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Updated: Jul 8th, 2010
Day 2: WWBA 17U
By: Micah Posey |

Marietta, GA - Of all the games I saw today here are the top 2 pitchers I saw.

The first arm is Tucker Simpson from the East Cobb Astros 16U. Simpson a 2012 righty shows a big frame at 6"7" 220. Simpson has a big rock back leg kick, the hands are in constant movement creating good rythm. Simpson's fastball showed good downward angle at 87-90 mph. He showed a big tumbling curveball at 67-73 mph.  His curveballs at 71-73 mph were good and sharp. Would throw his curveball at 67-69 mph which looked more like get me over curveballs. Over all Simpson showed good arm strength with a big ceiling.

Second arm Is Josh Laxer from Marucci elite 17's royal. Laxer would throw a good fastball with good life when down in the zone. Laxer threw his fastball from an over the top arm slot at 89-92 mph. He would complement his fastball with a nice short slider at 77-79 mph. Laxer had good extension out in front. Laxer really competed while showing good mound presence. Laxer would throw his changeup with good arm speed at 78-79 mph. I personally liked his changeup better than his slider.

I saw a lot of good hitters today. I saw the East Cobb braves which has 2 D1 committed bats batting in the 8 and 9 hole just to put into perspective how good these lineups were today. Here are some of the sticks that popped out at me today.

Chris Harvey was a good looking catcher with the bandits baseball. Harvey showed advanced movements behindthe plate. I thought he received the ball real well. Has a cannon for an arm with a good exchange. At the plate he looked pretty good. The hands are low with a loopy swing at times. Big strong kid at 6"4"215 lbs. Showed off his power hitting a ball opposite field over the right fielders head for a double. Overall harvey shows good tools with a good frame.

Mason Felt with the East Cobb Astros 16U showed some real good swings today. Felt is a left handed batter that squares balls up. Felt is an exceptional runner who will have a chance to play center field at the next level. Felt runs the bases aggressively with good instincts. Felts hips work well in the batters box. Even when he takes a pitch you will see his hips rotate.

The two bats that stuck out to me in a loaded East Cobb braves lineup were Javier Baez and Dwight Smith. Dwight Smith is a good looking right fielder with a very strong arm. Smith shows an exceptional bat from the left side. Smith is a real good fastball hitter. When he makes contact it counts. Baez is a 3rd baseman that shows the best bat speed I have seen here (debatable with Winker from FTB Mizuno). Even when Baez gets out its impressive with the swings he takes. Baez shows good actions at third and will have a chance to stay there at the next level. Biaz also has good speed and shows good aggressiveness on the base paths. After hitting an absolute p rod to center he stole second then third. Baez has earned a invite to the Aflac All American game. These two guys were probably 2 of the best pro prospects I saw today outside of Addison Russell. 

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