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Updated: Jan 15th, 2014
CFBL WInter Camp Coverage Notes
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Sanford, FL - Jim Boghos and CFBL Elite continue to grow and find good players throughout the state of Florida. They are doing a great job connecting players with college coaches as well.

For a January camp I was pleasantly surprised at how many players attended. Somewhere close to 200 players were there ready to prove to CFBL’s staff and over 20 college coaches they were good enough to make a CFBL team and eventually play at the next level.

Here are my reports on the top players at CFBL’s camp:

2014 Grads

Hakim Nobles-OF Dr. Phillips HS-Nobles has come a long ways from when we first saw him going into his sophomore year. Back then, Hakim was very raw and about 25-30lbs lighter but he had great eye-hand coordination and made good adjustments against good velocity in our Underclass All-American Games at UCF back in 2011.

Here was my report on Hakim this past spring in 2013:

Hakim Nobles, a 2014 grad and former PW Underclass All-American alumni didn't disappoint in the game I saw him. Nobles was playing left field for Dr. Phillips. At first I didn't recognize him because he's gotten physically stronger and looked great. Nobles hit a HR to right field with a flick of his wrists and ran a 4.30 from the right side down the line. He's gotten significantly better as a hitter since his freshman year as I predicted. Nobles is now more of a complete player.

Nobles has gotten even better since last spring. His body looks great. He has a very strong lower-half and an equally strong upper-half. Hakim is learning how to use his speed better. He laid down a bunt base hit during the game and clocked a 4.25 sec from the right side down the line. He made a great play in deep CF covering a ton of ground going back on a ball that was well hit. Nobles floated back to the ball using his (6.66) 60 speed and made the play look easy. Hakim is a tough out and I think the more at bats he gets against better pitching he’ll continue to get better and better. I asked him how the college recruiting process was going and he said only a couple colleges were recruiting him. A player with his ability would not only contribute right away as a lead-off hitter and CF in college but he’ll draw some professional interest this spring as well.

Austin Mauer-C The Masters Academy-Mauer is a player I hadn’t seen a lot of. He’s a physical player with a strong lower half with a good catchers body. Behind the plate, Mauer has a quick release and a very strong accurate arm. He throws a straight ball which is key for a catcher’s accuracy. Mauer had a (1.89) POP time during drills and never threw worse than a (1.95) POP. I actually think he had better POP times in the game with accuracy. At the plate Austin does enough with the bat to be productive for a lot of college programs. He lined a double into the right center-field gap in the game and took some good aggressive swings in bp. Austin is pretty close to being a complete catcher. I need to see more of him as a hitter this summer. I think he can catch and throw as well as a lot of the top catchers in the 2014 grad class and if the bat comes around he’ll be a legitimate college prospect.

Jordan Pontious-MIF Seabreeze HS-Pontious has great defensive actions as a MIF. I would say his hands and feet are as quick as any MIF I’ve seen this year. Jordan isn’t a very physical player. Colleges looking for a MIF to play every game as a freshman may be a bit concerned with his strength. I think Jordan has the skills defensively to play at about any level of college baseball but the arm strength isn't quite there yet. At the plate he makes consistent contact but doesn’t have a lot of batspeed or hand/wrist strength. He’s a scrapper type of player and I think if he’s given an opportunity to play at the next level and becomes stronger he’ll make a college program happy. Jordan’s batspeed and footspeed (4.66 sec down the line) will get better and better the stronger he gets. Right now I think he’s a great JUCO candidate. By the time he’s a junior in college, if he can add 20-25lbs of muscle to his frame I think there could be plenty of D1 programs looking to take him out of a JUCO.

Justin Degrandis-OF/RHP Osceola HS -Degrandis is a good athlete with a quick arm. During OF drills I noted he had a quick arm with no carry and said to myself I’d like to see this kid pitch. Well I got that opportunity and Justin didn’t disappoint. He’s a wiry, live bodied player that comes at hitters from a couple of different arm angles which makes it tough for hitters to pick up his release point. Degrandis ran his fastball up to 87mph with good arm-side run and life. He showed a pretty nasty slurve from a couple different angles and speeds varying from 68-73mph. I don’t know if Justin is a true two-way player yet at the college level. His bat is just ok right now but athletically I think he can compete at the plate at the next level. I do think he can pitch at the next level and in the right system and role become a ground ball machine.

Andy Marshall-RHP Pike County HS (GA)-Marshall has an ideal pitcher’s frame and works downhill. Andy’s fastball touched 85mph and he flashed a solid curveball that had late break at 75mph. It may be more of a slider because of the depth and it has a chance to be an out pitch. His arm worked well and the ball came out of his hand easy. Marshall works fast and doesn’t have any mechanical issues that I could see. I would like to see him throw a two-seam fastball more because his fastball had some life to it but it was very straight. I think a year or two of JUCO in the right program and Marshall could grow into a legitimate D-1 pitcher.

Kevin Capella-OF/LHP Lake Mary HS-I’ve seen Capella plenty of times to have a pretty accurate scouting report on him. As an OF Kevin has a couple of solid tools, his speed (6.63) 60 and arm strength 40/45 arm. He’s inconsistent right now defensively with his routes and tracking the baseball. At the plate Capella has the physical tools to be a leadoff hitter at a high college level. Batspeed, foot speed, consistent contact are the things he does well. Like his defense, Kevin needs to become more consistent at the plate and learn how to use his tools. He needs to look to drive balls into the gaps, hit ground balls and use his speed to disrupt the defense. I think Kevin could be a run scoring machine if he would buy into becoming a true table-setter and lead-off hitter. As a pitcher, he is more of a thrower right now with arm strength. His curveball has tight spin but he doesn’t snap it off and finish it, it just kind of spins and stays outside to right-handed hitters most of the time. Capella’s fastball is the same as well, inconsistent with location. If he can get through the pitch with extension I think instead of topping out at 85mph he may touch 87-88mph. If Anthony can change his mindset at the plate and on the mound and become a true lead-off hitter/closer I think he has the talent to play at a high level in college and potentially could become a professional prospect.

Notable 2014’s

Michael Litchfield-(6.78) 60, fairly athletic, needs strength

Alphonso Silvestri-big time raw power, lightning quick bat, a bit stiff and inconsistent

Carlos Vargas-2.05 POP, solid catch and throw skills, decent athlete

Kyle Altomare-LHP fastball up to 80mph, good actions at 1B, projectable bat

2015 Grads

Myles Marshall-2015 OF/1B Cypress Creek HS-The first thing you notice with Marshall is his athletic body. He’s high-waisted and long-limbed and has plenty of room on his frame to get stronger. Myles ran a (7.10) 60 on a slow track, showed a 35 arm from the OF and had good actions around the bag. I’ve seen Marshall before and the question I had was does he have any quick-twitch? In the game he showed some quick-twitch turning on an inside fastball and lacing a line drive from the left side into right center. I need to see Marshall more at the plate and as a defender to get a better read on his overall ability.

Tyler Anshaw-2015 OF/INF Port St. Lucie HS-Anshaw is a former PW Underclass All-American and gets better offensively each time I see him. Tyler is still inconsistent with his ability at the plate though. Sometimes his bat has very good whip through the zone and sometimes it lags with less batspeed. I don’t know where he plays defensively yet at the next level, maybe LF or 1B/3B. Anshaw’s best tool is his bat and projectable body. I have a feeling he’ll be a late bloomer and will continue to get better and better no matter which college he ends up playing for.

Gabe Rivas-2015 RHP East River HS-Rivas is an arm I don’t think I’d scouted yet. The first thing that stands out with Gabe is his thick, strong body type that’s ideal for a workhorse pitcher. He’s got a strong lower half that he uses to generate a fastball that touched 89mph but was pretty straight. He has plenty of raw arm strength and ability. Gabe’s best pitch was his change-up. He threw his change with great arm speed and some feel. His change-up was one of the few I’ve seen since last summer that actually tumbled and fell off the table, similar to a fork ball. Rivas needs to work on his breaking ball and throw more two-seam fastballs that have some kind of movement. He should be getting plenty of attention from colleges now and eventually from professional scouts.

Walfrank Pineiro-2015 RHP Wekiva HS-This kid can really pitch! Typically you don’t see 16 year old changing speeds and showing they have another gear on their fastball. Pineiro’s fastball was anywhere from 85mph to 88mph with good arm side sink and run. He doesn’t have a projectable body but he’s got a thicker, strong lower-half body type which will hold up over a long season. He works fast and throws strikes. Pineiro’s slider needs some work but is a great pitch that moves the opposite way of his fastball making it tough for hitters to square him up.  I’d like to see more change-ups to get a better overall feel for Walfrank as a complete pitcher. He definitely has a lot of upside and will do well at any college or in a professional system.

Logan Place-2015 OF/MIF/RHP Wiregrass Ranch HS-Place keeps improving every time I see him play. During bp Place hit several balls very hard and had some natural lift and created decent leverage. I think Logan may have potential big time power in his bat. He hit the ball hard in the game as well. He’s got a fairly athletic body and he knows how to play the game. Defensively he made one of the better throws from CF I’ve seen in a while throwing out a runner trying to advance from first to third. Place took a good route to the ball, cut it off in the gap and came up throwing a laser right on target to get the runner out at third on a bang bang play. Logan’s best is yet to come both offensively and defensively. I’ve seen him pitch before but he didn’t pitch at this CFBL camp. Colleges need to be on this kid!

Notable 2015’s

Jimmy Howze-(6.76) 60, RHP fastball up to 81mph

Jaylyn Whitehead-(7.18) 60, good extension in bp, LHP up to 80mph, needs strength

Nikolas Kovach-RHP fastball up to 85mph, great extension, below average secondary pitches

Brad Nenna-gamer, fundamentally sound all-around game, POP times were down a bit

Cormac Holbrook-good bp, quick wrists, solid contact, needs to create better leverage

Kyle Phillips-(6.7) 60, big arm from OF, quick bat, needs strength

Connor Stephens-(6.94) 60, athletic,wiry, solid player, need to see more of him

Armando Rivera-good defensive actions, up to 83mph with his fastball, need to see more of him as a position player


2016 Grads

Brendan Mafnas-RHP/OF Riverview HS-Mafnas is very athletic with quick-twitch. I hadn’t seen him before but Brendan was one of the top 5 prospects at CFBL’s camp. He can be a true two-way player at a high level of college. Mafnas ran a (6.66) 60 and topped out at 86mph on the mound. As an outfielder he has a strong accurate arm with good carry. During bp he showed above average batspeed for his grad class with a short, quick swing that was direct to the ball. Brendan hit several balls hard in bp but I think he can hit balls harder when he learns to get his backside (back hip) firing all the way through the baseball. As a pitcher Mafnas was nasty! He has a very live arm with some deception. The ball gets on hitters quick. Brendan’s curveball had the tightest spin and sharpest break of any pitcher at the camp. As good as his curveball was, his change-up might of been better. I can’t wait to see more of him this summer. If colleges aren’t already all over Brendan, they need to be. He’s a legitimate college level two-way player. As athletic and wiry as he is, he’s a definite professional prospect as well.

Mason Studstill-3B Rockledge HS-I’m still waiting to see Studstill pitch as I’ve heard he may be better on the mound than as a hitter. It’ll be hard to convince me of that after what I saw from Studstill’s bat during bp. The first thing I noticed is Mason’s body has gotten much toner since I saw him play last spring. He has the classic power swing for a righty with natural loft, backspin, extension, high finish. Mason has tremendous raw power. Studstill’s swing reminds me a bit of Ryan Braun’s swing as a freshman at the University of Miami more than 10 years ago. Similar body type to Braun as well with a thick lower half and toned upper half. It’s obvious Studstill’s been working hard on his body in the past year. He hit several balls in bp that were hit as hard and far as any 2016 grad I’ve seen. Defensively he moves well at 3B and has an above average arm for his grad class. I can’t wait to see more of Mason this summer! He’s an elite college level player and a potential MLB draft pick if he produces in games. Keep in mind I have yet to see Studstill pitch.

David Litchfield-INF/OF/RHP Lake Brantley HS-Litchfield doesn’t do anything eye popping but he does everything pretty well. He has a projectable frame and is fairly athletic. During bp he had a little bit of length in his swing but I think he just needs some strength because his bat is quick. He has a good path to and through the baseball. Defensively he can play just about anywhere and as a pitcher his fastball topped out at 78mph. David just needs to get stronger over the next couple of years.

Pablo Cedeno-OF/C Lyman HS-Cedeno may have the best overall tools of any player at CFBL’s camp. He ran a (6.94) 60 and I’ve actually had him faster than that before. He showed a strong accurate arm from the outfield with good carry. Offensively he plays the game hard like every out is his last. He has a squared shouldered frame that has some present strength and I think he’s gonna be a very strong kid that hits the ball hard consistently over the next year or two. When you combine raw strength with quick-twitch muscle and eye-hand coordination at the plate it’s a bad combination for pitchers and baseballs everywhere. I’m going to enjoy watching Pablo play this summer.

Armando Olmeda-OF East Ridge HS-Olmeda is built exactly like his father Jose who played 10 years in the Braves and Marlins organizations. Armando has a strong, stocky body type. He has quick-twitch and explodes out of the box at the plate. He ran a (6.86) 60 but I think he can be a (6.7 maybe a 6.6) 60 runner in the next year. I didn’t get to see much of Olmeda defensively but offensively he’s a very tough out. He has a patient approach and can work the count to get his pitch. Although he’s stocky, he’s wiry as well and has above average batspeed for his grad class and great instincts on the bases. I’m anxious to see more of Olmeda this summer against good pitching. He has the bloodlines and it appears like he loves to play the game which are two intangibles that can take him a long ways in baseball.

Collier Rutledge-1B/3B IMG Academy-Rutledge showed above average batspeed for his grad class in bp. He has a projectable frame and made hard contact in bp as well. Defensively Collier had good footwork and moved well but his arm action wasn’t very clean. I need to see more of Rutledge to give a more accurate scouting report.

Todd Peterson-RHP Lake Mary HS-Peterson has been a prospect since the beginning of his freshman year. His velocity wasn’t consistent from outing to outing lately which led me to question if he had been working in between starts. (running, long-tossing, pens, etc.) For it only being January and to see Peterson come out and sit 89-91mph and touch 94mph let me know he’d been working. I’ve always liked Todd as a pitcher. He always gets great extension. Something he did extremely well this past outing was he created a great downward angle on every pitch. I think every fastball was down in the zone with life and velocity. Don’t forget he’s only a sophomore and if he can keep the ball down, throw strikes and lean up a bit he’ll get more than enough attention from professional scouts. I still believe with a tweak here and there mechanically and a good strength and conditioning program Petereson can sit at 92-95mph. It’s an easy, very controlled low 90’s too. If Todd continues to work hard off the field the skies the limit with his ability!

Notable 2016’s

Mario Presutti-(7.1) 60, strong physical body, good bat speed, a little stiff in bp

Carson Ragsdale-fastball touched 86mph but pitched at 80-83mph mainly, major upside as a position player and pither, waiting for the velocity to jump and the secondary pitches to come around

David Mcleod-(7.3) 60, strong body, good batspeed with rhythm and timing

Fernando Diaz-(6.85) 60, better than average OF arm for his grad class, great carry, athletic, need to see more of this summer


Quick Notes on 2017/2018 Grads

2017 Grads

Timmy Dixon-(7.4) 60, lean body type, ball jumped off bat in bp

Joshua Concannon-showed flashes of an ability to hit and defend, need to see more of him

Christopher Brock-good def. actions, potential big OF arm, need to see more of offensively

Adrian Delgado-POP’d a 2.08, very quick release, strong wrists at the plate, quick bat, potential big time player

Griffin Bernardo-(7.07) 60, looked great physically, getting stronger and quicker defensively, bat is still a bit behind but should catch up like his defense has, looked great at SS

Jake Molle-2.02 POP, tools are there, needs to develop more physically before tools really start to show, some length in swing with average batspeed for his grad class, like I mentioned the tools are there just needs strength to go with the tools, need to see more of

Zemp Schwab-2.04 POP, strong body, very strong arm with carry and accuracy behind the plate, need to see more of offensively

Austin Huber-great defensive actions, very easy arm action at SS, wiry and athletic, need to see more of offensively


2018 Grads

Charlton Welch-quick release behind the plate, needs strength, need to see more of offensively

Ryan Savitt-plus batspeed for his grad class, attacks the baseball offensively, athletic, need to see more of

Lyon Richardson-great athletic body, athlete, tools, switch hitter with great batspeed, up to 86mph with his fastball, could develop into a big time prospect

Christian Robinson-body that looks like an athletic 2014 grad already, (7.47) 60, will get stronger and faster, lightning quick bat, produced in games, potential big time power, great lower half load and rhythm and timing, gets out on front foot a bit, strong wrists, fastball was up to 83mph

Jack Quayle-easy left-handed delivery, great extension, solid repeatable mechanics, ball comes out of his hand nice, 76mph fastball now but velocity will continue to increase and make a jump at some point, advanced feel for his change-up, attacks hitters


About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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