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Updated: Jun 12th, 2012
Jamey Shouppe
By: |

SARASOTA, FL - Jamey Shouppe is a college baseball coaching legend. He coached at Florida State University, FSU, for 21 years- leading them to go to the College World Series 9 times. “[It was a] good experience, I learned a lot. [It was also a] good opportunity to coach at the same place I played,” Shouppe said. Overall, FSU to Shouppe was an opportunity to build some of his favorite memories- one of those being who he was coaching and sending to the College World Series. He said that being around the 18 to 22 year old Jamey Shouppemen and getting to evolve their baseball skills to a higher level kept him young and excited to go to work every day. Being at the World Series was Shouppe’s pinnacle in coaching, being able to put his players in the best atmosphere possible even though they never won a National Championship.

                 A year ago, Shouppe left FSU coaching due to a difference in opinion. He said, “it wasn’t a cordial leaving.” Coach Mike Martin was ready to take the team in a direction that he believes will lead them to a National Championship but one that Shouppe didn’t agree with. Jared Shouppe, Jamey’s son, liked being around his coaching at FSU it put him around the game and instilled a love for it within him since he had seen it since he was a baby.

 Jared Shouppe plays for the travel baseball team Next Level in Tallahassee, Fla. Jamey helps out coaching. Jared said “[it is] really cool, he knows a lot about the game and we can take what happens on the field and talk about it at the house.” Jamey has helped this team be inhancing their general baseball IQ and he inspires them to set the bar higher. Having a coach, and dad in Jared’s case, that played for a Division 1 school challenges them to step up their game.

While Jared packs his bags and gets ready to head off to Santa Fe Community College in the fall with a baseball scholarship, Jamey is doing baseball consulting and private lessons. Some people have rumored that he is starting a baseball camp but that is not the case. He is actually hoping to get back into coaching college baseball. He said, “God’s got a plan. I’m keeping doors open and just seeing what happens. Hopefully, if I’m supposed to be coaching baseball, then hopefully some doors will open to get me back into coaching.”

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