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Tournament Central

Event Cost:

10U:   $375/team

11U:   $425/team

12U:   $475/team

13U:   $525/team

14U:   $575/team

Register Here:

(Prospect Wire uses March 1st, 2017 as the age cut off date.  Whatever age the player is on March 1st, 2017 is the age he can play at for this event.  For example, if a player turns 12 years old on March 3rd, he can technically play as an 11u player if he wants.  If the player turns 12 on February 28th, then he is 12 years old for this event)


Event features:

3 Game Guarantee + Playoffs for advancing teams

Social Media Coverage of top players, teams

Chance to be seen for future NextGen Team Rankings

All Tournament Team Selections

MVP & MVPitcher Awards

Open Bases, Minimal Pitching Restrictions

All Turf Fields, All one location


Field Dimensions:

AGE GROUP            BASES            MOUND            LF & RF            CENTERFIELD

10U                        65'                  46'                   185'                    210'

11U                        70'                  50'                   210'                    250'

12U                        70'                  50'                   210'                    250'

13U                        90'                  60'                   Standard            Standard

14U                        90'                  60'                   Standard            Standard