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   Event Central


Host: PW/WSL
Event: 4th Annual Fall National Series Southwest - Underclass
Age Groups: 16U, 15U, 14U
Type: Team Showcase - Games Minimum
Date: September 25th - September 27th, 2015 (Fri - Sun)
City: Mesa (AZ)
Bats: wood_composite
Tourn Pass: $20
Day Pass: $10
Registration: Closed

  • 3 games without any playoffs
  • Hand picked matchups to create better games for each team
  • NO PLAYOFFS for this event.  

Games Begin Friday night at 5:00 pm on September 25th

Games End late Sunday afternoon on September 27th

***If a rule is not covered below, then National HS rules will apply.  Please refer to the umpires on your field for up to date rules & regulations not covered here***
    1.)  Games are 2 hour time limits OR 7 innings.  Time limit is NOT drop dead.  No new inning can start after 2 hours.  
    2.)  If a game is tied after 7 innings and there is time left, teams may continue to play until time is reached or there is a winner. 
    3.)  Because there is no playoffs, if the home team is winning when time hits & they are up to bat, they will be allowed to finish the inning to get their AB's in.  
    4.)  There is NO run rule for this event.  With no playoffs, we want teams to get in as many innings/AB's as possible.  If a game is out of hand, both coaches may agree to stop play after the 5th inning. But there is no automatic run rule this weekend.  Again, this is a decision that both coaches can make if the score gets excessive.
    5.)  Teams may hit up to 12 players at one time.  If you wish to hit 12, you may utilize 1 DH and the rest can be EH's.  You do not have to hit 12, but you cannot hit  more than 12 at one time.  
    6.)  Home Team is determined by coin flip or coach's agreement before the game starts.  If coach's agree on their own, please let scorekeepers & umpires know before the game starts.
    7.)  We ask teams to please have their lineup cards filled out for our scorekeepers at least 10-15 mins before your game starts.  Please list your players Last name & at least first initial, as well as Jersey # & Position, on your lineup card.  
    8.)  Coaches are responsible for relaying offensive & pitching changes to the scorekeepers & umpires.  Failure to notify our scorekeepers of changes to the batting order or pitching may result in missed stats, info recorded on the wrong profiles, etc.  Please do not just put kids into the batting order wherever & whenever you wish without at least letting our scorekeepers & the umpires know.  
    9.)  Courtesy runner for the catcher &/or pitcher at any time.  The courtesy runner must be a player who has not yet played OR the last batted out if no bench players are left.  
    10.)  Umpires will keep the official time of the game. When possible they will try to let coaches know when time limit is close to being reached.  
  • 15U/16U teams:  WOOD BAT ONLY (Baum Bat/Composite Wood is allowed)
  • 14U/13U teams:  BBCOR Allowed (Players may swing wood if they wish)
    Prospect Wire will provide all baseballs for this event.  We ask that you please help out with chasing foul balls during games while your team is hitting.  
    ***For this event, if a player or coach is ejected, they are only out for the remainder of that game.  If the ejection is for excessive behavior (or violent behavior) the player or coach will be removed from the event entirely.  Excessive behavior is things like fighting, striking an umpire, excessive swearing during an ejection, intentionally spitting on an umpire or opposing player, etc.  Umpire Crew Chief will discuss any ejections that potentially involve excessive behavior with the Tournament Director to determine any additional action.