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Updated: Aug 28th, 2014
Jacksonville Warriors Fall Showcase Reports/New Players
By: Corey Goldfarb |

Jacksonville, FL - Before I get into the reports, I wanted to thank the entire Jacksonville Warriors organization including the players and parents for putting on a great showcase. I also wanted to thank the coaches and Keenan Bell for helping me with my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a great way to end a great weekend.

Please keep in mind that I mainly focused on the underclass players and I didn't get to see as much of the upperclass players.  

2018 Grads

Isiah Byars SS/OF Oakleaf HS - Byars has a lean athletic wiry type body, he's got plenty of quick-twitch and can run (got him on a turn at 4.88 sec), Isiah has plus actions and arm at SS for his grad class, at the plate he has plus batspeed for his grad class, Byars is aggressive at the plate and made hard consistent contact, he could become an elite SS over the next several years

Nathan Skinner IF/P Bolles - Skinner has an athletic body and has some tools, needs to get better extension and use his lower half as a pitcher and his velocity will jump a bit, in the game Skinner showed an advanced backside approach lacing a gapper into right cf, he's very loose and relaxed in the box, extremely projectable, his eye-hand coordination is off the charts for his age and size, Skinner could develop into an elite level player over the next couple of years

Keegan Barrs IF/P Oakleaf HS - Barrs was one of the more well-rounded players, Barrs had above average to plus batspeed for his grad class with a very good bat path, he showed some athleticism as well, as a pitcher he's got some deception and his mechanics are unorthodox a bit but the ball comes out of his hand nice

Austin Knight IF/C Bolles - defensively Knight showed above average actions for his grad class at SS, showed lateral quickness and probably had the quickest release with an average arm compared to other 2018's we've seen, his batspeed is average for his grad class and he projects to be a singles type hitter using all fields, in the game Austin showed an advanced feel for hitting, it's rare when a younger player's BP translates into game situations, he stays within himself as a player and has plenty of productive at-bats

Max Ferguson IF/LHP Bolles - Max can swing the bat and moved well at SS showing a better than average batspeed and arm strength for his grad class, Ferguson can run as well clocking a 7.10 sec 60 yard dash, in the game Max needs to be a little more selective at the plate, at times he's aggressive and shows good bat control

Caleb Frederick IF/OF Bishop Kenny HS - Caleb has an athletic body and showed better than average batspeed for his grad class in the game, he had some bat whip which eventually will allow him to keep his hands inside the ball and get extension

Nathan Hickey 2019 C/IF Providence HS - Nathan was the only 2019 grad at the showcase and may have been the top prospect at the showcase just based on his grad year and his tools, a left-handed hitting catcher that projects to have power, defensively Hickey POP'd a 2.03, once he starts to grow and get stronger he'll have a chance to develop into an elite level prospect, in the game Hickey's bat got a little lazy, instead of being more direct to the ball he let his hands drop a bit just trying to drop the barrel on the ball, in BP he was more direct to the ball with extension and batspeed, behind the plate he receives well with soft hands, still need to see more of Nathan behind the plate

2018 Grads that were interesting but I didn't get to see enough of.

Nick Niewulis LHP/OF Bishop Kenny HS

Jared Cox IF/RHP Atlantic Coast HS

2017 Grads

Eric Foggo 2017 INF/P Hilton Head HS (SC) - Foggo has a chance to be a legitimate two-way player at the next level, as a pitcher Foggo was only up to 81mph in his pen but he has a ton of projection at probably 6'3" 175lbs and just barely 15 years old, in the game as a pitcher Foggo flashed a sharp curveball at times with tight spin, he slowed his arm down on his change-up at times, Eric throws a lot of strikes and repeats his delivery well, with his long limbs it's almost as if he's handing the ball to the catcher, he gets great extension and showed a very calm, relaxed demeanor on the mound for a young 2017 grad, Foggo could have a big velocity jump in the next 1-2 years and become a big time prospect

Collin Garner 2017 INF/RHP Nease HS - Garner has an athletic, projectable body, he looks the part and in BP he showed above average batspeed for his grad class, he made hard consistent contact, he showed average actions for his grad class at SS but had a quick arm, in the game I only got to see a couple at bats but Garner has good rhythm and timing and will square a lot of balls up, colleges need to take notice of Collin's overall game

Kenny Gore 2017 OF/RHP Mandarin HS - Gore is athletic, good body and runs ok, I didn't get a 60 time or time down the line but he has a good gate running the bases, at the plate Kenny has a patient approach, has plenty of batspeed and his bat stays in the zone for a long time, we're going to keep a close eye on Gore and see if his tools start to produce more often

Blain Jones 2017 INF/OF Oakleaf HS - Defensively, as an INF Jones winds up a bit with his release but showed a strong arm, at the plate he showed above average batspeed for his grad class, at the plate Blain has very quick hands and was very direct to the baseball, we need to see more of Jones

Tristen Adams 2017 RHP/SS Mandarin HS - Adams was one of the most interesting two-way players at the showcase and could develop into a legitimate high-level college two-way player, I don't know if I like Tristen better at SS or on the mound yet, at SS he showed lateral and vertical quickness, range, good footwork, quick release and an average arm for his grad class, in the game he showed an aggressive approach at the plate with plus batspeed for his grad class and he runs a bit, as a pitcher he sat 82-83mph with his fastball and came right after hitters pounding the strike zone, he may have struck out every batter he faced, his fastball is flat but it has some life and his curveball is his difference maker and will be as he progresses on the mound, it sat 66-67mph with tight spin and some depth, he showed a decent feel for a straight change, he doesn't have a lot of projection which is why his curveball will have to be his difference maker at the next level and I think it can be

Andrew Parcell 2017 C Atlantic Coast HS - Parcell was by far the best catch/throw/receiver I scouted with the underclassmen, I wasn't able to get a POP time on Andrew but he has a cannon with carry and accuracy, he has a thick strong lower half which is ideal for a catcher, he's got soft hands behind the plate and is a leader on the field, at the plate I didn't see enough to get a good read on his hitting ability except that he had average to above average batspeed for his grad class

Joseph Fletcher 2017 RHP/INF Mandarin HS - Fletcher's a big bodied kid at probably 6'3" 220lbs that I liked better on the mound than at a position for now, his fastball sat 77-80mph and he flashed a good straight change with good arm speed, for a bigger kid his delivery is fairly compact and the ball comes out of his hand nice, his arm works very easy and is loose, he gets very good extension, his curveball needs a lot of work but if Fletcher can get on a good strength and conditioning program and arm care program his velocity should jump in the next year 

Jack Zaruba 2017 RHP St. Joseph Academy - Zaruba was a strike throwing machine and everything was down in the zone, he has a projectable frame, his arm works just ok but there's some deception because of his arm action, Jack has some projection and his fastball sat 76-78mph but both is 4-seam and 2-seam fastball had some run, he flashed a curveball with tight spin at 64-65mph that he threw for strikes, like Adams I think Zaruba struck out about every hitter he faced

Shane Kilker 2017 INF Episcopal - I didn't get to see much of Kilker but he had some good takes at the plate and seemed to track the ball well with a patient approach, he had above average batspeed but over strides a bit, if he can shorten his stride and develop a little better rhythm and timing he'll start to make more consistent hard contact

Austin Morton 2017 RHP Fleming Island HS - Morton showed some pitchability and attacked hitters, he threw strikes and trusted his stuff, he mixed his pitches well and got outs, his curveball had good spin and he located it well

2016 Grads

Andrew Rolfsen 2016 OF/P Ponte Vedra HS - showed a solid 40 arm with carry and accuray from RF, Andrew's actions were average as SS, during BP Rolfsen showed some batspeed but needs to develop more rhythm and timing but the tools are there for him to be a standout player, as a pitcher in the game his fastball was up to 86mph but his velocity was a bit inconsistent and he had some trouble repeating his delivery, has a quick arm and some projectability on the mound

Garrett Delano 2016 IF/P West Nassau HS - was athletic, showed good actions at SS, had average batspeed in relation to his grad class and is projectable, needs to work on getting his backside through the ball, Delano just needs to play the game, the more he plays the better he'll get, he could become a special player

JD Norris 2016 IF/OF Ponte Vedra HS - had above average batspeed for his grad class and made pretty consistent hard contact in BP, we need to see him in some game action, I didn't get to see much of Norris in the game but the more I see him play the more I like his bat and overall game, need to see more of him

Ian Foggo 2016 OF Hilton Head HS (SC) - Foggo showed a patient approach in the game, he has average to slightly above average batspeed for his grad class, he doesn't quite get his hips and backside through the baseball, if he can get his backside through it will create more batspeed and harder hit baseballs

Chip Anderson 2016 OF Bishop Kenny HS - I only saw Anderson in limited at-bats but every time he was making solid contact, good bat path with enough batspeed, looks like he has an idea at the plate, need to see more of him

Blake Marabell 2016 OF Bartraim Trail HS - Marabell had one of the most projectable, athletic bodies at the showcase, in BP he showed a very quick bat, he can run a bit as well, Blake just needs to get stronger over the next couple of years and his athleticism and natural baseball abilities will take over, look for him to potentially become an elite level college player

2015 players that were interesting but I didn't get to see enough of.

Zachary Greene ran a 6.7 sec 60

Christian Kuehn had some batspeed and good bat path in BP

Robby McMahon POP'd a 1.91 sec

Mark Mixon up to 87mph

Matthew Mixon up to 84mph

Jared Skinner showed a 40 arm from OF, some batspeed






About Corey Goldfarb
Corey Goldfarb has an extensive background in all levels of baseball. Before Corey's hiring at Prospect Wire, he worked as an agent and advisor to over 25 current professional athletes. Of those 25 players, 5 of them were drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft and one of them was the #1 prospect in the country out of high school. Corey's ability to evaluate talent helped him identify the right players to target and recruit. Corey played a key role in building one of the best young sports agencies in baseball. Prior to his 10 years as an agent, Corey worked in different aspects of Minor League Player Development for the Marlins and Yankees.
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