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Updated: Jun 19th, 2011
2011 West Coast Region Finals, Day 1 & 2 recap
By: Blaine Clemmens |
SCOTTSDALE - The 2011 Prospect Wire West Coast Region Finals are complete.  The event, a first for Prospect Wire, is taking place at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick Complex, the spring home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies.  The games have been taking place on the Diamondbacks side of the complex.
If you are interested in the game results and full box score info, as well as raw scouting data on the players, you can get all of that at the tournament home at  In this and future recaps, you will get to read some accounts of some individual players, players who caught the eye of myself and Jeff Spelman. 
The staff that is in the main tower in the center of the complex has been keeping the scorebooks and accounting for the games and results while the scouts down below have been bearing down on the players, which sort of makes keeping score and knowing who is winning and losing a difficult task.
The opening day was Friday, June 17th and there were four games, all taking place at 7 PM.  Day two featured two games at 10:00 AM, four at 1:00 PM, four at 4:00 PM, and four at 7:00 PM.  Pool play will finish up tomorrow, with nine more games scheduled, starting at 1:00 PM.
NorCal 17U Rolls
Though this version of the NorCal 17U team is not quite up to the extremely high standard set by previous NorCal 17U teams, they had little trouble with the AZ Angels 2013s Blue squad.  The strength of NorCal is in the middle of the diamond, at 2nd base and shortstop.  2nd baseman Connor Hornsby (2012, R/R, Acalanes HS, CA) is the type of scrapper, gamer ballplayer you are likely to find on most winning D1 college baseball teams.  He and shortstop Devon Gradford (2012, R/R, Downey HS, CA) form an athletic and solid defensive combo up the middle and both handle the bat well.  Infielder Bobby Schauer (2012, R/R, Downey HS, CA) and catcher Brandon Viceral (2012, L/R, Foothill HS, CA) both showed well with the bat and are players to keep an eye on.  Viceral, a decent receiver, is a more offensive oriented catcher.  Two of NorCal's better offensive players were not present, outfielder Steven Golden and catcher/infielder Mitchell Kranson, but Kranson will join the team about halfway through the event.
Though AZ Angels 2013s Blue didn't fair so well, infielder Zayne Clancy (2013, L/R, Shadow Mountain HS, AZ) looked good at the plate.  He had a couple of good at-bats and showed the type of swing, body type and presence in the box that suggests he has a real nice future as a hitter. 
CenCal/NorCal Valley 17U eeks out win, two AZ Angels 2012s players stand out
Another of the NorCal teams didn't have quite the easy time but did come out with a 5-4 win over Angels 2012s Grey.  The standout for NorCal Valley was RHP/INF Aaron Pangilinan (2011, R/R, Escalon HS, CA), as he closed out the game on the mound and had a big, booming triple late in the game to help seal the victory for NorCal Valley.  Pangilinan was drafted in the later rounds by the White Sox, I believe as a pitcher and though he was in the 86-87 range, his body type and hitting ability seem to hold more potential than his pitching.  His older brother Leighton was drafted and signed by the White Sox in the 2009 draft. The best athlete on this team is Kert Woods (2012, R/R, Buhach Colony HS, CA).  He runs well, has bat speed and the look of a player.  His 3.33 stolen base time gives a glimpse into his base stealing potential. 
Though NorCal Valley won, the player who stood out the most was Angels 2012s Grey righthander Keaton Cenatiempo (2012, 6'3" 175, Desert Ridge HS, AZ).  Though he struggled with his fastball command, Cenatiempo has a good arm and a very projectable frame.  His stuff was 83-87 and he will steadily gain velo in the coming years.  If and when he gets some control of that fastball (8 BB) he will be in good shape because he has a good curveball, one with good bite and as poor as his fastball command was, his curveball feel and command was that GOOD.  He did walk eight but he also struck out eight. 
His team lost, but Angels 2012s Grey shortstop Connor Moore (2012, R/R, Brophy College Prep, AZ) really caught my eye, both with his ability and his effort level.  He is a solid shortstop with a solid arm, showed off by a nice effort on a jump throw made on a ball he caught deep in hole, late in the game.  He didn't have a great shot to get the runner but his effort made the play very close and he showed off his ability.  Later in that game, on the play that proved to be the game winner for NorCal Valley, Moore showed what he is all about.  A NorCal Valley runner stold 3rd base, the catcher threw the ball into left field and it looked like the runner had clear sailing to the plate, with no challenge to scoring.  Well, he did score, but there was a play at the plate and it was much closer than it should have been.  Moore fielded the overthrow down the left field line, and in one motion, going across the line, picked up the ball and winged it home, forcing the runner to slide and for a split second giving hope to his team.  It really was a great play that will never show up in a box score.  It showed arm strength, body control and the never-give-up on a play approach that Moore plays with.  LOVE IT!
DIAMOND Core Training 18U players SHINE
2011 RHP Matt Smith (La Cueva HS, NM) threw the ball real well for DCT 18U, leading them to a 6-3 win over SoCal Dirtbags 18U.  Smith is a lean and athletic pitcher headed to Yavapai JC in the fall and I wonder why he isn't headed to a D1 campus this fall.  He has a loose, quick arm and good stuff, up to 89 with the fastball and both a good curveball and slider.  His stuff is swing and miss quality and his body and athleticism are projectable (put that 6.81 60-yard dash in the memory bank and remember it when he starts touching 92-93 in the next year or so... quick twitch fiber will translate).  You can expect him to really blossom at Yavapai and he has a chance to be a top 10 round pick out of junior college, maybe sooner rather than later.  Another 2011 grad on this team stood out, outfielder Kevin Barker (R/R, St. Ignatius Prep, CA).  Barker is headed to UC Davis in the fall and they got a toolsy player.  In the workouts Barker ran a 6.57 60-yard dash and threw the ball well from the outfield. 
The SoCal Dirtbags lost the game but they also had players emerge as talents, in the game and during their workout. Outfielder/catcher Dom Lemus (2012, R/R, No school listed) is a big time talent.  He threw 90 from the outfield, 88 from behind the plate and has the type of bat speed and power potential  (with a 6.9 60 time) to impact the game at the plate too.  His swing is not the prettiest but he can and will be effective and as for his arm, well, the arm action isn't exactly catcher quality but it is EASY to envision that arm action and arm strength on a mound someday.  Not to mention that he is 6'3" 205 lbs.  Yes, that is a prospect.  Dirtbags 2nd baseman Jack Dunham (2012, R/R, Fallbrook HS, CA) is also a player, though one who will go to college and then shine before pro ball notices.  He has a arm strenght, good hands and a real nice middle of the field hitting approach, with a little bit of pop.  He ran the 60 in 6.79. 
In their later game, a tie-breaking and thrilling W against NorCal 17U, two of the Dirtbag catchers stood out... with their bats.  Derek Hasenbeck (2012, R/R, Poway HS, CA) homered DEEP to left and even though the wind was howling that way, that ball was smashed.  He might not hit for much average in the future but his raw power as a catcher is attractive.  Hasenbeck also receives well and is put together well.  His teammate Becker Sankey (2011, R/R, Rancho Bernardo HS, CA) is likely headed to a JC and he has a chance.  His 2.05 in-game pop throw was on the bag and he also showed middle of the field type of pop, particularly to left-center.  2013 infielder Jeff Nellis caught the eye of one of our scouts, even though he is not a toolsy kid, he seems to have feel of the game and looks comfortable in the game.
Murrieta Valley Hurricanes win 1-0, Isiah Irby deals
In a game short on offense but long on quality pitching, 2012 RHP Isiah Irby (Torrey Pines HS, CA) stood out, leading his team by AZ Athletics 17U.  He is a smaller RHP (5'11" 165) but he pitches big.  Even his stuff doesn't "grade out" but at 82-86 he was very effective, spotting his fastball and really using it well off of his outstanding slider, a swing and miss 74-77 mph offering that he has excellent feel for.  College programs that latch on to a kid like this early end up with a pitcher who slides under the radar of higher profile guys, those with big bodies or bigger stuff, but a kid like Irby can and likely will out pitch a vast majority of his peers and his stuff will hold up in major college baseball.
As for Irby's counterpart on the mound, 2012 RHP Blake Gidney (Kellis HS, AZ) was quite good himself.  He has a real nice 6'2" 180 lb. body type, a loose arm and good movement on his fastball, which peaked at 84 mph.  He tossed in a couple of decent curveballs but that pitch is what separates him from a pitcher like Irby.  Gidney did get a ton of ground balls and with his late movement, arm action, and body type, expect him to come on in the coming years. 
Yankee draft pick and ASU signee Hoffman stands out for Angels 2012s White (2-0)
2011 RHP/1B Scot Hoffman is the top overall player at this tournament.  He is headed to ASU in the fall if he doesn't sign with the Yankees (29th round) by the draft signing deadline in August.  Hoffman is a 6'4" 225 lb righthander with good stuff, a pro body, and the type of athleticism found on the elite players. In his workout he threw 92 from 1st base across the diamond and then in his team's second game, he dealt against an overmatched Scottsdale Christian Academy team, touching up to 92 and throwing some big time overhand curveballs. 
Hoffman is not the only player to keep an eye on from his team.  2nd baseman Austin Mills (2012, R/R, Desert Mountain HS, AZ) is a player, as is shortstop Paul Panaccione (2012, R/R, Liberty HS, AZ).  Mills runs well, has a real nice all-field hitting stroke and plays a type of "Pedroia-esque" brand of ball (though please, I am not comparing him to Pedey... who I saw play in HS and have the greatest admiration for).  Panaccionie is a smooth fielding shortstop who has a chance to be solid with the bat. 
Diamond Core Training has another gem emerge
Outfielder Jordan Winawer (2012, L/L, Mountain View HS, CA) stood out as DCT beat AZ Angels 2013s Blue.  He is a 6'0" 185 lb centerfielder who can run, has bat speed, and a real nice stroke, to go along with a real nice baseball body.  Winawer is a future prospect but his teammate, outfielder Ryan Padilla (2011, L/L, La Cueva HS, NM) is the main hitter for this club.  At 6'3" 180 lbs, he already looks like he belongs on a pro ballfield and he showed the type of stroke and power potential that might get him on a pro field in the future.  He showed opposite field power and pull side power.
Team Rawlings Elite 18U wins 10-0, Sanchez stands out
With a name like Gradiegh Sanchez, he would be easy to remember because of his unique name, but it was the way he played and the style of his play that will make a name for Sanchez (2012, L/L, Capistrano Valley HS, CA).  Sanchez doubled to right, had a hustle triple, and showed a solid arm in the outfield.  He is the type of kid that is simply a playmaker and his skill set translates real well to the D1 level.
AZ Athletics 17U have ATHLETES
During the 60-yard dash, twins Sam and Scott Kingery stood out.  They are 2012 grads from Mountain Pointe HS (AZ).  Scott ran 6.65 and Sam ran 6.82, both good times but the 6.65 is outstanding. Sam swung the bat real well in his team's second game, showing a short, compact stroke that has a little gap power potential.  Scott has showed off a real nice release from shortstop and generally played real well at shortstop.  As talented as these brothers are, the standout on this team is shortstop Sam Haggerty (2012, S/R, Mullen HS, CO).  He ran a 6.74, showed solid infield skills in the workout but it is during the games where Haggerty shines.  He has an excellent release from short, has a strong enough arm (82 mph), especially with that release, and particularly on the left side of the plate, he has a chance to hit for average and a little bit of power.  He is quiet in the box, battles deep into at-bats and generally seems to have excellent feel for the game.  Another player on this team hasn't had much in the way of results but I think OF/IF Draye Turner (2012, R/R, Sunrise HS, AZ) is a player.  He looks like a player, moves like a player, showed a strong arm in the workout (84 mph) and has a good looking swing.  I like this team, there are other players who should emerge as well.
Young LHP has "the look" for AZ Angels 2013s Red
Some young pitchers just look the part more than others and are more pleasing to the eye for a scout.  2013 grad Austin Knolles (Chandler HS, AZ) is one such young pitcher.  His arm is loose, his arm action is easy, his arm works beautifully, he has three pitches and knows what he wants to do with them.  His peak velocity of 83 gives a glimpse of the future.  Heck, if he doesn't pan out on the mound, maybe he can be a 3rd baseman!  I say that in jest but he did play 3rd base late in his team's second game on Saturday and even handled a slow roller well, completing the play. 
Duel in the desert with a blazing runner
In an exciting 7:00 pm game, All Star Baseball Academy 17U beat the Scottsdale Fire 17U 3-2 and that game featured two lefties who went the distance and an inside the park home run.  ASBA won the game behind the CG effort of 2012 LHP Alan Madsen (Saguaro HS, AZ).  He was in the 78-80 mph range all game and seemed stronger at the end.  Normally that type of velocity is not of note, but the fact that he held it and that he is 160 lbs, well, his future is solid on the mound.  The inside the park homer was hit by 2012 outfielder Brendon Satran (Arcadia HS, AZ).  He is a lean and athletic 6'0" 170 lbs and though from home to first he was not exceptional, he was FLYING around the bases from 1st to home. 
The Scottdale Fire has some good athletes.  They also have some physical bodied kids to keep an eye on.  2012 OF/1B Jeremy Wolf (Chaparral HS, AZ) is a 6'1" 200 lb lefthanded hitter who really looks like he is going to hit.  He hit a few balls very hard to left field and his approach seems sound.  Another 2012 grad, Dylan Cozens (also Chaparral) is a 6'5" 201 lb physical specimen who threw the ball exceptionally well in the workout (even a day after pitching at the Area Code tryouts) and he has a nice all-field hitting approach.  His swing is easy and the ball comes off the bat like he is a physical hitter.  Also keep an eye on 2012 catcher Eric Brossart (Chaparral HS).  He throws the ball pretty well and can get much better.  His in-game 2.12 toss nailed one runner and a 2.07 was close to getting another.  Those times are not exceptional but his arm works and he can get much more technically sound.  He also handles the bat well and at 6'2" 170, well, the profile works.
Scottsdale RHP Chance Adamns was up to 87 mph and certainly, as a 2012 grad (6'1" 180), he has a chance to keep developing. 
Late game, BIG fireworks for a PW star
In one of the 7:00 pm games, a former PW tourney MVP showed up again as an impact player, 2014 outfielder Gerard Hernandez (L/L, North Canyon HS, AZ).  Hernandez is not a big kid but his hits like a big player.  Even at 5'8" 145 lbs (listed), he shows thunder in the bat, evidenced by his booming home run on Saturday night.  He threw real well in the workout too.  He is not the type of player who is likely to get on the draft radar, unless he starts to really run.  That being said, have bat, well, a spot is there for you in pro ball someday, especially a lefthanded bat with a proven track record, which he is building at PW events. 
One of Hernandez's teammates also made a name for himself with a home run, 2013 catcher Angel Vega (R/R, Bellaire HS, TX).  It was a BLAST, even with the wind blowing out.
About Blaine Clemmens
There are few people with the knowledge of baseball on the west coast like Blaine Clemmens has. Blaine has worked as an area scout for the Atlanta Braves in California, was the recruiting coordinator for the University of San Francisco, and was a scout/writer for Team One Baseball and Perfect Game. Blaine serves as the National Scouting Director on the west coast and helps cross-check east coast players.
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