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Updated: Jul 26th, 2010
Smaller States Feature Big Talent
By: |

BOSTON - Jeff Sullivan is one of the newest PW scouts/writers to join the Prospect Wire Team.  Jeff will offer his opinion, with his specialty being in the northeast US...

The best high school baseball talent is most commonly found in the states of California, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. The 2011 class contains impact talent from all over the country. Certainly, each year talented players from various other states are found. However, the 2011 class undoubtedly shows to be very promising. Here is a breakdown of the Eastern states that contain top prospects for 2011.

Massachusetts- Massachusetts is a state that will usually have one or two high school players that are highly regarded.  In 2010, that player was Kevin Ziomek. Ziomek was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 13th round of the draft this June. This year could be a banner year for Massachusetts. Tyler Beede comes into the summer as one of the top pitchers in the nation. John Magliozzi wowed at the PG National Showcase, and will join Beede at the Aflac All-American Game in San Diego. Other top players from the state include Andrew Chin, Adam Ravenelle, Robert Decosmo, Devin Perry, John Gorman, and Patrick Connaughton.

Virginia- Virginia had a few top players in the 2010 class. Bobby Wahl and Austin Chrismon lead the way as two of the states top pitchers. Virginia also featured one of the fastest players in the country in outfielder Mitchell Shifflett. The 2011 class however could be a lot better. Deshorn Lake is a hard throwing RHP who is an AFLAC All-American. Outfielder Jake Cave will join Lake in San Diego, and is one of the premier hitters in the country. Virginia also has potential high picks in TJ Costen, Leland Clemmons, Taylor McConnell, Kevin White, and twin RHPs Joe and John McGillicuddy.

 North Carolina-The Tar Heel state might be the best of the bunch. It features maybe the best position player in the country in Joshua Tobias. Tobias impressed at the National Showcase by winning the home run derby, as well as running the fastest 60 time, a wowing 6.35. UNC would be thrilled to get even one of their big four in state recruits, in George Carter, Benton Moss, Adam Griffin, and Dillon Maples. The state also includes a fantastic defensive shortstop in Mikal Hill. Rookie Davis, Seth Constable, Brett Austin, and Grayson Atwood all show the potential to be high picks as well.

South Carolina- Drew Cisco. Cisco was the best player in the state in 2010. In 2011, there are a handful of players that can make a run at that title. Hunter Cole might be the best hitter in the state. The speedy Shon Carson is a fantastic athlete. South Carolina also has two of the top catchers in the country, in Grayson Greiner and Garrett Boulware. Many other players could emerge as the states top player, including Jackson Whitley, Daniel Gossett, and Taylor Guerrieri.

Tennessee- Tennessee features potentially the number one overall prospect in the nation, Daniel Norris. Norris stole the show on the last day of the PG National Showcase. His fastball was 92-94 and he featured impressive off-speed stuff. Norris has certainly solidified his spot atop the 2011 class. Farragut High teammates Nicky Delmonico and Philip Pfeifer are fantastic as well and should find themselves highly regarded come June.

The Best of the Rest

New York- Elvin Soto (Xaverian HS)

Connecticut- Devin Over (Windsor HS)

New Jersey- Kevin Comer (Seneca HS)

Pennsylvania- Cameron Gallagher (Manheim Township HS)

Indiana- Christian Montgomery (Lawrence Central HS)

Alabama- Justin Camp (Austin HS)

Mississippi- Hawtin Buchanan (Biloxi HS)

Kentucky- Chandler Shepherd (Lawrence County)

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