS) – Devin is what you would call a man-child. A beast of a kid, he just turned 15 and already stands 6’2/185. His calves were like 2 melons bulging out of his socks. Very raw presently, but that’s to be expected. Body is way ahead of the rest of him, but as his skills catch up, should develop into a well above average power hitter with big HR potential.  Swing gets a bit long at times, but when he squares it up and stays behind the ball, it jumps off bat.  Can get a bit pull happy, but that’s pretty normal for a hitter of his type.
  4. Thomas Delfel (2018, Ridgewood HS) – Delfel was one of the few lefties to attend the tryouts. Thomas has big power potential in his bat. Generates some good backspin on his ball, which should translate into more & more power as he continues to mature.  Just a sophomore, he has the makings of a potent middle of the order bat for years to come. Is a bit pull happy right now, normal for a power hitter. Needs to develop more balance and patience at the plate, see the ball deeper in the zone.
  5. Will Kistler (2019, River Ridge HS) – another young, potentially talented player. A catcher, Will has the body to go along with the position. Strong lower half helps him generate a lot of power in his swing.  Very raw, needs some mechanical issues ironed out, but if he can create more balance, a better plane to his swing and just simply continue to get stronger, could be a middle of the order bat with gap to gap power potential.
  6. Kyle Litwin (2017, Bishop Snyder) – Kyle made the trip to the tryouts from all the way in Jacksonville, and he didn’t disappoint. Swing is a bit long, but has good extension and a strong lower ½. The ball seemed to explode off his bat at times, leaving you with the feeling there is more power potential to come this year.
  7. Zane Tarrance (2018, Sickles HS) – Tarrance took a good round of BP and has the makings of solid top of the order type bat. Runs well, makes a lot of contact and uses the big part of the field well. Was one of the few hitters not trying to yank everything out of the park. Seems to know his game and keeps it simple in the box. Quiet approach.
  8. Logan Clark (2020) & Doug Long (2020) – Both players are only 8th graders at the moment and have a long way to go in their development. Mentioning them here because both had things within their BP session that showed me they have potential down the road.  Both showed good balance and quick bat speed for their age.  Both had short strides and didn’t try to overswing.  They both tended to see the ball deep into the zone and both could develop some pop over time. Just need to see more as they mature.  Still very raw, very young.
  9. Cody Lee (2018, Largo HS) – Big bodied kid that drove the ball during BP.  Has a big swing at the plate that needs to be “quieted” down some if he wants to become a better overall hitter. For now, he has big power potential, with a slight lift to his swing that creates gap to gap pop. A bit on the raw side for me, needs continued reps and good coaching through his development and he could become a solid middle of the order bat.
About Brian Werner
After pitching 2 years at Clemson University and making an appearance in the College World Series, Brian finished his baseball career at the University of South Florida. Shortly after, Brian served as the Director of Baseball Operations and Scouting for the New York Yankees from 1999-2004. In his time there, Brian assisted with draft preparations, processed scouting reports, maintained the Yankees pro scouting database, and served as the main contact between scouts in the field and the VP of pro scouting. In 2008, Brian caught on with Prospect Wire. Brian has since served in multiple capacities for PW from scouting to organizing events.
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